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Stafford Chair & Best Furniture – Your Next Favorite Chair

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Pieces of our furniture in the house evolve to become a part of the family; dad’s favorite chair, great-grandma’s lamp, parts of our rooms that create a home. This is where we think the Stafford Chair and Ottoman Set fit in. It is a grand and comfortable piece of furniture waiting to become part of your living space. This sturdily crafted chair is made right here in the USA at Best Home Furnishings.

Stafford Chair and Ottoman

There is just something about American made furniture. Between the knowledge that a craftsman – a neighbor – built it and that nearly all US made items are sturdier, well-built functions of our day-to-day life, it’s hard to ignore such fine pieces of furniture. The Stafford Chair just isn’t a chair, it’s a place to read, relax after a long day’s work, where the guest of honor sits when they come to visit, it is all of these things and more. If a part of your furnished life is getting this much attention it is necessary for it to be built from the best. There is a reason why Best Home Furnishings is named what it is. They use the best, starting with the frame of the chair they use durable hardwood with doweled corners that are blocked, glued, and screwed joints for an amazingly long lasting life. Cozy and resilient coil springs paired with their premium cushioning create a plush but firm resting spot and won’t wear fast like other furniture. The fabric is soft but is stitched heavy enough not to show wear, breakdown, or fade. The rich and full colors stay true; this level of detail mirrors the staining of the wooden legs. When picking up a Stafford Chair you are getting a piece of your life, thankfully Best Home Furnishings built it to do so.

Best Home Furnishings isn’t just committed to creating a quality product, but keeping things green. They have strong recycling and reuse policies that create the best for their products, the community, and the world at large. They use their scraps from fabric and cutting in pet bedding, the wood shavings are used in local agriculture, in addition to a far reaching and normal recycling regiment.

As you can see as we did, Best Home Furnishings create what we consider one of the best arm chairs and that is why we are happy to carry the Stafford Chair.

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Town & Country – Shaker Extraordinaires

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

There are friendships and then there are those who stick with you through it all. Town & Country is the latter. They are Mainers, long time business partners, and most of all – friends of Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

In 1974 in the deep throws of a Maine winter, Town & Country sprang up through the snow pack to make custom cabinets. Over time their business grew to include all types of woodworking, but they kept the same sturdy eye on getting it right. More time passed and in 1987, Town & Country became allies in the world of furniture; teaming up with others meant creating spectacular furniture at a great price, made right here in our wonderful state of Maine. These marvels of lumber, these overlords of timber, make our entire line of Shaker furniture. Town and Country perhaps will be modest when they speak of how incredibly well put together their furniture pieces are, but we feel it necessary to shout it out  for them.

Combining long lines, classic styling, and the pure simplicity, it’s hard to miss the beauty of shaker furniture. The Country Shaker Table and End Table are perfect examples of how uncomplicated design can be beautiful. The wood speaks for itself on the top, showing the swirling grain, capped with clean rounded edges. The stained legs and drawer pop out in great colors. We think the proverbial cherry on top is the stained drawer pull – mirroring the stunning cherry stain on top. Town and country creates all kinds of marvelous shaker furniture for us, from the simplistic Shaker Storage Bench, the great Country Shaker Coffee Table. They make it easy to fix up your work space with the Desk Organizer. Even if your living room needs a bit of storage, the Shaker Tall Bookcases are perfect in any traditionally furnished home. Short on space? The Shaker Low Bookcase is the perfect height for filling the wasted space below a window.

With all of these options and the sheer quality of the craftsmanship, we believe the pieces from Town & Country work in any home and will hold up for years to come.

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Keystone – Creating New Heirlooms

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Between the whirling buzzes, pounding, and just general noise there is something special happening in a small town in Pennsylvania. The magic happens seemingly in the middle of nowhere PA on a small piece of land surrounded by farm land and old forests there lays a nondescript building where the sawdust and hammers fly. Inside the building there are journeyman and long linage carpenters building what they know best – beautiful handmade furniture. This collective of craftsmen is known as Keystone.

At first look, the innocuous building folds into the landscape through the squiggled roads and rolling landscape that is Pennsylvania, but hidden inside is it’s secret – the furniture. These are not just any pieces of furniture, but the work of artisans in their field. Each individual piece of their furniture is made by the hands of artisans, your Lancaster Storage Bench is made by experienced, knowledgeable carpenters. Care and consideration is taken with each item. From the cutting of the fine quality wood to the stain, there are the attentive eyes of Keystone workers building your perfect piece.  When you buy a piece of Keystone furniture it is receiving the very best attention. In the Apothecary Stand, they focus on making the piece perfect: the ‘just right’ color in stain and slightly warn edges are sanded making the piece perfect in any home. The little things they do create a better longer lasting piece of furniture that will be in your family for time to come. The furniture they create isn’t just glued together; the wood is formed, cut, and picked for its durability, the stain is applied and selected for the beauty and treatment of the wood, the furniture is cut and fastened together with knowledge that it will exist as a part of your home for years.

All of these things and the fact that their creations are astonishingly exquisite are why we are a proud retailer of Keystone.


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