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Weekly Spotlight: New Braided Jute Home Accents

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Cranberry Jute Braided Table Runner | Artist Harry SmithCranberry Jute Braided BasketWelcome to our first October Spotlight. On the agenda: braided jute! Below we are featuring our newest jute home accents that will cover your chairs, tabletops, counters, floors and other areas of your home this holiday season and throughout the year. To showcase them all, we’re breaking from our usual five format and including each new piece.

If you are already acquainted with our Cranberry Jute Collection, you’ll be delighted to know that we’ve added Baskets and a Floor Runner to the mix for even more complementary style. All of these pieces feature a design by Maine artist Harry Smith, and are perfect for holiday decorating or for incorporating a little color into your home all year long.

Autumn Jute Chair Pad | Artist Sandy Clough

To coordinate with our vibrant Autumn Jute Rug by artist Sandy Clough, we’ve introduced the Autumn Jute Chair Pad to bring a touch of fall into your dining areas as well as the other rooms of your home. A mixture of warm colors with bright green and teal make this jute accent electrify your country chairs with seasonal appeal.

Also from Sandy Clough is the Chickadee & Pine Jute Collection. In addition to the Chair Pad and Tabletop Accents, we now offer a beautiful Area Rug. This Collection is perfect for a log cabin, lodge or woodland-inspired home, and we’ll admit our partiality to it since it features the Maine state bird and part of the Maine state tree.

Chickadee & Pine Jute Rug | Artist Sandy Clough

Last but certainly not least (and also by artist Sandy Clough), is our new braided jute collection. The Holly Jute home accents feature green and burgundy braids circling a full sprig of holly leaves and berries. An Area Rug made for your floors; a Chair Pad for your dining room; and a Trivet for serving hot dishes in the kitchen or adding a holiday look to a table; all three make great statement pieces and create a cheerful atmosphere when used all together.

Holly Jute Chair Pad | Artist Sandy Clough

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Monday Must-Haves: Pumpkins

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Pumpkin Seasons Pillow

We’re easing into the fall season – yes, we know summer isn’t over quite yet – this week with a look at 5 of our Must-Have pumpkin décor items. It doesn’t have to be autumn to incorporate most of these into your home, as pumpkins work well with other vegetable or farm-inspired décor during the spring, and bright and vibrant décor for the summer and winter. So continue enjoying the beautiful summer weather as you start thinking about decorating for the harvest season with these 5 Must-Haves.

For Comfort and Style

It’s difficult to keep hand hooked wool pillows off of these lists, since their comfort and detail are always top-quality, and this week is no exception. The Pumpkin Seasons Pillow works variegated greens into the landscape behind three orange pumpkins and a black tree. The colors are perfect for complementing fall décor, as well as other nature inspired accents. This image mimics that of the Harvest Seasons Print so you can carry out the festive look throughout any room.

White Pumpkin Wool Runner

The White Pumpkin Wool Runner is a great addition to any tabletop or countertop surface, and its pumpkin color with white pumpkin accents gives it the perfect look for a country-inspired furniture piece and home. White penny detailing gives this runner a little extra flair for decorating this fall and throughout the year, and incorporating the coordinating pillow will complete the festive and cozy look.

Pumpkin Coir MatPumpkin Jute Basketkaljsdf; For Function and Flair

A doormat is an essential item to have in your entryway or on your front porch all year long, whether your family or guests are tracking in mud, sand, rain or snow. The Pumpkin Coir Mat is a charming accent because of its true-to-its-name shape, and will stand up to the traffic going in and out of your home with its durable coir fibers. The dark orange color will make a great complement to your décor inside and the natural elements outside.

Halloween Parade Girl Sculpture

Braided jute is also another category of accents we can’t stay away from. This Pumpkin Jute Basket is a must-have because its decorative colors and pumpkins make for a charming home accent, while its sturdiness and two convenient handles make it perfect for carrying wood to a fireplace, storing autumn decoratives and for just about anything you can think of. In addition, we have an entire collection of Pumpkin Jute home accents that will complement this festive look throughout your home.

The final item for this week is a little more Halloween oriented, but we couldn’t resist including this Bethany Lowe sculpture into our pumpkin-themed list. With jack-o-lanterns on an orange cape and a pumpkin slung over the shoulder of this charming girl, this collectible brings a unique look to a pumpkin-themed display or whimsically decorated room. Be creative in displaying this piece, and leave it displayed not just for the harvest holiday.

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Charming Chair Pads

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

A simple way to dress up a room is to dress up the furniture: a sofa, table, or chairs. Whether you have matching furniture or complimentary pieces, a coordinating collection of decorative pieces can help bring everything in a room together. Today our spotlight shines on our new chair pads and the collections they are a part of; let us know how you enjoy them and if they inspired a redesign in your home.

Black Cat Hooked Chair PadBlack Cat Hooked Collection
The Black Cat Hooked Chair Pad features rustic, neutral colors and a friendly black cat that will watch over your kitchen, dining, and other living areas. The twill ties secure the whole piece to almost any chair, and create extra charm to the hooked composition. Create a unique look with just the chair pad, or add the rug, pillow, and floor runner to set a primitive theme in your home. 

Connected Circles Braided Chair PadConnected Circles Braided Collection
This Chair Pad features vibrant folk art colors, and the 100% cotton braids will increase comfort to any chair surface. With red standing out against beige, tan, white, and black, this chair pad will surely impress your guests while making a statement in any room. When used with the unique floor runner and table runner, you can add a casual elegance without having to work too hard. 

Country Spice Cotton Braided Collection
This more classically colored Chair Pad is a great accent to any green, brown, or neutral decor. The high quality, cotton calico print fabrics also enhance the coziness and charm in any room – especially when the braided rug and stair treads from the collection are used to complete the Country Spice look.

Country Spice Cotton Braided Chair PadSheep & Shamrock Braided Jute Chair PadSheep & Shamrock Braided
Jute Collection

Complete a garden or green themed room with this Chair Pad, featuring two shamrocks and twill ties to keep those shamrocks in place. This piece is perfect for everyday and seasonal decorating, and complements most St. Patrick’s Day decor. The whole collection features jute stair treads, a jute trivet, and a jute rug designed with a sheep in a green, shamrock pasture that gives off a welcoming feeling regardless of the time of year.

Hen & Eggs Chair PadHen & Eggs Chair Pad
Add flair to your country or farm-styled decor with this unique Hen & Eggs Chair Pad. This standalone piece works great for adorning a lone, decorative chair or for your dining room table and chair set.

Sea Breeze Cotton Braided Chair PadSea Breeze Cotton
Braided Collection

Add a touch of spring and summer to your chairs all year long with the Sea Breeze Cotton Braided Chair Pad, and its matching rugs and stair treads. The cotton blend fabric is durable and soft, increasing its comfort and versatility. The calming colors are perfect for setting a serene tone in any room in your home, so sit back, relax, and dream of the soothing sea breeze with this chair pad and collection!

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