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What to Give Any Mom on Mother’s Day

Monday, May 5th, 2014
Mother’s Day 2014 is less than a week away, falling on Sunday, May 11 this year. Any mom in your life deserves the very best, more than once a year. Show a certain mom your appreciation for all that they do with a special gift chosen just for them from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, organized here by common categories for your convenience.
Bees Nested Measuring Cups The Baking Mom

Do you know a mother who loves to spend time in the kitchen whipping up new creations to share with friends and family? Make her life easier with handy kitchen tools, a new pot organizer for a busy kitchen or delicious gourmet goodies made with love, all found in Sturbridge Yankee Workshop’s Country Kitchen category.

Red Pinwheel Pillow The Outdoors Mom

Warm sunshine does wonders for the soul. Give a special gift for an outdoors mom in your life from the Outdoor Decor category at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. Everything from appealing door mats for wiping muddy feet after a long day spent in the garden to weathervanes and thermometers for true enjoyment of each moment outside on a porch or deck.

Higgeldy Piggeldy Gardening Sculpture The Gardening Mom

Gardening mothers know exactly what it takes to  make their gardens grow beautiful as can be. Planters, herb markers, garden stakes and more can all be found in Sturbridge Yankee Workshop’s category dedicated to Garden Accents.

Floating Saint Bernards Print The Artwork Loving Mom

Surprise any mom with new artwork from her favorite artist to decorate any blank space. Prints from cherished artists such as Tim Campbell, Billy Jacobs and Bonnie Mohr can all be found in the Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Prints & Wall Art category.

Wrental Birdhouse

The Birdwatching Mom

Sturbridge Yankee Workshop’s For the Birds category showcases just a few of the items that make birdwatching more enjoyable for fans of feathered folk. From birdhouses to hanging birdseed holders and displays, you are sure to find something just right for mom.

Wicked Witch Sculpture The Collectibles Mom

Know of a mom who loves to collect figures and sculptures from her favorite American artists? Find the latest pieces from Lori Mitchell, Williraye Studios™, Bethany Lowe and more inside the Collectibles category at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

Wag Walk Leash Holder The Pet Loving Mom

Does your mom love dogs? Cats? Rabbits or gerbils? In the For Your Pet category at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, you can browse through dog pets, organic catnip for kitties young and old or feeding area mats to create a unique space for mom’s favorite furry friends.

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Made in the USA: Seasonal Winter Prints

Monday, February 10th, 2014
Old Red Gingerbread Print Environment Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we are always expanding our assortment of beautiful framed prints for you to add to your home decor. Sometimes all you need to get you through a long winter is colorful wall art options that will brighten any space and make you smile every time you see them.

Thankfully, we have wall art for all seasons available on our website, making it easier to decorate all year long. Here we have gathered a few of our favorite winter themed prints, all made right here in the USA. Sit back, relax and enjoy peaceful scenes that winter themes have to offer in your home this season and all year.

Old Mill Stream Print
Artist Dan Campanelli

Renowned artist Dan Campanelli has received over 100 awards and honors for his watercolors of historic buildings. His prints evoke peaceful, serene sensations and capture moments in time across idyllic landscapes. Here we can easily see the emotion conveyed in Old Red Gingerbread Print and Big Wheel Print, two Campanelli classics available now at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. Imagine the realistic country feel that these stunning prints will bring into your home.

Old Red Gingerbread Print
Big Wheel Print Campanelli’s Big Red Barns

Stark contrast in muted tones combine to create a rustic country feel on each print, double matted and framed under glass for instant decorating in any room. While similar in color scheme and location choice, each print evokes a unique sensation. Old Red Gingerbread evokes a calm, almost silent feeling while Big Wheel conveys a sense of motion, and working structures in this winter wonderland.

Maine Artist Nancy Michalak

Using silhouette paper and intricate scissor work, as inspired by Scherenschnitte (a German paper cutting technique), Nancy creates the original pieces, which are then reproduced here in stunning quality for display in your home.

Although these prints feature cool colors of white and blue, the warmth exuded by their imagery will warm your heart and your home this winter. Winter Moon, Hope, and Skaters at Dusk will all add a special touch to any wall all all year long.

Winter Moon Papercut Framed Print
Hope Papercut Framed Print Skaters at Dusk Papercut Framed Print

Vermont Artist Fred Swan

Although the brisk weather taps on your cheeks and nose, the warmth provided by the sights in Late January Print makes it easier to spend another peaceful moment outside. Vermont artist Fred Swan masters the art of creating comforting, warm winter scenes, despite the cool colors and piles of snow on the landscape. Hang this print all year long for dramatic effect in any room. Giclee print is double matted, under glass, with a brown wood-look frame.

Late January Print

Maine Artist Tracy Lizotte

Snuggling owls and a kitty with a cardinal make for sweet, whimsical displays in your country home. Maine artist Tracy Lizotte creates her whimsical watercolor prints from imagery in her everyday life in Acton, Maine. Her rural home provides the perfect setting for her nature inspired artwork. These museum quality prints recreate her delicate brushstrokes in perfect form, making it feel as though the artist has created these works just for your very own display. Set in wood frames and matted under glass for instant display on a wall.

Peculiar Encounter Print Owl Smooch Print

Artist Bonnie Mohr

A friendly looking horse, attached to his owner’s buggy, does not seem to mind the cold weather on this night. Inside the house we see light emitting from every window as the residents sit down with a warm cup of tea or soup to keep the chill out. Large deciduous trees in the background still hold onto a majority of their leaves, but the evergreens stand tall with deep green boughs ready to brace the season. White snow becomes a swirling kaleidoscope of color as the sun reflects off of the landscape.Artist Bonnie Mohr is best known for her paintings of one of the favored farm animals, cows. She captures rural, American country scenes, creates inspirational paintings, and reminds us all to stop and enjoy the beauty that life has to offer.

An Evening Visit Print

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Made in the USA: Prints With ‘Feel Good’ Imagery

Monday, November 4th, 2013
‘Tis the season to grace your home with holiday decor that speaks to your feelings and the true meaning of the holidays. Whether you are passionate about snowmen, folk art, or the religious theme this time of year, we feature artwork for everyone on our website. Take a look below and be inspired to create your own holiday magic with these items, made right here in the USA.

The Simplicity of Snowmen

Have you ever noticed how walking by a snowman in winter can make you smile? Their cute coal grins, and precious tree branch arms, bundled up in scarves and hats put there by their creators. Snowmen are simple things that often go unnoticed, but remind us of the joys of the season. Artists Margie McGinnis and Lisa Hilliker showcase the simpler times of life with their folk art prints, In the Meadow Snowman, and Joy, Love, Peace. Use these prints on your walls this season to remind you and your guests that the most important things this year are the littlest of things, especially those things that often go unnoticed. The next time you walk by a group of snowmen, take a moment to appreciate their magic.

In the Meadow Snowman Print
Joy Love Peace Snowman Print

Peaceful Prints

Aside from the hustle and bustle all around us this time of year, it is important to remind ourselves that peaceful moments are important moments in our lives. Have you ever heard that all important phrase, make time to take time? Spend an extra hour with a close friend, make a special gift for someone in need, or take a moment each day to remind yourself of how thankful you are for the things that you have. In our Evening Visit Print, close friends are spending time together on this cold night, warming their hearts and souls with the joy of friendship and laughter. Made in the USA, this print features vibrant colors and artwork by artist Bonnie Mohr.

An Evening Visit Winter Print

Inspirational ImageryIf you are seeking inspirational decorations for your home this year, our Oh Holy Night and Wise Men Still Seek Prints are sure to please. The scenes are dramatically displayed with black silhouette images overlaying peaceful backgrounds highlighting different scenes from the biblical story of Christmas. Made in the USA, these prints feature a textured finish akin to an oil painting, and charming artwork by artist Jennifer Pugh.
Wise Men Still Seek Framed Print Oh Holy Night Framed Print

Looking for more decor made in America? Click here to take a look at all of our American-made wall art, or click here to browse our full line of USA-made products on our website.

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