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Weekly Spotlight: New Lighting for a New Year

Wednesday, December 19th, 2018

Barberry Desk Lamp | Sturbridge Yankee WorkshopNot only are the following lighting solutions new to our selection of lamps, but they are also web exclusives, so you won’t find them in the pages of our catalog. Take a look below to see the varying shapes, materials and styles of five of these new lamps, and browse the rest here.

Gold Pineapple Table Lamp | Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

Barberry Desk Lamp >

The matte black finish and gold accents create a regal look in any home office or den.

< Gold Pineapple Table Lamp

The pineapple is a staple in many country homes, although this one will bring flair to any room, no matter the style.

Higgins Cage Accent Lamp >

Paying homage to the nautical lifestyle, this lamp is perfect for your cottage by the sea, or for creating that dreamy look in your country home.

Wesley Table Lamp | Sturbridge Yankee WorkshopHiggins Cage Accent Lamp | Sturbridge Yankee Workshop< Wesley Table Lamp

An architectural statement with warm tones in the base and shade; make a grand yet complementary statement with this lamp.

Gold Conway Industrial Style Desk Lamp | Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

Conway Industrial Style Accent Lamp ^

This lamp is available in two colorways, and includes a vintage-inspired Edison bulb for a completely charming look.

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History of Bird Motifs in Home Decorating

Friday, February 7th, 2014
Decorating with birds may seem like a modern trend. In fact, the use of avian motifs dates back much farther than you may think. Here we have gathered a quick history of the use of avian friends in home decorating trends along with favorite bird themed options available at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.
Bird Trivet Set
Going Back in Time

Bird motifs on pottery, tapestries and paper were popular in the 17th century. Ornate designs emphasizing fantastical imagery focusing on life as it was perceived, with exaggerated whimsical features, soft colors and bucolic scenes. Flowers, vines and swirling shapes were popularized on wallpaper and tapestries used at this time. Rhapsody Lace Curtains feature a form of this whimsical imagery, with blooming flowers and delicate lace creating a soft, inviting appeal. Tree Trivet enhances the same quaint appeal, with symmetrical shapes and elegant scrolls culminating in a sweet bird perched on top. Bird Scroll Table Lamp evokes those same pastoral sensations.

Tree Trivet
Rhapsody Lace Tier White Bird Scroll Table Lamp

Birdcage Magnet Chalkboard Moving Into the Victorian Age

By the time the Victorian age arrived, bird cages, or aviaries – larger cages allowing for free-flight – were becoming common household items for wealthier folks. Viewed as exotic, rare and difficult to obtain, owning a birdcage, more importantly one with birds on display, was a way to enhance your status. Not interested in having live birds in your home? Birdcage Magnet Chalkboard evokes sensations of times gone by with its fleur-de-lis top and scrolled metal accents. Bird Cages and Flowers Wall Border will enhance any space in your home with fanciful charm, adding color and interest to a wall.

Bird Cages and Flowers Wall Border

Jumping Forward to Modern Time

In the 1970’s owls became increasingly popular, along with bold color and macrame. Today owls are just as trendy, offering folk art, woodland and natural appeal for home decorators. Maine artist Tracy Lizotte features two sweet owls spending some quality time together on a lichen covered tree in Owl Smooch Print. Nowadays birds can be seen accenting many items around the home, from items like Birds on Phone Pillow to lamps and more. Focus is more on realistic imagery, use of popular textiles such as burlap and woven cotton with screen printed imagery and trendy colors that work well with various styles.

Owl Smooch Print
Birds on Phone Line Pillow

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Sturbridge Lantern Lamp

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Lanterns have been around for almost as long as there has been fire. Lamps of all size, shape, color and form create the vast landscape that we can see at night. Drawing light from kerosene, whale blubber and a variety of oils and fats; nearly everything we as humans could set fire to, we attempted to generate light  from it. Our lighting sources evolved and lamps for indoor use were produced. The first renditions may not have amounted to anything we would consider bright, but a progression of better lighting was soon to come. Thankfully between  1878-1879, Thomas Edison created the long lasting filament bulb that we can recognize in our homes today.

In a lamp that Sturbridge has carried for quite some time, we’ve created the best of both worlds. A lower section lantern design for a colonial inspired feel. An electric candle stick light that glows though the seeded glass panes; we thought it best to keep a safe bulb below, instead of the fire hazard a standard candle may carry. Above is a traditional lampshade, covering an additional bulb that provides a second source of light while reading. The two together instill  a wonderful feeling of being by the seashore or perhaps memories as a child. It is a lamp that creates it’s own space. Coordinate our Lantern Lamp with nautical themed decor, place in your study or  let it stand tall on it’s own, on a hall side table – any way you choose, this lamp won’t leave you in the dark.

The Sturbridge Lantern Lamp also has a dial that allows you to control the top or the bottom portion, providing a partial or full lightscape. It will draw you in with warm light from the candle below and makes a great utility lamp with it’s room filling light above. With your choice of a brass, bronze, red or verdigris colored lamp base and three sizes to fit your table lighting needs, you really should consider where your Lantern Lamp will go. Get one for yourself or as a great gift, while on sale for a limited time during our Annual Lighting Sale going on  right now.

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