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Have a Homespun Holiday Season

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

We here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop would like to share with you a collection of holiday items that offer a heartwarming theme of a Homespun Christmas. Decorating your home with a homespun feel evokes memories of Christmas as a child and reminds us of a simpler time. It is the material used that helps create the handcrafted or handmade look. Consider any of the Sturbridge products featured below to present your home this Christmas with country charm and character.

All Hearts Come Home for Christmas

Whether or not your whole family is together for the holiday season, it can be said that all hearts come home for Christmas. If you have loved ones far away, send them a little love and let them know how much you care with a sweet Heart Button Hanger, featuring various calico and check fabrics pieced together for a patchwork look, and petite buttons that add that special handmade touch. Set of plaid County Heart Ornaments is sure to warm the heart of anyone who receives them. Give a heart to each of your closest friends and family members for a charming reminder of your friendship each time the ornament is hung. Use the sweet smell of orange and cinnamon on a Scented Heart Ornament to evoke a nostalgic feel of a Christmas past.

Heart Button Hangers
Country Heart Ornament Set Scented Heart Ornament

Christmas Postcard Pillow Decorative Pillows For Use In Every Room

Bring a bit of handmade appeal into every room with pillows that will accent your style and the season. Christmas Postcard Pillow features a vintage inspired design of a feather Christmas tree, a perched cardinal, and scrolling script alluding to the magical holiday of Christmas.

Presents for Pups has bells that jingle, tails that wag, and an embroidered feather tree with ornaments and festive accents. Woodsy Owl features leather-like fabric and button eyes on a tartan plaid background with applique felt holly to bring the whole look together and offer a natural, woodland feel.

Presents For Pups Pillow Woodsy Owl Pillow

Ideas for Your Own Homespun Christmas

1. Design handmade greeting cards with extra wrapping paper scraps, felt, and buttons.

2. Replace store-bought stockings with your personal long stockings or long socks for a vintage touch.

3. Fill a mason jar with the dry ingredients to your favorite cookies or sweet treat. Write out the recipe and attach to jar with ribbon for a great hostess gift.

4. Have an evening filled with cookie making and singing Christmas carols.

Heart Button Hangers

Tall Green Felt Tree Decorative Accents With Handmade Appeal

Fill your house and charm your guests with decorative accents that look as though you just picked them up at a local craft sale. Knit stockings, felt trees, and other items such as handmade ornaments will make your entire home feel as though it was decorated by a magical handicraft fairy (and no one ever has to know that you put it all together yourself with items from Sturbridge). Hang the stockings by the chimney with care with a set of wooden stocking hooks, made right here in America from solid wood with differently colored ends on each hook to easily distinguish which stocking belongs to which person.

Red Snowflake Knit StockingWooden Stocking Hooks

What do you do with your family to create a homespun Christmas feel each year?

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Made in the USA Furnishings With A Vintage Vibe

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Nostalgia, a sentimental longing for the past, was once described as a medical condition during the Romantic period in history. Now, the word is used to describe that aching, yearning feeling one gets when reminiscing about fond events or life experiences. Look through this group of Sturbridge Yankee Workshop favorite American-made products, and enjoy the vintage appeal offered by each.  Who knows, you may even find yourself recognizing the design or style of an item that you or your parent’s had in the past. Enjoy!

Just for Fun

Remember those days when the family would gather around the dining room table and play a board game together? Reignite that same feeling today with a vintage inspired board game set, like this Wahoo Game, pictured here. Never heard of the Wahoo game before? That’s okay, we feature the easy to follow rules, along with a video, on our website, here.

In fact, you do not even need to play this rustic game, as it is able to hang on display in your den or living room. Enhance the nostalgic appeal for everyone who enters your home, and encourage them to spend some quality time playing a game! For another appealing option, our Game Top Table features a check grid right on the top of the table, no need to find a separate playing space! Very similar in color scheme to the Wahoo game, our Chinese Checkers Game is a classic option.

Wahoo Board Game
Chinese Checkers Game Game Top End Table

Wall Art With Handmade Appeal

Muted colors, crackled finish, wooden frame. These are all things we look for when we are browsing the local antique store for vintage wall art and hangings to accent our homes. Have you seen our canvas prints featuring sunflowers, poppies, or lavender? We sure do love these, especially because they are made right here in Maine! Do you have a sitting room with plenty of light and views to your garden? These prints would be perfect there! Kitchen walls are also an ideal choice for floral display.

Sunflower Canvas PrintPoppy Canvas PrintLavender Canvas Print

Evoking Traditions From Times Gone By

You know how your mother, or grandmother, never forgot special occasions? Birthdays, anniversaries, significant events. There was always a card, small gift, handwritten letter, or a call on the phone. Nowadays, with the quick pace of life, and the advent of the Internet driven society of emails and social media, taking time to send some love to someone on their special day can be easily missed.

Bring back that feeling of care and attention by hanging this Birthday Board in your home. Never forget an occasion again, and enjoy the antique feel of this piece on display. Includes three permanent pens for recording your notes about each event, including birthstones!

Birthday Board

Pottery Rolling Pin Holidays of Yesteryear

Gathering around the kitchen to make holiday cookies, sharing gifts on Christmas Eve, spending time celebrating your own cultural practices. Whatever you celebrate each year, there must be something about it that makes you want to repeat traditions, year after year. Those little things that are special to your family or group of friends that enhance the celebrations. Did your mother or grandmother have a special rolling pin that she would bring out just for the holiday cookie making? Perhaps your parents used special stocking hooks.

Whatever your memories are, cherish them and spread the joy to those you love this year.

Wooden Stocking Hooks

Furniture With Heirloom Qualities

Passing furniture down from generation to generation is something that has lost a bit of traction these days. As folks move into more efficient, even short term, living situations, the desire for sturdy, often heavy, furniture is no longer there. It is possible, however, to pick a few items that will stand the test of time, and will not be a break of your bank account. Take a look at the Harmony Storage Bench here. Think of storing memory books, photo albums, or even just quilts and blankets. Just think of how appreciative you or your children will be when this piece is able to pass down to the next generation, complete with memories and treasures from the ones before.

Pine Harmony Storage Bench

We sure do hope that you enjoyed this trip down memory lane, and were able to find some inspiration from what we have offered here. For more made in the USA items, be sure to take a look at our website; always there when you are ready to browse to your heart’s delight.

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