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Bring the Colors of the Season Indoors: New Wreaths at SYW

Friday, August 9th, 2013

When you are searching for the perfect wreath to decorate your home this fall, you most likely have several considerations in mind. Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we are delighted to assist you in your search by featuring the assortment of new wreaths currently gracing the pages of our catalog. With their varying colors, textures, and styles, we know that these new decorative accent pieces will impeccably adorn your home this season.

Capture the Colors of the Season

Imagine that you are standing in a vineyard, surrounded by deep purple and rich burgundy grape berries on twisted, curling vines.  The leaves, while predominately green, appear gilded with their golden yellow tips.  Many of the berries look ripe enough to burst.

These same sensations are conveyed when you gaze at our new Plum Berry Wreath.  The lush faux berries and natural grapevine base will make you feel as though you crafted this wreath from the treasures of your vineyard visit.

Textural Objects Provide a Sensory Appeal

Something magical happens when you combine a variety of textures onto one wreath.  Our Quince Wreath is no exception. The quince, a pome fruit related pears and apples, is bright yellow when fresh, and turns a reddish orange color when cooked or dried.  The wheat, a common symbol for hearth and home, has a gilded appearance.

The soft texture of the eucalyptus leaves contrasts with the coarseness of the wheat grain, while glossy maroon leaves are interspersed among the green cedar for a complementary effect.  Burgundy moiré ribbon, with its smooth finish and natural sheen, finishes the look.

Provide a Reflection of the Mood of the Season

When you look outside this autumn, you are likely to see an array of yellow, red, and orange colors spread out among the deciduous trees.  Further into the season, bright red apples peek out among the gold and rust colored leaves.

The sensation that this view provides, of the passing of time and season, is captured in the mood of our Apple Wreath.  Large and small glossy apples appear as though they were freshly picked and carefully placed among the crisp leaves, while hints of what look like petite winterberries are seen throughout.

Taken From Nature and Brought into Your Home

If you were to walk outside and take pictures of the natural items that appear in your yard, you would most likely find one or more of the objects in our Mini Berry Nest Wreath.

This wreath, with its petite grapevine bird nests, swirling green foliage with hints of red and gold, and the multitude of reddish hued berries provides an organic presence.

Try hanging multiple wreaths on chair backs for a dramatic effect.  Our Burlap Ribbon, as shown on the wreath, is sure to tie the whole look together.

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