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Games on the Go!

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

For years and years there have been road games like “Animal, Vegetable, Mineral” or “Count the Cows” – old time classics. That is until recently the movement to electronic devices has made the car trip a bit isolating. This year, bridge the gap between the front and rear seats with fun and engaging games built to travel. Road trips may stir groans but these games are here to make the trip short and full of fun. These are sure to help fill the car with laughter and smiles for hours no matter how long or short your trip happens to be.

Find It GameWe at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop know what it’s like to travel long distances and short drives too. You can make any trip fly by with the Find It Game. It’s an easy pick up game – jump into finding one of the 47 pieces that is hidden in the recycled pellets. Pass it and watch them shake, rattle, and spin the container. Out find and seek the tiny feather or clothes line clip. Get the giggle on the way to grandma’s with this great travel game.

Camp Travel GameSpeaking of trips – the Camp Travel Game is perfect for those long treks. Think you know the outdoors? Show off your wit of all things Camping. The board is designed to be used across seats in the car. It packs into it self so it can be tucked under a chair or in the back ready to play another round at any time. The Camp Travel Game has also been chosen by Dr. Toy as one of the Best Vacation Products. Decode, spin, and set yourself up for victory at your next stop – it’s perfect for park benches. Bring along this great travel game next time, and you are sure to forget about the long road ahead.

Pachisi board gameHave a small space, or want a small game to play while waiting for the plane? This authentic version of Pachisi is perfect. The game is played on a handmade batik cloth – bright with color and easy to pack up. Play with up to four others and roll the throwing sticks to make your move. Plane is boarding early? Simply roll up the ‘board’ and pack it away in seconds. This game is made to go where you go, and is great for ages 8 and up.

Baseball Vintage Tin GameLooking for something really mobile? Take a Baseball Vintage Tin with you. Roll the dice and play ball, play a full game of baseball right in your lap or table in front of you. The game comes as a collectible tin making the game fun for kids to keep and for adults to pack in their suitcase. Keep track of score, play a few innings here and a few there. This USA made vintage game is perfect for any way you are going.

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Batteries not Needed – alternative entertainment for kids

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Checkers GameYou may have seen in the news lately that lithium batteries are becoming an increasing safety hazard to kids. According to the Los Angeles Times, swallowing a battery can cause: “vocal cord paralysis, esophageal narrowing, and destruction or perforation of the trachea or gastric wall, causing bleeding that can be—and has been—fatal to some children.” In today’s world, it’s hard to find toys that capture a child’s attention like the bleeping, flashing, moving do-dads you see in the toy store. Here are some ideas that require a little imagination and provide hours of fun.

Puppets! Puppets are great for bringing out the inner comedian in your child. Listen to the fun voices they use for the puppets and watch them talk to themselves. Children relate to puppets from their earliest years because they are used to making inanimate characters come to life. They try on personalities and take them off again. The puppet can be whatever the puppeteer and the child make it. It can be the child’s friend without demanding something in return. It can say what the child thinks and feel what the child feels. Ask your kids to put on a puppet show for you and see what they come up with!

Checkers and tic-tac-toe. These simple games go fast, but they require strategy and critical thinking skills. They can also teach kids to take turns and share. Many sets now come with large boards made out of rug so you can play on the floor. The pieces are larger too and less of a choking hazard.

Doghouse GameHave a large number of children to entertain? How about a round of bingo? Of course, bingo is the perfect game for groups of all sizes. Great for teaching numbers and letters, you can also use bingo to have kids make geometric shapes (square, railroad tracks). Some experiments say that bingo players were more accurate and faster in tests that measured memory, mental speed and their ability to absorb information from the environment around them, than those who did not play the game. One of the other benefits of bingo for kids is the concept of time. Hand-eye coordination needed for bingo may not be as challenging as for other games, but the time constraint in which players must check their numbers is key to the sustenance of mental agility. Whenever someone makes a bingo, have everyone sing the bingo song!

There are a number of card games that you can teach kids. A popular one uses more than one deck. The cards are divided equally among the players, then the players try to diminish their hand by laying down cards in the order they appear in the deck, face down. The object is for the player to discard all the cards from their hand. This is done by placing one or more cards, ostensibly of a stated value, on the discard pile. Others are allowed to challenge the veracity of the player’s claim about the cards being played. The game has many nicknames, but you can use ‘Kiwi’ or ‘No Way’ or ‘Bluffing’ for the kids.

So try a new activity for your child that doesn’t involve bells, beeping, or batteries! Sometimes an imagination is a child’s best play accessory.

State Fair Bingo GameTic Tac Toe Game

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Family Activities to Combat the Winter Blues

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Wahoo GameWhen snowed in over the winter months, or even rained in during the summer, cooped-up kids and parents are often at a loss for things to do. For the adults, there’s always the internal nagging of all those projects and things that you should be doing, yet can’t. For the kids, there’s all those things that you’ve already done so many times you can’t stand them anymore, or the things you would like to be doing and, like your parents, can’t.

On these sorts of days, take an opportunity to get in touch with Americans of old and enjoy some indoor games as a family.

  • Wahoo originated in the Appalachian hills and has been a popular game for decades.
  • Inspired by the board game from Britain, Solitaire (the board game not the card game) is challenging for all ages.
  • Checkers
  • Dominoes was a popular game in the 1800’s in Old Sturbridge Village near Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Dating from the early 17th century, cribbage has been popular for hundreds of years, played with wooden pegs and cards.
  • Backgammon

Solitaire GameDominos Game

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