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Tuesday Recipes: For Your Sweetheart

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Sweetheart Recipes for Valentine's Day

Shown: Mini Stained Glass Heart, Stained Glass Heart, Stained Glass Double Heart and Stained Glass Flower

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Decorating With Hearts

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Lace Heart PillowWe hope you enjoyed our heart-themed DIY projects and decor suggestions from last week, and while that theme carries into this week, today’s focus will be on decor that is versatile enough to be used for Valentine’s Day as well as throughout the year. A symbol of love, hearts are welcoming and charming accents, and they complement almost any color theme or room design.

Queen of Hearts PillowHeart Pillows
As we said in our Chair Pad article last week, dressing up furniture is a simple way to dress up any room in your home. Pillows are versatile accent pieces that you can enjoy for many holidays and seasons, especially when they are adorned with hearts. Our Lace Heart Pillow features an elegant design on red, cotton velveteen fabric. While it is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift or decoration, the lace on the pillow allows it to fit in with any rustic or antiquated home decor during the remaining days of the year. Our Queen of Hearts Pillow features a cute design for cat lovers that is unique and vibrant enough to stand out during Valentine’s Day, yetHeart & Bird Hooked Wool Pillow cozy enough to fit in with your living room or hallway furniture, as well as with other cat decor. And, if your decor is avian inspired, our Heart & Bird Hooked Wool Pillow is a great complement in any room, and the heart creates a loving atmosphere for Valentine’s Day and the rest of the year.

Heart RugBraided Hearts
We love offering a variety of braided rugs, chair pads, place mats, and other items that are durable yet decorative. For your living room, our Heart Stencil Jute Rug is perfect for placing before a table holding cherished photos, either year round or just for Valentine’s Day. Its durable jute fibers are tough enough for any high traffic areas within your home, and the red, gray, and black colors complement any primitive decor. Our Heart Rug is available in a variety of colors that are perfect for finishing any cozy theme throughout your home; whether you use it alone as an accent piece or with the Braided Heart Placemats and Braided Heart Trivets. Again, this collection adds a special, loving touch in your home throughout the year in addition to on Valentine’s Day.Heart Stencil Jute Rug

Hearty Decor
Although our heart braids and pillows fit into this category, there are other ornamental pieces that you can be a little more creative with when implementing them into your decorative themes. Lori Mitchell’s Old Fashioned Love Sculpture, for example, can be used on its own to showcase love; it can be added to your personal, year-round Lori Mitchell display; or you can put it among photos or other baubles for Valentine’s Day. The Stained Glass Double Heart can be hung from a small window in a bathroom or kitchen to reflect pretty light, or you can decorate a wreath on a door or wall. Not just for Valentine’s Day, this hanging ornament will be admired wherever you display it, even if you choose to hang it on your Christmas tree!
Heart Medallion SeatingEight Hearts MedallionThere are also more subtle decorative avenues you can go down, if you are looking for pieces that make a strong, yet soft statement in your home. Our Heart Medallion Seating incorporates a heart design in your dining room or kitchen, while maintaining a classic and sleek look. The Eight Hearts Medallion wall art complements the seating if used together, or adds intricate detail to a blank wall in any living space. While you may think of heart-shaped picture frames in relation to Valentine’s Day, our Metal Scrolled Heart Photo Frame is traditional enough to go with any ordinary photo frames and decor while featuring an elegant scrolling design you will enjoy looking at. This also makes a great Valentine’s Day gift, especially when filled with a picture of you and your loved one(s). 

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Wednesday Spotlight: Valentine’s Day

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015
Valentine’s Day is often celebrated with candy, flowers, cards, or handmade gifts, and gives those celebrating a special chance to show the people around them how much they appreciate their company and relationship (romantic or friendly). Do you know the history of this popular day? Although some facts may be lost in time, we can create a rather accurate picture of how this cherished holiday, and its decor, came to be.
Home Established Plaque Red Flameless Candles
Going Back in Time

February is known as the month of love. It is surmised that February 14 was chosen for Valentine’s Day during the Middle Ages, as this was the approximate day that birds started their mating season. The term “lovebirds” does not actually come out of this, however. A lovebird is a small parrot, and gets its name from the monogamous pairing patterns it follows, as well as from its social and affectionate nature. Although not parrots, our Owl Smooch Print showcases two “love birds” cuddling up together. Made in Maine, this sweet print is sure to remind you of love every time you see it. Perhaps a more recognizable Valentine’s Day character is Cupid, and our Canine Cupid is ready to share some love this year. Hearts are also a classic motif in February, and this Lace Heart Pillow is a beautiful way to accent your home for Valentine’s Day (or throughout the year).

Owl Smooch Print
Lace Heart Pillow Canine Cupid Display

Westies Pillow The First Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine’s Day, a Christian and Roman tradition, has its roots stemming from what history describes as three possible people, all named Valentine, who were martyred and viewed as saints by the Church. Two of these have very interesting stories. The first, a priest named Valentine, is known to have performed marriages for young couples against the wishes of Emperor Claudius II. The second Valentine, a prisoner, sent what is being called the first ‘valentine’ as he wrote a letter to his love and signed it, “from your Valentine.”

Stained Glass Double Heart Old Fashioned Love Sculpture

Show Someone You Care

Valentine’s Day is the second most popular holiday for card sending, second only to Christmas. Written valentines first appeared in 1400 when a poem from Charles, the Duke of Orleans, expressed his love to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London. Later, Henry V hired a writer, John Lydgate, to compose a love note to Catherine of Valois. By the 18th century, the exchange of handwritten notes and tokens of affection was popular in Great Britain. By 1900, printed cards began to replace handwritten letters. Do you write letters to those you love on Valentine’s Day, or at other times throughout the year?

What I Love Canvas Tote
Meadow Flowers Shortbread Pan Downtown Abbey™ Postcard Pillow

True Love Print Fun Love Day Facts

  • About 141 million valentines are exchanged annually.
  • More than half of the United States celebrates Valentine’s Day by sending a card.
  • The first Valentine’s Day box of chocolates dates back to 1868, and is credited to Richard Cadbury.
  • About 75% of the flowers purchased on Valentine’s Day are done so by men.

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