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Star Décor – Americana at its finest

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Country StarThe summer holidays will soon be here. Shortly we’ll see American flags fluttering in the breeze in honor of our country. But why stop there? Why not continue the theme through the summer. A summer of stars!

Often when people think of star accessories, the rustic barn star springs to mind. Barn stars became popular after the Civil War and can be traced back in America to the 1700’s. Rustic metal stars are becoming quite popular in many places besides Texas. Some manufacturers call them primitive stars, Amish barn stars, and Americana stars.

No matter what they’re called, three-dimensional metal stars are a hot interior and exterior decorating item. These stars are no longer a barn decoration. They can be seen on the inside and outside of many homes, from the quaint 500 square foot wood frame home up to the gazillion square foot luxury homes. Stars range from the size of a button up to 6 feet tall. They come in a variety of colors and can easily be painted to create your own unique look. In fact, a simple, primitive barn star can look just as at home over an ebony Steinway piano as it would be hanging next to a distressed wood buffet in your grandma’s old-time country kitchen. Because these metal stars can be left bare, rusted, or painted in flat paint, patterns, metallics, or Americana, they can be tailored to any room to add a touch of warmth and personality that fits the surroundings.

Copper StarsThe metal stars look classy in their natural state; however, you can dress them up with various themes. Paint them in their favorite football team colors, red white and blue with stars and/or stripes, of seasonal colors (pastels for Easter, orange and black for Halloween, red and green for Christmas). You can apply rub-ons in various designs such as Victorian scrolls, exotic animal prints, paisley prints, or sponge on colors for a textured look.

There’s just something about the simplicity and purity of primitives like metallic stars that makes them perennial favorites. No matter where your personal tastes run, this decorating staple always seems to fit right into the mix.

Decorative stars on the outside of homes can have specific meanings based on religion or on location. According to a recent news article, the use of barn stars in home décor is a touch of tradition. The simplicity of the Americana design works well with many home types and may be custom painted to show individuality. One thing is apparent; stars are no longer strictly for holiday decorating.

Wall StarsColonial Quilt

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