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Sturbridge Yankee Workshop | A History

Thursday, June 20th, 2019

We have published a few posts here on the blog that feature certain moments and memories of our own history as a purveyor of home furnishings. For a better overview on where we have been, this post will serve as a compilation of those posts and future posts talking about the history of Sturbridge Yankee Workshop – just click on each title header to read about the topic. And if you have a memory of visiting us in Massachusetts or here in Maine, or still have a previous (dare we say vintage?) version of one of our catalogs, tell us about it in a comment below.

Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

◊Our 60th Anniversary Year◊

A kick off of our 60th Anniversary celebrations in 2013.

◊Pineapples and Sturbridge Yankee Workshop◊

Pineapples in home decor are historical in and of themselves. In this post we discuss how we continue the tradition of displaying this symbol of hospitality.

Antebellum Welcome Anniversary Personalized Plaque | USA | Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

◊Sturbridge Yankee Workshop – Then and Now◊

A specific look at the history of our furniture.

◊Sturbridge Vault: 1970 Catalog◊

Snippets of features in a 1970 Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Catalog.

1970 Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Article Snippet

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Sturbridge Vault: 1970 Catalog

Friday, April 25th, 2014
Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we enjoy taking a look back at our past. It reminds us of how privileged we are to continue to thrive as a mail order catalog business 60 years after our founding in 1953,  something to cherish in a world that is ever-changing. From our earliest days in the 1950s to our most recent catalogs and ever-expanding website selection, it is apparent that our dedication to quality home furnishings and early Americana decor have found their place, and are here to stay. Join us as we open the Sturbridge vault to take a look at 1970 and what it had to offer. Click on the images to enlarge them.
1970 Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Article Snippet Notes from Ye Prop

In many of our earliest catalogs you will find such ‘notes’ from the proprietor at the time. Here to the left we see one of these notes - an article really – from the current ‘ye prop’. In this letter he addresses the subject of decorating, focusing on “wall-scaping” and use of color. Here is on of our favorite, and still quite helpful, excerpts:

About Room Colors – and “Eclectic’ Styling1970 Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Article Snippet

Value in Feedback

In 1970 we were adamant that all customer feedback be accepted, heard and acted upon. Today we offer several avenues in which customers can offer their thoughts. One of those areas is right here on our blog, Shoptalk. Another is through social media outlets, Facebook and Twitter. Customers are always invited to provide feedback on our website when placing an order or completing a review. In this next snippet, Sturbridge’s proprietor at the time explains why customer feedback is so important:

1970 Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Customer Feedback Article
1970 Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Customer Complaints

An Interesting Question

We would love to know, why do you furnish in early American? Do you find it timeless? Comfortable? Affordable? For over 60 years we have relied on feedback from our loyal customer (that’s you!) to help us further enhance our selection of quality goods.

1970 Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Article

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Looking Back at 60 Years of SYW

Monday, December 23rd, 2013
This year, we here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop celebrated our 60th anniversary as a company. Customers and loyal fans were delighted to discover a variety of exclusive designs in honor of the celebration, in addition to celebratory contests and special looks at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop’s past through historical articles and videos. As 2013 comes to an end and our 60th Anniversary makes way for our 61st year, we would like to take one final look at how far we have come since our founding in 1953.

1963 SYW Catalog Cover

Stafford Chair Quality Upholstery For Your Home

We have been a long standing destination for furniture and home furnishings since we opened our doors in 1953. The pages of our catalogs are graced with early American style, Colonial reproductions and authentic classics. Today we continue to feature many of the same styles as they did 60 years ago, offering the same quality and attention to detail. For example, our customer favorites, the Stafford and Kingfield Chairs are crafted in America; a welcome addition to the wide range of made in the USA products that we have to offer. In 1963 we offered what was called “Our Special Chair”, available in five prints, most notably the color Breen, “brown with overtones of green.”

Kingfield Chair 1963 SYW Our Special Chair

Early American Chairs & Their Modern Cousins

Long standing customer favorite items such as the range of Windsor and ladderback style chairs, rockers and stools have been carried for 60 years. In the 1963 Sturbridge Yankee Workshop catalog, ladderback chairs were offered in seven finishes; today they are available in a country complementary range of four.

Ladderback chairs, according to our 1963 catalog, are said to have arrived in America on the Mayflower, making them historical treasures for any home then and now.

Windsor Rocker
Ladderback Seating Collection Historical Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Wood Chair Styles

Historical Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Windsor and Ladderback Chair Styles

Historical Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Article on Pewter Then and Now With Articles

Since our founding, we have featured home decorating tips and tricks throughout the pages of our catalog. Today we continue to feature worthy articles here on our website, like this one you are reading now, and here on our blog. Here we show just a snippet of what an article on the history of pewter looked like in our earliest days of catalog production. We also have many videos that feature our products, including assembly videos and extra special looks at our history and our items. We hope you enjoy browsing through our articles just as much as you enjoy browsing through our catalog!

Keeping True to Our Roots

Here at Sturbridge, we strive to be better each day while continuing to honor and learn from our past. As a company with 60 years of business experience, this is a task that we undertake with much pride. Our products have been customer favorites for over 60 years, and we look forward to serving you, our valued customer, for many years to come. We thank you for sharing in this year full of celebration with us.

The Story Behind Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Furniture
1964 Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Christmas Catalog

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