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Decorating with the Beauty of Burlap

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014
Burlap fabric, crafted from jute fibers, has been used for centuries in countries such as India for small purposes such as rope making and paper creation. It was not until the late 1700’s that burlap fabric and jute fibers became a worldwide export with the help of the East India Company. Nowadays burlap fabric is a very popular decorating fabric for use on wall art, curtains and home accents. We here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop enjoy the look of burlap, and its softer lookalike options, and have gathered a few of our favorite burlap items here together for you to enjoy.
Burlap Filters Light and Air

Burlap is a great option for curtains and other window treatments as it is breathable, letting air and light circulate throughout a room. Hanging burlap curtains in your home will keep a room feeling full of country charm while offering a modern accent and updated look to any window. Burlap Barnyard Collection features a classic folk art image of stacked animals printed on burlap with a crackled appearance and a barn red accent stripe. Matching pillow, valance and table runner create a cohesive look in any room.

Burlap Barnyard Pillow
Burlap Barnyard Valance Burlap Barnyard Table Runner

A New Way With Burlap

Burlap fabric has become increasingly popular in home decorating and we here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop have joined in on the trend. Here you can see two options for using burlap, as showcased on these jute wrapped prints. Burlap offers a country feel with the ability to be dressed up, or down, as desired. Both of these prints would look equally welcome in a rustic farmhouse or a modern loft in the city. Vintage inspired imagery adds to the overall natural handmade feel that burlap fabric offers.

Time Jute Wrapped Wall Art Bicycle Jute Wrapped Wall Art

Southern Star Tiers Burlap Lookalikes

100% cotton, made to look like woven burlap fabric, offers a softer alternative to 100% jute. Here on the Southern Star Curtain Collection, soft cotton fabric is accented by black stars appearing in screenprinted black ink. The combination of black and neutral tan colored cotton burlap lookalike fabric will work well with your current styles as the colors are very neutral.

Southern Star Prairie Swag Southern Star Panels

A Fabric For Many Uses

So far we have shown burlap on curtain rods, printed wall hangings, and now we are featuring burlap accenting a lamp shade. As we mentioned above, burlap is breathable, making it just right for a lampshade as it will filter the light while offering a warm glow when the lamp is lit.

Clock Lamp features a mini clock inset in the column of the lamp, just right for task lighting in any room. Keep yourself on task in your home office or simply note the passing of time.

Clock Lamp

Burlap Flag Pillow Offering a Vintage Vibe

Burlap fabric can feel very rustic when it is displayed around the home. It can also feel quite modern next to metal and glass accents. Burlap Flag Pillow offers rustic Americana charm with a distressed printed image of the American flag on the burlap pillow case. Prop this beauty in your entryway all year long to showcase your patriotic pride to all who visit. Accent any wreath or package with Burlap Ribbon, and keep the Queen Bee Pillow in charge of any room.

Burlap Ribbon Queen Bee Pillow

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~ Artist Profile: Bonnie Fisher

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Over the last year at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we have been adding to our collection of framed prints with the help of artist Bonnie Fisher. With two more recent additions from her, for the summer 2012 catalog, we felt now was the perfect opportunity to learn a little bit more about this talented folk artist. Let’s take a look.

Pictured here to the left is our Bennington Flag Barn Print. The detail and ‘ode to summertime living is beautifully captured in this American made print by artist Bonnie Fisher. Showcase your patriotic spirit on a living room or bedroom wall, with this unique, yet subtly familiar, country farmstead.  An old ‘76 American flag with a colonial inspired arch star pattern, still hangs proudly on the old barn with muted red roof. This giclee, texture finished print is ideal for summertime wall decor, though is perfect to hang anytime of year.

As with most of Bonnie Fisher’s framed prints at SYW, the print is framed in a distinctive, three-dimensional, black wooden “floater” frame. The floater frames offer a chance for the collector of Bonnie Fisher, to display the prints in a pairing, or larger grouping on their wall. Also new for summer, is our Mail Pouch Barn Print; which is presented in a complimenting, vertical design. Both of these additions to the Bonnie Fisher collection, are now on sale for $79.95 during our made in the USA promotion.

About the Artist

Bonnie Fisher always had a passion for art, painting and in particular, the use of watercolor. “Watercolor has been my favorite medium since high school, when I used to drive out to farms and paint in the car on weekends,” she recalls. She studied at Moore College of Art in Pennsylvania and graduated with a major in in Illustration with a minor in Fine Art. After completing her B.F.A., she would go on to work as a freelance illustrator and watercolor artist for over 25 years.

Her work can me found in a number of art galleries and has been featured in several art shows around the country. Bonnie’s rural country paintings have been adapted to other mediums such as calendars, books and greeting cards. Other hobbies include bird watching, gardening and caring for her many pets. Bonnie enjoys working from home where her workspace provides both creativity and inspiration. “I try to express my appreciation for God’s creations and love for the world in my work,” Bonnie says about her love for the surrounding environment. Bonnie’s artwork is highly recognizable in the folk art and Americana art community. She appreciates the stillness of farm life and captures the beauty of such places throughout all seasons. The above print is entitled, Old Willow Print and depicts an early spring day of cows grazing in front of a large, weeping Willow Tree. This framed print is on sale now for $69.95 during our made in the USA sale, all this summer at SYW.

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