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Vendor Spotlight: Meadowbrooke Gourds – Black Cat Lanterns

Monday, August 13th, 2012

During the Annual Fall Lighting Sale going on now at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, there are lots of ways to save on great lighting. For the upcoming Halloween season, consider an alternative accent light. With the help of Meadowbrooke Gourds, you can add festive lighting to your home decor. Let’s take a look below.

Located on a farm at the base of Blue Mountain in Pennsylvania is a small company called Meadowbrooke Gourds. Inspired after a trip to the New England Farm Markets, Benjamin Bear, now owner, began his journey after taking the time to shell out a random gourd one day. Upon removing the seeds and witnessing the potential of a crop that didn’t rot out like the majority of other crops on the farm, one that actually only gained a harder shell, Ben knew he had discovered something special. In 1994, Meadowbrooke Gourds was born and the rest as they say, is history.

Much of what this fun-loving and hard working company of about 20 or so employees does, is developed through personal inspiration and a friendly work environment.  A perfect example of what can be done with the various shapes of the gourds,  is shown here to the left in our Black Cat Head Gourd Lantern. While only having his head, this black cat has a lot to offer your home this Halloween season. Decorate a covered porch or your windowsill to welcome trick-or-treaters. The cat head is accented by an orange ribbon around his neck, representing his collar, and also features a stick tail on the back. This light is on sale now for only $29.95.

Amazingly these hard-shell gourds can be hollowed out and made into a unique lighting source. A simple candelabra bulb (included) is tucked right inside the gourd and provides a soft glow. Gourds can only be grown when and where there is no threat of frost, and in Pennsylvania that typically runs late spring through early fall. The gourds should develop a nice hard shell before the onset of colder weather, before the gourd plant dies; this is when the drying out process begins. As you might assume, smaller gourds dry out faster than larger ones, significantly losing their overall weight. Next, the staff at Meadowbrooke Gourds cleans out the insides of the gourds, so the real excitement of crafting and design can begin. The gourds are smoothed and shaped into the desired form. Artisans then further hand carve and hand paint the necessary details in order to achieve the finished product.

Another Halloween light at SYW is none other than the Black Cat Head’s taller self, our Black Cat Gourd Lantern. Pictured here to the left, this option is now available at only $59.95 during the Fall Lighting Sale. We are proud to support this made in the USA company and share their talent with you this season.

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