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Weekly Spotlight: New Spring Rugs

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

These five new braided rugs, accent rugs and area rugs are perfect for any style, bringing comfort and life to the rooms of your home. Click the images to learn more about the rugs in our spring catalog and to find the perfect floor covering to complement your home accents, from eco-friendly jute and easy-care fibers to flat braids and soft hooked rugs.

Spring Trio Jute Braided RugRed Spring Blossom RugBlack Country Swirl RugForest Oak RugVintage Rabbit Accent Rug

And to browse our entire selection of rugs, visit our website.

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Meet: West Coast Artists, Jennifer Brinley & Karl Johnson

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Two more great artists featured at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop are California based artists: Jennifer Brinley and Karl Johnson. Both offer a modern touch to artistic techniques that have been used for centuries.

Jennifer Brinley

Jennifer received a degree in studio art from the University of California at Santa Barbara and furthered her education at the Rhode Island School of Design. A developed passion for design and architecture lead her to receive a graduate degree from UCLA. An advanced technique is seen in her art that is a direct result from her understanding of art at a structural level. Jennifer enjoys painting with bright, bold colors and has a broad range of themes she illustrates, including: flowers, fruit, veggies, seasonal, garden, animals of the land and sea, locations in Europe and various characters. Some designs are simple, others more complex; some are more realistic, while some retain a folk art feel. Jennifer and her husband, also an artist, live a happy life in Encinitas; a coastal community in southern California.

Much of Jennifer’s inspiration is drawn from her travels around the U.S. and Europe and also from a love for French textiles and Italian ceramics. Pictured above is our Floral Basket Hooked Rug. Here, Jennifer uses a classic Pennsylvania Dutch pattern in pretty pinks and black. We also see shades of a rich spruce green that make the flowers stand out; made of hooked acrylic. Another accent rug designed by Jennifer is our Provence Sunflowers Rug. It brings the brightness and warmth of autumn florals to your home with three golden blooms surrounded by the spicy colors of cinnamon, terra cotta, and cayenne; made of polypropylene and acrylic. This rug will make you fall in love with sunflowers, if you’re not already! Both rugs measure a versatile 22″H x 34″W and display a true passion for floral décor. These lovely accent rugs or doormats showcase Jennifer’s creative and fun style, that will coordinate well anywhere in your home in need of some sunshine.

Karl Johnson

Karl Johnson is a renown silhouette artist across America and has been practicing this art form since he was 10 years old; under the apprenticeship of his father. Creating silhouettes professionally, a silhouette is formed by free-hand cutting the outline of a subjects profile; using only scissors. Karl estimates he has done hundreds of thousands of silhouette cut outs over the years. He mostly will work with an individual live, but can also create his beautiful and unique art from a photo. Karl has crafted numerous silhouettes for celebrities including Oprah and Jennifer Lopez; just to name a couple. He lives with his wife Lauren and son Cooper, in southern California.

Pictured here to the left is our Cat & Grasshopper Doormat, which features a screen print image of a black cat. The image was originally created as one of Karl’s traditional silhouettes. This cat is very curious about the grasshopper quietly sitting on its tail, surrounded by all the beautiful butterflies. A rich blue braid follows the border around this oval patch rug and will be a welcomed addition to brighten the décor of any room in your home. 100% jute fiber makes this a stylish and eco-friendly choice.

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Hooked – The Story of A Craft

Friday, August 19th, 2011

In the textile and weaving factories of the early 19th century, there were flickers of creativity that sprouted crafting ideas– a way of using the waste from the mills. The workers of these factories were allowed to take some of the leftover textile materials home.  They then would use them to pull the various fibers though a backing; creating what is now called “hooked fabric.” Details of exactly where the technique of hooking fabric truly originated are a little vague but there is also evidence in early Scotland and parts of France. In these countries, instead of cotton materials,  rags were actually used and ‘pulled though’ in the same manner.

From the shores of New England to Newfoundland, there heaved a movement that at first, was only popular amongst peasants and lower class individuals; being a craft associated with poverty. Though eventually the hooking revolution  took on a  new understanding and transitioned into a craft that created unique, tough and long lasting pieces. Nowadays, we see two forms of hooking styles that typically utilize wool. Fine hooking, which uses a thinner strip of wool will produce more intricate details. Primitive hooking, using wider strips of wool, accomplishes shading and highlights that are seen in the more visible textures of the wool. Most of the hooking today is done with a solid backing, in order to keep it from pulling or losing its strength in years to come.

In honor of the fine art that is wool hooking, Sturbridge Yankee Workshop has plenty to offer when it comes to wool hooked items. Need a rug to accent a space, give it some color or create a seasonal area in your home? A hooked rug, like our Pumpkin Hooked Rug, works perfect for welcoming guests into your home. We also carry many wool hook pillows, like our  Harvest Crow & Pumpkin Pillow(as seen above), that is a great way to transition your decor towards the harvest season. Continuing with our fall themed hooked products, Sturbridge also has the Wool Hook Harvest Pumpkin Chair Pad to accompany the pillow for a cohesive setting. Wool hook can also brighten your home, like with our  Sunflower Pillow. Its bright colors and wonderful detail will put a smile on your face each time you see it, and isn’t that what life is all about?

When you pick up anything wool hooked from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, you’ll see and feel the tradition of creating these beautiful crafts. Check out another great autumn pillow, our Butterfly Brand Pumpkin Pillow and other wool hook items at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop today!

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