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New Winter Wall Decor – Maine Artist Nancy Michalak

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Well we sure are having our biggest snowstorm of the season here in the Northeast, even expecting over 2ft of snow in some parts, of Maine. And while many may not appreciate this harsh winter weather, many admire at its beauty. Here we feature new artwork by artist Nancy Michalak, highlighting the magic of falling snow and icy cold, winter’s air.

Winter Blues

Pictured here to the left is our Hope Papercut Art Print. ‘Hope is set free’ as a small girl reaches to the sky with a fluttering bird resting on her hand. Beautiful pink and gold flowers appear to float around her head, as we notice the amazing design detail in her dress, as well as the arched canopy in the image. Below we show another framed print by this artist, titled Winter Moon. Two cats gaze out the window at a moonlit, snow covered ground where birds rest on barren trees. Both examples of papercut art are reproductions of Nancy’s original work, through customers should note the amazing detail in color is not sacrificed. Rich hues of blue and crisp whites combine to bring the winter themed prints to life.

What is Papercut Art?

Using black silhouette paper and intricate scissor work, this art form is modeled after Scherenschnitte, a German paper cutting technique. Contrasting with the black cut out overlay, is a background collage of Nancy’s choice of paper; in the case of the two items shown here, light blue, white, and copper tones are used. The style is a little bit folk art, though overall is a striking modern piece of mixed media wall art that brings a distinctive feel to your home decor. These prints can be hung traditionally on your wall or can be displayed as a tabletop photo with its easel stand back; made in the USA.

About the Artist

Nancy Michalak, is a Maine artist currently residing in Cumberland. Nancy now teaches art in Gray-New Gloucester, and it was actually her 6th grade students that prompted her interest in papercutting during a lesson in symmetry. Attending the University of New Hampshire, this talented artist has had her work featured on the cover of Instructor Magazine. She also has participated in numerous shows across the United States, and her work is on display at a variety of prestigious galleries; including the Everson Gallery in Syracuse, New York and the Society of Arts and Crafts in Boston.

Nancy’s personal business, Shady Run Studios, with the addition of her silhouette art, has proven very successful. We are pleased to now share her talent with our customers here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. Nancy has experimented with many art mediums throughout her artistic career, but her latest venture of papercutting, has given her the recognition she deserves.

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Artist Profile: Pam Britton

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

With the launch of our Summer 2012 Catalog, brings the launch of many new products. For summer, that meant a focus on made in the USA items, in order to support local craftsman and artists alike. In today’s blog we will feature 2 new, made in the USA prints and get acquainted with artist Pam Britton.

Pictured here to the left is our Caleb’s Sunflower Barn Print, by Maine artist Pam Britton. Pam, originally from Colorado, spent a lot of time traveling around the country with her family growing up. After settling in Texas, Pam began exploring her talents as an artist. Experimenting with craft painting, she also worked with adorning her art on wooden accent pieces and muslin pillows. However, after a few years of vacationing in New England with her husband Ken, she was quickly intrigued by what the east coast had to offer.

They decided to “take a leap” as Pam says, and move to the area of Downeast Maine. Feeling quite relaxed and far removed from the hustle and bustle of other places she had lived in the past, this is where she could really begin concentrate on her art. The region of Downeast Maine runs along the mid-coast line of the state; providing the perfect backdrop to inspire artists like Pam Britton. The natural beauty that is Maine, helped Pam’s true talent shine. She often pays tribute in her work to specific, local landmarks in the area. Pam was even commissioned by her now home town, Cutler, to create their town’s welcome sign. In regards to this privilege Pam states, “I was extremely honored to be chosen to design and paint the new sign that expresses the historical significance of the lighthouse to the community.” Check out the sign here: Cuter Town Sign

Seen here to the left is another beautiful framed print by the artist, our Zeb’s Flower Barn Print. While the above print focuses on selling mainly sunflowers at the barn, Zeb’s barn features a wider variety of flowers and seeds for sale. Both prints are highlighted by a textured finish and are set in a distressed, black wood frame. The colors and shading are reminiscent of a lazy, late summer’s day. Display together for an inviting focal point on your walls, in any room of the home. Proudly made here in the USA, these flower barn prints are welcomed additions to the Sturbridge Yankee Workshop collection of framed prints and wall art.

~ “I have to credit my mother and my husband, to whom I’ve been happily married 40 years, for giving me the encouragement and advice and downright physical help to succeed over the years, and especially now in Downeast Maine.” – Pam Britton

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~Local Artist, Judith Hardenbrook

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we are proud to support many local artists. One of those artists is Judith Hardenbrook, who lives and works in Kennebunk, ME. Kennebunk is about 40 minutes south from Portland and boasts a quaint New England charm along the seacoast. The beauty of this region of Maine has inspired many artists like Judy to ’set up shop’ literally and own their own gallery and gift store. Unlike other tourist heavy coastal regions of Maine that flourish in the summer, the Kennebunk area thrives year round, providing an excellent source for inspiration and community.

Hardenbrook Studio

In 1987 Judy Hardenbrook founded Hardenbrook Studio with her original work focusing on painted furniture and wall treatments. Over the next few years Judy and her talented staff began working on decorative framed imagery. The framed imagery, covering themes of travel and animals to florals and shells, proved to be a huge success. Today, Hardenbrook Studio offers other items such as single-pane prints, canvas prints, vintage inspired prints and decorative magnet boards. The studio’s slogan states that it “creates delicately detailed pieces that merge traditional elements with a fresh and fashionable twist.” Judy’s designs are influenced not only by her current surroundings, but also through her world travel, love for antiques and love for design itself.

Presently, Hardenbrook Studio has their artwork displayed in numerous tiny shops across North America and worldwide. Many of Judy’s personal designs have been translated to stationary, fine china and even fabric pieces. Seen above and to the left is our collection of Lorraine Garden Prints. Judy features a theme of vegetables, displayed in a vintage style. With your choice of asparagus, beet, bell pepper, carrot, chili pepper, or tomato (or artichoke and pea not shown here), you can decorate with them individually or arrange together for a bountiful wall arrangement in your country kitchen. Offering a similar theme to our Garden Prints is our collection of Fruit Prints. Presenting a choice of strawberries, blueberries, cherries or raspberries. These two brightly colored print groupings, both feature beautiful French manuscript of the name of each fruit or vegetable; a clear influence from Judy’s love for France and Paris in particular. All are framed in studio box frames and made of course, right here in Maine.

A Leading Force in Decorative Arts

She has been referred to as a leading force in the decorative arts community, by many in her field and locals alike. Judy is of course well known throughout the U.S., but stays true to her roots by having her presence known throughout the Kennebunk area. An example of this is at the White Barn Inn, in their Wine Room. Here, Judy has painted a large, breathtaking mural of a rural countryside scene in Tuscany. Any who choose to visit this private room perhaps for a celebratory occasion, can witness her attention to detail and love for the land in this specially commissioned piece of art; surrounded by a romantic setting.

Pictured here to the left is our Canvas Leaf Print, another Hardenbrook Studio design. So realistic and vividly rendered, this attractive collage of tamarack, red maple and white pine is printed on canvas with a distressed look. As with her other prints, this too is displayed in a wood box frame. There is no doubt, that this design was inspired by the beautiful fall foliage we witness each year here in Maine.

~Thank you Judy and Hardenbrook Studio for sharing your exquisite talents with Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

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