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Quick Tip: Sachets in Storage

Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

Moth Repellent Scented Sachets | Quick Tip | Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

As you put winter clothes and heavy linens into closets and storage, consider using scented sachets that will repel moths and keep your items smelling fresh.

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~ Benefits of Scented Sachets

Friday, July 6th, 2012

At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we are pleased to add a new addition to our collection of scented sachets for summer 2012. Have you seen our new Moth Sachets pictured below? There is more to these sachets than meets the eye, so let’s take a look at their benefits and how sachets like this came to be a must-have item in every home.

A sachet is typically referred to as a cloth bag filled with various herbs and other aromatic ingredients. Today we use them to keep clothing and other linens smelling fresh, in a drawer or perhaps in a kitchen cupboard. Through the course of history all around the world, scented bags were actually worn on an individual, as a form of personal deodorizer. During the Han Dynasty in China, sachets were used to repel insects, absorb body sweat, and also ward off any evils that may cross someone’s path. In Europe during medieval times, a similar bag was worn on the waistband or around the neck, noted as a “plague bag.” Serving as protection from various diseases and “bad” air, bags like this would contain sweet powders and a common filler still used today, cloves.

Scented sachets throughout time have offered a sleep aid benefit as well. In the early 1800’s even King George III used a small pillow filled with hops, a Pulvinar Humuli, to help induce his sleep. In modern times we see a related idea of using the calming scent of lavender, to fill sachets, pillows and eye masks, in order to relax the body and mind.

At SYW, we have a variety of scented sachets and pillows that will help keep areas of your home freshly scented. Shown here to the left is our beautiful Lavender Sachet. Made of 100% cotton, this charming sachet bag is filled will pure dried lavender flowers. Lavender has been grown for centuries; used for both aromatherapy and healing purposes. Place in a top dresser drawer or in a bathroom closet to create a calm environment.

While sachets like our Lavender Sachet keep your garments and linens sweet smelling, our Moth Sachets featured above, offer the added benefit of deterring moth damage. Presenting an alternative to store-bought moth balls, these sachets are specially designed to prevent moth attraction, in addition to their refreshing aroma. Made of 100% woven cotton, these cute sachets are filled with natural cloves, orange peel and cedar chips. Displaying an image of a bright orange moth with sage greenery throughout, our sachets are both functional and decorative. Packaged as a set of two and wrapped with a sage satin ribbon, they make a great gift idea too. Cedar chips are a typical requirement in sachets, because they help to balance the other herbal aromas.

Scented sachets and in particular our new Moth Sachets, are beneficial to use year round, but are particularly nice during the summer months when winter/heavier clothing and blankets go into storage. It is important to clean all clothing and linens in the washing machine if possible, or for more delicate articles, be sure to either hand wash or dry clean as directed. Ensuring that the items are clean before storing, will also help keep moths away; moths are attracted to even the smallest traces of body oil, sweat or food. When everything has been cleaned, simply tuck your sachet inside a drawer, storage chest or closet. Consider any of Sturbridge’s Made in the USA sachets, like the ones pictured above, to add years of life to your clothing, towels and other household linens.

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