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Wednesday Spotlight: Pillows

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

Farm Fresh Pillow

This week’s Spotlight focuses on a favorite decor item: pillows! Between hooked and embroidered, wool and cotton, you are sure to find a pillow (or pillows) that fit your style and your comfort needs. These five pillows are great for spring decorating, with themes relating to animals, gardens, and farm life; but they will also fit in with your decor and home’s style throughout the year, giving you design and comfort options that last.

Rooster & Check Hooked Wool PillowCountry Style and Comfort
This Dianna Swartz design combines the classic look of check with a representative farm scene that looks great with almost all decor. It can be used as an accent piece among other check furnishings, or can be added to a collection of farm or domestic animal themed decor for a complete look. The hooked wool and cotton velvet back make this a comfortable pillow no matter where you place it: on a bench, a bookshelf, or on your sofa as a cozy head rest. 

If you have a smaller chair, shelf, or bench on which an average-sized pillow is just too big, but you still want to maintain a unique, country look, our Farm Fresh Pillow is an excellent option. The simple color palette allows this pillow to complement any decor, while adding a hint of comfort to any surface in your home.

Homey TouchesRed House Hooked Pillow Cover
This rich red cottage will bring a cozy, friendly feeling to your already warm home. Teresa Kogut is behind this design, which you can combine with other hooked Red House Collection items to create a cohesive look throughout your entire home; or, just use the pillow as a vibrant accent piece in your living room. The crow and flower accents add natural elements to this folk-artsy furnishing – elements that you will love admiring time and time again. 

Stephanie Stouffer designed the Tabby Cat & Bird Pillow, which is made up of soft yellow and simple brown colors, making it an instant classic among your own home decor. The friendly bird and cat are wonderful additions to a living room or reading nook; the hooked wool and cotton velvet back create a comfortable spot on which you and your guests can rest.

Novelty DesignsVintage Vegetables Pillow
These pillows are a little more novel in their designs, but provide the same wonderful decor options for any room of your home as do our other pillows. The Vintage Vegetable Pillow would look great in breakfast nook near the kitchen, or in a mudroom that leads out into a garden. This pillow also gives you slightly more design options, as it reverses to neutral-colored stripes on back which can be accented with your own home decor.

Boston's Best Cream Pie PillowOur Boston’s Best Cream Pie Pillow is more vibrant in color, but will give any room a little more personality when combined with a similar color scheme. Artist Ken Bailey designed the image in the style of vintage advertisements, so this pillow would even look great next to your antique treasures or vintage decor. 

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Top 10 Monday Must-Haves: Apples

Monday, September 1st, 2014
Caramel Apple Bread Apple Hooked Wool Pillow
Red Apple Master Harvest Apple Soap
Apple Salt and Pepper Shakers

Apple Jute Trivet

Apple Braided Coaster Set Apple Hooked Wool Chair Pad
Apple Basket Print Apple Basket Placemat

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Perfectly Plush Pet Pillows

Monday, November 11th, 2013
Using holiday pillows in your decorating has many benefits. From the comfortable cushion to the vibrant array of color variations pillows offer support and interesting accent to a home all year long. In our catalog and on our website, we feature hooked wool pillows, embroidered pillows, felt pillows, and many more – some of which our exclusive items, so be sure to browse through what is available!
Assortment of Holiday Pillows

Precious Pups

Dogs and cats all have a place in our lives as pets and companions. Showcase your love for a special pet with a hooked wool pillow showing imagery akin to the likeness of your personal furry friend. On the Scottie Dog Hooked Wool Pillow, designed by Stephanie Marrot, a friendly black Scottie dog prowls through the snow, looking for his friends no doubt. A festive bow with holly leaf and berry accents decorates his collar. Makes a fitting gift for a friend with Scottish Terriers at home!

Scottie Dog Pillow
Dog in Snow Pillow All Dogs Deserve a Pillow

For Labrador fans out there, look at Dog in Snow, featuring a black Labrador holding a bit of greenery in his mouth, ready to play outside. Along the same lines, the playful pup looks as happy as a clam in the middle of the winter snow storm on the Snowy Dog Hooked Wool Pillow, with coordinating rug, designed by Mary Lake Thompson.

Versatile Pillows

Pillows are for more than just sleeping, and we encourage home decorators to use cushions all over the house from entryway benches and guest room chairs, with seating areas in the living room or family room. Delight guests with the vibrant imagery on these pillows, in addition to their comfortable support. Prop several pillows in your staging around the Christmas tree, or use them as part of the scenery for your holiday family photos. It will be fun each year to bring out the Christmas themed decorations and enjoy seeing your old pillow pals again.

Snowy Dog Pillow
Skiing Dog Pillow Jack Russel Pillow

Cat in Hat Pillow Festive Felines

Who doesn’t love a cuddly cat? These funny felines are featured on a vast number of pillows here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, perfect gifts for cat fanatics this holiday season. With a cat in a hat, and dressed to impress, the Cat in Hat Pillow features a cuddly kitty looking quite warm with a purple hat and gray coat. His avian friends have gathered around to see what treats the cat is offering on this cold winter day.

Oh how enticing the holiday ornament is to this next Christmas cat, on the Cat With Ornament Pillow. Raising a paw to touch the precious prize, this cat seems to think he will be getting away with the sneaky act, but this images catches him before any damage was done. Kitty in Gift Box is simply too cute to pass up.

Cat With Ornament Pillow Kitty in Gift Box Pillow

Well-Known Artists

Kitty in Window shows us how cute a cat can be, taking a peek at his cardinal friend as the snow gently falls. The only question is which animal is inside the warm house and which animal is outside in the elements? Artist Karen Cruden designed this pillow exclusively for Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, so it cannot be found anywhere else on the market. Sturbridge supports many artists, and has a wide range of information on their website for each of the designers who create the imagery and design for their products.

Kitty in Window Pillow

Puppy in Boot Pillow Picture Perfect

Why not give a pillow featuring a pet that looks just like the one a friend or family member may have at home? Imagine the excitement on Christmas morning when the gift is opened to reveal a picture perfect representation of their sweet pet.

Although everyone would love to receive a real puppy for Christmas, an alternative is Puppy in Boot Pillow, featuring a darling pup propped in a large Santa boot, ready to charm his new home with wet nose kisses and furry cuddles. Designed by artist Donna Rice to exude charm and holiday cheer.

Holiday Pillows on a Bed

Do you have pillows at home with pictures of your favorite animals? Share in the comments below!

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