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Wednesday Spotlight: Valentine’s Day

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015
Valentine’s Day is often celebrated with candy, flowers, cards, or handmade gifts, and gives those celebrating a special chance to show the people around them how much they appreciate their company and relationship (romantic or friendly). Do you know the history of this popular day? Although some facts may be lost in time, we can create a rather accurate picture of how this cherished holiday, and its decor, came to be.
Home Established Plaque Red Flameless Candles
Going Back in Time

February is known as the month of love. It is surmised that February 14 was chosen for Valentine’s Day during the Middle Ages, as this was the approximate day that birds started their mating season. The term “lovebirds” does not actually come out of this, however. A lovebird is a small parrot, and gets its name from the monogamous pairing patterns it follows, as well as from its social and affectionate nature. Although not parrots, our Owl Smooch Print showcases two “love birds” cuddling up together. Made in Maine, this sweet print is sure to remind you of love every time you see it. Perhaps a more recognizable Valentine’s Day character is Cupid, and our Canine Cupid is ready to share some love this year. Hearts are also a classic motif in February, and this Lace Heart Pillow is a beautiful way to accent your home for Valentine’s Day (or throughout the year).

Owl Smooch Print
Lace Heart Pillow Canine Cupid Display

Westies Pillow The First Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine’s Day, a Christian and Roman tradition, has its roots stemming from what history describes as three possible people, all named Valentine, who were martyred and viewed as saints by the Church. Two of these have very interesting stories. The first, a priest named Valentine, is known to have performed marriages for young couples against the wishes of Emperor Claudius II. The second Valentine, a prisoner, sent what is being called the first ‘valentine’ as he wrote a letter to his love and signed it, “from your Valentine.”

Stained Glass Double Heart Old Fashioned Love Sculpture

Show Someone You Care

Valentine’s Day is the second most popular holiday for card sending, second only to Christmas. Written valentines first appeared in 1400 when a poem from Charles, the Duke of Orleans, expressed his love to his wife while he was imprisoned in the Tower of London. Later, Henry V hired a writer, John Lydgate, to compose a love note to Catherine of Valois. By the 18th century, the exchange of handwritten notes and tokens of affection was popular in Great Britain. By 1900, printed cards began to replace handwritten letters. Do you write letters to those you love on Valentine’s Day, or at other times throughout the year?

What I Love Canvas Tote
Meadow Flowers Shortbread Pan Downtown Abbey™ Postcard Pillow

True Love Print Fun Love Day Facts

  • About 141 million valentines are exchanged annually.
  • More than half of the United States celebrates Valentine’s Day by sending a card.
  • The first Valentine’s Day box of chocolates dates back to 1868, and is credited to Richard Cadbury.
  • About 75% of the flowers purchased on Valentine’s Day are done so by men.

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Annual Spring Sale: One More Week to Shop

Friday, May 9th, 2014
Here in Southern Maine, we are just starting to see some spring color bursting forth on the trees and shrubbery. Perhaps the entire state is a late bloomer this year. Speaking of late bloomers, if you have waited patiently to purchase your favorite Sturbridge items while they are on sale, now is the time to shop. Until May 15, 2014, all Sturbridge Yankee Workshop catalog items are on sale and all curtains receive free shipping. So what are you waiting for? While you decide how much of your wishlist you would like to tackle all at once, let’s take a look at a few of this season’s best-selling items to help inspire your inner decorator.
Ruffled Lace Curtains Valance Ruffled Valance

Featuring delicate flowers swirling about a double ruffle with sweet scalloped edges. Ruffled Lace Curtains, and this best-selling valance, offer a delicate, feminine touch to any room. Use in a girl’s bedroom, master suite or guest room.

Fern Garden Quilt

In shady wooded nooks and along stream banks, luscious groups of ferns thrive. On this collection, various types of ferns are combined with flitting butterflies and dragonflies for an image that is as serene as a walk through the woods in early spring. Cream background complements the muted greens and browns throughout. A soft scalloped edge with binding frames the imagery and enhances the delicate feel. Vermicelli quilting creates a swirling design of stitches. Reverse to a moss green and cream brocade print for versatility. Valance features non-quilted pattern on both sides.

Fern Garden Quilt Collection

Calico Crow Pillow Calico Crow Pillow

Simple black crows perched atop delicate swirling vines cover nearly every portion of this pillow. Wise creatures, crows have long been viewed as some of the most curious and intelligent birds. Motif is featured in primitive black decorating the muted mustard colored fabric background. Mottled for country vintage appeal, the 100% cotton fabric appears charmingly antique.Crows are known for their simple country charm, especially when used in combination with primitive style. Woven check ruffle perfectly completes the overall country appeal.

Cat & Penny Jute Rug

Happy cats love happy flowers, and Cat & Penny Jute Rug by artist Susan Burd is no exception. Sitting pretty in the center, the orange and black cat is flanked by potted blooms in bright colors that are sure to make you smile. Surrounded by deep hues of burgundy and blue in a multicolored jute braid.

Cat & Penny Jute Rug

Grazing Sheep Print Grazing Sheep Print

Here is a peaceful scene of a group of sheep and one black lamb grazing together at the base of a flowering tree. Rustic farmstead looks to be in the beginnings of spring blooms, with the forsythia bush adding welcome bright yellow colors to the landscape. Enhance any blank wall space with this charming look into everyday spring life on the country farm. Artist Bonnie Fisher is most known for her appreciation and love for all creations in the world. Her prints evoke a sense of peace.

Westie Bookends

Hold your books up in style – or accent a mantel area, too. How sweet these would look on a bookcase! The cutest little West Highland White Terriers stand on their hind legs, mirroring each other. Crafted from heavy cast iron for sturdy support.

The set is reminiscent of an antique design, and these pups will surely add a dash of vintage charm to your home. Beveled edges and a distressed green paint application with black undertones, further adds to their design appeal.

Westie Bookends Detail

Green Bunny Pillow Green Bunny Pillow

Long pillow with charming hooked wool artwork by artist Lisa Hilliker showcases an elongated bunny stretched out over bright green grass with large flowering fronds in the background. Rectangular size mixes well with other pillows and makes a charming statement when placed on a couch or chair.

Orleans Curtains

Imagine cooling breezes wafting through these delicately scalloped edge curtains, perfect for a sitting room or bedroom looking for a slightly more sophisticated feel. Orleans Curtains are available in many sizes and styles to suit your needs.

Cotton and polyester blend fabric makes for easy cleaning, too. Available in Blue, Ecru, Linen, Sage or White, just right for accenting your current decorating style while remaining neutral enough to offer versatile use.

Orleans Curtains Tiers

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Easter Entertaining With Flowers and Bunnies

Friday, April 11th, 2014
Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail. Enhance your Easter with precious spring themed embellishments throughout your home. Use flowers and rabbits to encourage a renewed atmosphere for guests and yourself.
Apothecary Quilt Collection, Blooming Gardens Long Hooked Wool Pillow, Fern Grommet Window Panel White
Blooming Gardens Hooked Wool Chair Pad Fun With Flowers

Blooming flowers are a sure sign of spring renewal, especially those cherished brightly colored blooms that create instant cheerful atmosphere on display. Blooming Gardens Hooked Wool Chair Pad and matching Blooming Gardens Hooked Wool Pillow offer bright flowers and vines creating an appealing array of color and spunk for use in a guest bedroom to bring a bit of spring fun inside or in a dining room to coordinate with other Easter flowers on display on a table or breakfast hutch. Above, Fern Grommet Window Panel in white will add a breezy appearance, encouraging guests to feel refreshed.

Pretty Place Settings

Bring life into your table setting with refreshing prints to keep your guests feeling celebratory for spring the entire day. Spring Floral Round Placemat or Summer Floral Round Placemat offer light, cheerful options for continuing the brightly blooming flower theme into your dining room or for adding placemats under potted plants or lamps in your family room. Blossom Table Topper is one quick way to create an elegant table setting without much effort. Your guests will love the stunning results and you will be thankful for the easy setup! Versatile enough for year round use, these table linen options will provide years of use for casual or elegant entertaining.

Spring Floral Round Placemat
Summer Floral Round Placemat Blossom Table Topper

White Rabbit With Glass Vase Multiplying Rabbits

Rabbits are a sure sign of Easter and a reminder that the spring season is upon us when they begin multiplying in the fields. Create whimsical display as a table centerpiece or welcoming diorama in a guest bedroom with White Rabbit With Glass Vase. Holding a tiny basket in his paws, this rabbit will also display flowers in attached glass vase. Girl With Rabbit Lamp offers vintage inspired atmosphere in a child’s bedroom or living room. Rabbit Plant Holder Set will showcase your favorite permanent flowers or living plants with liners.

Girl With Rabbit Lamp Rabbit Plant Holder Set

Beverages on Display

Make beverage dispensing and serving a breeze with large glass decanters that will offer style and function on display on your back deck, kitchen counter or dining room table. Large Nantucket Glass Beverage Dispenser features embossed letters on the front, akin to what you may find on similar pieces at an antique store. Glass Beverage Decanter offers simplicity at its best, with a swing-top lid and handle. Beverage Dispenser With Chalkboard Label and Stand offers it all: easy to read chalkboard where you can distinguish your drinks and a convenient stand for keeping things elevated on a counter.

Large Nantucket Glass Beverage Dispenser
Beverage Dispenser With Chalkboard Label and Stand Glass Beverage Decanter

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