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Add Nostalgia to Your Home with Our Victor Dog Decor – Now on Sale

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

A Brief History

Do you recognize the dog pictured here to the left? Our new Victor Dog Sign features an iconic image of America’s communication and broadcasting history. The fox terrier depicted here was a pet named “Nipper.” It is said that after the terrier’s original owner had passed, Nipper would enjoy listening to the recordings of “his master,” played on an Edison-Bell phonograph; listening intently as noted by his head tilted to the side as the sound comes through. The dog’s new owner, the deceased man’s brother, painted a picture of this scene. Later, the painting titled “His Master’s Voice,” was acquired by the Victor Talking Machine Company during the late 19th century to early 20th century, for use as the logo we are all familiar with today.

The company produced phonographs, that were an improvement over the Berliner Gramophone, as well as phonograph records to play on them. What later became RCA (Radio Corporation of America) until 1986, is now owned by Sony Music Entertainment.

Victor Dog

Shown here to the left is our new Victor Dog. We call both this cast iron decorative and the wall sign above “Victor” because of their symbolism to the Victor Phonograph and Records. Add this collectible figurine to a shelf or side table in any room. Or, as it is heavy enough, you might also display it on a desk for suitable use as a paperweight. Perfect for the terrier household, though any dog loving family will appreciate its charm. Painted to appear aged, the paneled wood, Victor Dog Sign also boasts a distressed and antique appeal. Receive savings on both of these new items, now during our Annual Spring Sale.

Antique Reproductions at SYW

Sturbridge Yankee Workshop has long been a purveyor of antique replicas and reproduction pieces of American history. Speaking of gramophones, we once carried an actual ‘Working Gramophone’ in our late 1970’s catalogs. (This is an actual image from 1979, pictured here to the right). The solid hardwood case was complete with a walnut finish and a full size, brass steel horn. Customers could listen to sound out of two speakers, and surely appreciated the built-in AM/FM radio.

As we continue to celebrate our 60th Anniversary here at SYW, we’ve been taking a look back at past products, catalog covers, and our company history. This is a great example of how the essence of previous products over the last 60 years, can been seen amongst our catalog and website assortment today.

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