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Decorating with Color: Red Exteriors

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

Red is a permanent fixture in many of our country homes. Darker shades offer more rustic charm while brighter shades can be more whimsical or modern; whatever your preference (including mixing the shades together!), this color adds life to indoor furnishings and decor. But today we want to share some ways you can (and should!) incorporate red externally, and if you have some different ideas or images of how you use this color in your home’s exterior, leave a comment or drop by our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Simple touches like lawn furniture or a door add a delightful
pop of red when you don’t want it to be the dominant color.

Photo by Vail General Contracting Inc.Search exterior home pictures
Exterior accent walls can give your home a unique look, especially when
they are done in red. Painting the covered part of this porch red brightens
the space without, again, making it the dominant exterior color.
Photo by Martha O’Hara InteriorsSearch entryway design ideas
One of the most classic looks here in New England
and on homesteads across the country is the red barn
and white farmhouse. Now, of course not everyone has a large
barn they can paint red, but you can apply the same idea to a garden
shed, tool shed or even a pool house to get that timeless pop of color.
Photo by Connor HomesSearch exterior home pictures
Coordinating red with natural colors works to tone down the bright hue,
while maintaining a welcoming country look.
Photo by Spring IslandMore exterior home photos
Of course, you can always go big with red by touching every exterior wall
and emphasizing the color with white trim – another classic rural look.
Photo by Bret Franks Construction, Inc.Browse exterior home photos

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Wednesday Spotlight: Seeing Red

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

The rich, bright, joyful hues of red are commonly associated with love and compassion, and many of our beautiful home furnishings are available in this illustrious color, for enhancing the appeal of your country, contemporary or classic home. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you may find yourself looking at red accents to decorate for the holiday and perhaps to incorporate this bold color into the rooms of your home throughout the year. To give you a little inspiration, we are spotlighting five red furnishings this week.

3' Pine Hutch in RedShaker and Rustic Country

From two of our most treasured furniture collections, these pieces are handcrafted in the USA and bring as much function as style to your most treasured rooms. The rubbed finish of the country red Pine Hutch completes the rustic look created by the two bead board cupboard doors and their classic black hinges. For a family room, dining room, office or other cherished space, there is ample room on the shelves and inside the cupboards for your treasured home accents and necessities.

Country Shaker Coffee Table in Cranberry

A favorite from our Shaker line is the Coffee Table, and in cranberry red this piece is simply divine. A perfect complement to the stain top and drawer handles, the sleek red finish makes a charming statement in a family room or den, while the table itself provides the perfect tabletop surface for mugs, books and magazines. Keep smaller accessories stored in the drawers so all the attention can be turned to this beautiful table.

Country Classic Lamp in PaprikaSimon Upholstered Accent Chair in RedSetting a Comfortable Mood

The right lighting can determine anyone’s mood, so ensure a positive one with our Country Classic Lamp. With a glazed paprika red finish and two handles for added charm, this beautiful accent will look just as wonderful during the daytime as it does in the evenings. Its cream canvas shade filters the light warmly through to any room for enjoying a romantic night in or a love story within the pages of a book this Valentine’s Day.

Red Flower Garden Floral Rug

Having a comfortable place (or places) to sit is also a great way to set a joyful mood in your home, and we can’t help feel anything but happy when looking at and sitting in our Simon Upholstered Accent Chair, in red, of course. The club chair is a classic, casual profile that caters to any room’s style and the stain resistant back and cushion are a breeze to clean. Perfect for a reading nook or cozy sitting area and for your merry lifestyle.

Completing our spotlight of rosy red furnishings is our Red Flower Garden Floral Rug. With neutral hues and pops of light blue forming a beautiful garden, the deep red fibers add depth and interest to any floor in your home; add a rich accent piece this Valentine’s Day or make the rug a staple decorative throughout the year for a lasting romantic and charming look.

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Wednesday Spotlight: Apple Decor

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Red Apple MasterWe’ve been featuring apples in our recipes this month, which has inspired us to Spotlight five of our favorite apple themed items from our web and online catalogs. From décor to foods, you can satisfy all of your apple needs with Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, and incorporate a little autumn charm in your home throughout the year.

The first essential apple item is our Apple Master – an apple corer and peeler extraordinaire! This handy kitchen tool makes preparing apples much easier and simpler so you can make your pies, squares, muffins and other goodies more quickly and in a more organized fashion. The red color makes a decorative statement in any kitchen, especially during peak apple season.Country Recipe Box

Dutch Apple Preserves

What will you do with all of those peeled apples? Browse through your recipes neatly stored in the Country Recipe Box and start baking! Featuring an appealing apple pie and country checks, this charming box keeps your favorite recipes in one place and gives your kitchen counters a cozy touch, especially when placed next to cook books and classic cooking accessories.

If you want to keep those apple treats at home but are looking for a similar gift for a family member or friend, we recommend our Dutch Apple Preserves. Made in New England with natural fruit and juices, these preserves are sure to please anyone with their subtle cinnamon flavor and refreshing apple base.

Hot Apple Pie Jar CandleAutumn Round Jute RugTo keep your home smelling warm and like apples after your pies and baked goods have cooled, keep our Hot Apple Pie Jar Candle in any room for wafting scents of crisp apples, vanilla and cinnamon throughout the season. The candle’s burnt orange color also lends a complementary look to autumn décor and centerpieces for a festive look in your home.

For added color in any room, our Autumn Round Jute Rug takes the simple charm of apples and adds to it festive burgundy, brown, orange and yellow tones, as well as unsuspecting teals that give this rug an added decorative punch. The apple wreath features not just this red fruit but pears, leaves, pine cones and berries that will give any room the fall flair it needs.

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