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Winter Accents

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we are proud to offer many decorative products to help you with your home decor this season. It’s not always about the red and green however, below we have gathered some items we feel would be great for the holidays but also appropriate throughout the entire winter season. Consider smaller themes of Peace on Earth, Snowflakes, Sleigh Rides or Snowmen for your home today. For a complete look at all of our holiday and winter themed products click here.

Peace on Earth

“Peace on Earth,” a message usually heard only around the holidays is a theme that will continue to highlight your home throughout the winter. Seen here to the left is our Peace on Earth Wall Plaque. A white dove extending a holly bough, brings us the popular sentiment designed by artist Lisa Hilliker. The plaque went through a twelve step process to adhere the image to wood, giving it a ‘canvas painting’ appearance. Feel peaceful with other Sturbridge items such as our Peace Star Pillow or our Peace Angel Ornament. Our Peace Star Pillow is crafted of wool felt material to appear cozy and warm wherever you decide to place this small and charming pillow. The Peace Angel Ornament is reminiscent of the snow angels we made as a child. Simply designed and dressed in ivory wool to highlight her magnificent wings, you’ll love this handcrafted, 100% natural wool ornament; you don’t need a tree to hang this beauty!


Winter is synonymous with snowfall and snowflakes (even if you live where it never snows) and a great way to celebrate the season is to decorate with them! Again, although great for the holidays, any of these items mentioned here can be used throughout the winter months. Pictured here to the right is our Snowflake Pillow. The bright red background (or green if you prefer), contrasts gorgeously with the white falling snowflake in the center. The hand hooked wool technique showcases all the details. To match, consider our Snowflake Chair Pad.

Another idea when thinking snowflakes this winter is our Glitter Lace Table Topper and coordinating Glitter Lace Valance; both proudly made in the USA. The Glitter Lace Collection at Sturbridge is designed with an intricate pattern of snowflakes, scalloped edges and a touch of glitter weaved into the polyester lace material. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


A Winter Sleigh Ride

Featured here to the left is our beautiful Sleigh Ride Print, by an unknown artist. At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we are proud to say that this print is a five star rated item. A Victorian winter couple on a holiday ride in the snow, captures the feel of the brisk winter air all around us. As long as there’s snow, there can be sleigh rides and that’s why decorating your home with sleigh ride themed items works all winter long.

Other sleigh rides you and your family might consider taking are found in our ever popular Grandmother’s House Print or our Winter Again Print; both featuring fast paced sleigh rides over a landscape of snowy hills. If it’s just the sleigh itself you’re looking for, consider our Sleigh Pillar Holder. A rustic red with exposed metal, touches of gold and a distressed finish give this sleigh a very antique appearance. It will look great displayed with pillar style candles on top of your mantle. Tie it all together with our Sleigh Rides & Hot Cocoa Sign, made from pinewood in the USA.

Cheerful Snowmen

At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we have a large variety of snowman themed decor, but here are just a few that we know you’ll love. Pictured here to the right is our Snowman Candy Dish, which is proudly handcrafted from a hard shell gourd here in the USA. Display peppermints, candy canes, nuts, and other winter candies inside the snowman’s belly. This jolly fellow, dressed in a red scarf and matching earmuffs, will be a welcoming site as you come in from the cold. A snowman item that your children or grandchildren might love, is our Snowman Night Light. Adding a sweet touch to your winter and snowy themed decorating, this night light is made of pretty stained glass and nickel plating to ensure this light will be shiny for years to come. If you really love snowman and want to perhaps have one in every room, consider any of our Snowman Woolys and collect them all!

For more snowman themed decorating ideas, check out an article from our website here.

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Holiday Decorating with Snowmen

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Time to Make a Snowman!

“Frosty the snowman, was a jolly happy soul, with a corncob pipe and a button nose and two eyes made out of coal.” As the familiar holiday tune goes, you will be glad to know that at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we are just bursting at the seams with snowman decor. Snowmen are perfect for this upcoming season because not only are they great for the holidays, but they can bring cheer throughout all of the long winter months.

Featured here to the left is our Soft Snowman Sculpture, or snowwoman rather. She’s caring a “Merry Christmas” wreath to welcome guests into your home and is just filled with Christmas Spirit. Her long white coat is adorned with faux pearl buttons and hanging faux crystals. Made of felted wool, our Snowman Sculpture has a hand painted face and weighted bottom for easy placement on a table or mantle. Handmade in Minnesota and designed by Diana Hamilton.


Frosty Accents

If you’re looking for a snowman for your tree, then we’ve got you covered. Pictured here to the left is our Maine Wool Snowman Ornament; it’s frosty done the Maine way! His lovely blue mittens are attached to bendable wire arms, so he can wave and say hello to all your guests this year. Made of recycled wool, this eco-friendly ornament will surely bring a smile to your face for the holidays. Other snowman ornaments at Sturbridge include our Snowman Wool Ornament, made in the USA and our Frosty Creation Ornaments, which come as a cute set of four mini plates.

Another great snowman accent is found in our cozy Whipstitch Snowman Throw. The ecru colored background is simple, but that’s because the stars of the show are the snowmen bordering the bottom of the throw; dressed to the t with their hat and scarves to keep them warm. Its frayed edges give it a homespun feel and it looks great thrown over a chair or couch anywhere in your home.

Snowman Wall Art

When it comes to snowman wall art we have a nice variety to choose from. Pictured here to the left, is our Snow Buddies Print, bringing back fond memories of a favorite winter time activity, building a snowman! A young boy smiles proudly after adorning his new friend, with a hunting cap, gloves and a warm jacket. Look closely, a feathered friend perches on one arm keeping a watchful eye on the family dog. Artist Bonnie Mohr brings the winter season to life in her unique way.

Our other snowman themed prints are all by renown artist Billy Jacobs. All based on a similar design, the first is our Believe Snowman Print. Displaying an enchanting message of “Believe in the Magic,” it instills in us the feeling of being a kid again. His next snowman print, Mistletoe Snowman Print shows three snowmen lifting each other up to reach the mistletoe; message reads: “Meet Me Under the Mistletoe.” The last but certainly not least, is our Shine Snowman Print. Here we are touched by the innocence captured in the young snowman, reaching up to place a shining gold star atop a lone tree, reading: “Always Shine.” Aww.. don’t you just love snowmen?

Snowman Rugs

We can’t forget about your floors during the winter months! At Sturbridge we have a few snowman themed rugs that will serve as the perfect winter accent in your home. To the left we see our Snowman Star Jute Rug, featuring a snowman star print design by artist Susan Burd. Created with hand stenciling and detailed painting to evoke that “welcome home” feeling, this charming multi color round rug is the right way to greet your guests this season.

Another snowman themed rug is our Friends Welcome Rug (not shown). This cute snowman and his friends red cardinal and penguin, are ready for a fun day playing in the snow! They are all bundled up and ready to welcome your friends in for the holidays this year. A two toned blue braid, borders the cream colored background. Image appears hand painted, by artist Phyllis Stevens. Or, perhaps you will like our Winter Wonderland Rug, which has a slightly more Christmas feel. We see a very happy snowman who is dressed to perfection, surrounded by his friends in the snow covered forest. Painted image, by artist Harry Smith is set atop a cream colored background. This 100% jute braided rug has an enchanting border of various reds and greens in an alternating pattern.

With all of the accent rugs featured here, we recommend a rug liner to ensure your snowman greeter stays in place. Happy decorating from all of us at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop!

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Collectible Figurine Displays

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

There are many people who collect all sorts of interesting figurines, made from ceramics, porcelain, wood, fabric, wool and other materials.

While many collectables are quite pretty on their own, and many people enjoy simply looking at all their collectibles, here’s a really neat idea:

Create a scene! On a flat surface, perhaps a table top, put a simple piece of colored fabric down. Use blocks of wood, or small boxes underneath to provide some levels and contours. Now, select a few of your collectable figures and arrange them in a scene. Add simple items you can find outdoors or around your house for an even more interesting touch, perhaps some large flowers to give the illusion of smaller size to your figures.
Next – change your scenes regularly. Perhaps a new scene for each holiday!

Feel free to mix and match from your figures! There are no rules in this.

Imagine, a Hang on Kitty Wooly racing down the hill with toboggan wooly! Use cotton batting as the base fabric to simulate a snowy hill and enjoy!

If you’ve got little ones running around, your breakable figurines may need to be put away, but not the Yankee Workshop’s own Wooly Figurines. These figures are cute little snowmen arranged in adorable poses, and would go wonderfully in many scenes you could create. Not only that, if a child drops one of these, they’re not going to shatter into a million pieces.

Woolys are 100% made in the USA, from real Sheep wool. Each is completely unique, with interesting hats and scarves and other accessories. Have a look at just a couple here:

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