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Throwback Thursday: Home Decor and Project Guides

Thursday, April 19th, 2018

For this Throwback Thursday, we’ve rounded up three blog posts that are related to the upkeep of our homes, both indoors and out. Spring and early summer are great times to take stock of things that need repairing, replacing or revitalizing, and we hope these guides will help you check things off that list or give you ideas for future projects.

Thursday’s Theme: Renovations

A list of six things to keep in mind while preparing for a home renovation project, working on a renovation project, and ways to make sure any unwanted furnishings don’t go to waste.

Thursday’s Theme: Decor Guides

A roundup of – you guessed it – guides for painting, measure curtains and rugs, and one from the trusted team at This Old House.

Photo by Timberlake Custom Homes, LLCDiscover deck design ideas

Thursday’s Theme: Deck Safety

Spending time on the deck or a porch (especially with family and friends) is a highlight of spring and summer. First, though, you should make sure your deck or porch is still as safe as it was when it was first built. This blog post offers some suggestions for what to inspect and what to replace, if necessary.

Do you have any handy tips or guides you use every year when the weather starts warming up? Share with us in the comments, and we wish you well with all the projects you take on this year!

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2017 Home Trend: Pantone’s Color of the Year

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Back in December, Pantone released its Color of the Year for 2017: Greenery. This color is inspired by the renewing, reviving and reinvigorating qualities of spring and the newness of the natural world in the days after winter, and as such, will reflect natural and soft lighting for a more refreshed look every day. While you look for new and fresh ways to decorate your home this year, look to nature and this color for inspiration in creating a peaceful escape in every room. Take a look below at some of the simple and more involved ways for incorporating Greenery into your home decor.

Sprawling Family Estate - Chapel Hill, NC
Photo by ML Designs, Inc.Discover farmhouse dining room design ideas

To the Walls

Paint an accent wall or an entire room in Greenery to brighten a space and its decor. As last year’s comeback kid, wallpaper is also a great option, and can add this color to a pantry, closet or entryway if not in a family room or country kitchen.

Farmhouse Home Office
Photo by Search farmhouse home office pictures
Arlington Residence
Photo by 2Scale ArchitectsMore farmhouse powder room ideas

Pillows and Bedding

If you like to change up your bedding every year, or haven’t for a while, try green bedding in the form of a quilt or comforter. Adding throw pillows will create more comfort, and are great for accenting a bench, ottoman or accent chair in your bedroom.

Historic Home Expanded
Photo by Crisp ArchitectsMore farmhouse bedroom photos
Green Bedroom
Photo by Décoration et provenceDiscover farmhouse bedroom design inspiration

In the Kitchen

Greenery looks exceptional on kitchen cabinets, especially in a country kitchen where wood and natural materials thrive in an island, the walls, chairs and flooring. Depending on your tastes, a muted bright green hue may be more complementary, but just as charming.

Kelly Co.  Easton Connecticut
Photo by La Pietra Tile & StoneBrowse farmhouse kitchen photos

On Furniture

Make a statement with a green chair, ottoman or switch out a lampshade for one in Pantone’s Color of the Year. Contrast with wood furniture or other upholstered furnishings to create a cheerful and beautiful family room, den or other space.

Kennebunk Beach House
Photo by Bowley BuildersLook for beach style living room design inspiration

Actual Greenery

If you’re not quite ready for a paintbrush, new furniture or an entirely new room, you can never go wrong with actual greenery! Plants with lush leaves and tall stalks can add depth to a room, color to home accents, and maybe most importantly, can brighten your mood.

Renovation:  Senoia Farmhouse
Photo by Historical ConceptsDiscover farmhouse living room design ideas

Share with us how you’re decorating with Greenery this year – and take a look below for a peek into what you can find for home accents in this color at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

Pantone Greenery at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

Shown: Blossoms Floral Garland, Fern Garden Table Runner, Secret Owl Mini Framed Canvas Wall Art, Green Starburst Rug, Happy Braids Solid Braided Basket in Lime, Into the Woods Accent Pillow and the Six Lily Mercury Glass Table Lamp.

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Thursday’s Theme: Decor Guides

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Following up with our Reno Tips article from last week, today we will be addressing some things to keep in mind while planning and carrying out your renovation, as well as decor tips to keep in mind for after the renovation. Just like our compilation of tips last week, we have rounded up some decor guides that we think will be helpful when shopping for decor and planning the arrangements within the rooms of your home. Happy decorating!

The “Standards”Iron Towel Wall Rack
This Old House have identified 64 numbers that are important to home design, and have made them available to nearly everyone. These numbers range from the height of a bathrobe hook in the bathroom to the average desk depth in a home office, and everywhere in between. TOH does note that while these numbers “are based on national building and design industry guidelines…You can – and should – adapt them to your own size, circumstances, and preferences.” So if you’re feeling confused about where you should place your television in the living room, or how much space should be between the floor and a towel rack, this guide is a great resource. But if you’re torn between abiding by the “standards” and buying that multi-tiered towel rack that would be perfect for your bathroom, go with the towel rack you love over the “correct” measurements.

Paint color is a fun part of a renovation – that is if you can make up your mind about what colors to choose. If you aren’t interested in hiring professional painters and would rather tackle the job yourself, there are some important things to consider before you pick up the first paint can and choose the first color you see.
PaintDid you know the ceilings in your bathroom should be painted with a gloss rather than with flat paint like the other rooms in your home?
Or that there are certain circumstances when primer is needed, and other times when it is not?
Do you know what kind of brush to use?
You should be asking these and other questions so you can get each paint job looking pristine and professional. This blog showcases many of these paint questions asked by a homeowner, and answered by paint professionals, so be sure to check it out (and ask paint professionals at a paint or hardware store near you) before you pick up that paintbrush.

So the demolition, restructuring, rewiring, rebuilding, and painting is done – now it’s time for redecorating (or maybe you’re just tired of the décor you’ve had in your home since you moved in). There are a couple of cheat sheets that can help you reorganize, redesign, and really maximize the space that you have to make the rooms in your home comfortable, spacious, and easy on the eyes.

This first is a guide for measuring curtains. It helpfully describes how to measure what you need and why certain configurations look best for specific windows. The second deals with area rugs, and how to place them with your furniture in a living room, bedroom, and dining room. Although it may seem unnecessary, measuring the space you have in a room will help a lot when choosing a rug. Finally, this last guide includes tips on how to hang art, room dimensions and styling, lampshade tips, hardwood colors, door types, and so much more. Browse this compilation for general help with paint color and curtain measurements, as well as for information on things like furniture styles and front door designs. With this and the other guides, you’re sure to have a successful remodel and/or redesign that you will love for years to come.

As always, we love to hear any tips you have, or guides you’ve come across in your redesigning, redecorating, or renovating experiences. Leave a comment with your suggestions – we can’t wait to hear from you!

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