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Made in the USA: Spring Prints

Monday, March 10th, 2014
Enhance any wall space with vibrant colors that harken to warm days under welcoming sunshine amongst bright blooms in a garden or park. What’s more, all of the prints featured here are proudly made in the USA.
Sweet Garden Print and Sturbridge Lantern Lamp
Old Roses Print Flowers Abound

Blooming flowers are a sure sign of warm weather. Spring brings with it bulbs and bright favorites like tulips and daffodils while summer shows us rapidly growing plants eager to spread their blooms across the yard. Old Roses Print shows us a cherished rose garden outside of a charming cottage. Imagine sitting here and enjoying a cup of tea with friends and family on warm sunny days, looking forward to bright blooms and sweet scents from season to season. Vermont artist Fred Swan uses his stunning ability to capture natural spaces to welcome us to this respite place.

Bold Barns

Large, usually red, barns are a favorite amongst country landscape painters as they offer a grounded location within the painting on which the rest of the scene is balanced. Here on Spring Red Barn Print artist Dan Campanelli shows us how tranquil bright days can be. Sheep graze amongst the shadows under the blooming tree while a bright blue sky welcomes us all to another day. Blue, red and green combine together with neutral tones to create a stunning statement on any wall of your home.

Spring Red Barn Print

Harbingers of Spring Wall Plaque Signs of Spring

Artist Billy Jacobs paints rural country scenes, especially in Eastern states where season variations and changes are watched by all including feathered friends. In Harbingers of Spring Wall Plaque, Blooming trees peek into the picture as red winged blackbirds and a robin perch amongst a barbed wire fence, searching for tasty treats amongst the grass and wildflowers. In the background we see a large red barn with an old silo, perhaps abandoned after all these years.

Gorgeous Gardens

Whether or not you are a gardener yourself, you can most likely appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into maintaining flower beds, vegetable plots and herb plants. Chuck Pinson shows us his interpretation of a Sweet Garden, full of whimsical sights like horses, bunnies and birds all enjoying the smells and sights of this perfectly maintained space. Imagine that this is your very own special retreat into a land of vibrant color and peaceful landscapes, waiting for you until the next time you choose to enjoy all that it has to offer.

Sweet Garden Print

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~* Retro Christmas Decorating Ideas, all with Free Shipping *~

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Over the last couple of weeks we have shared numerous Christmas and holiday decorating themes, amongst our assortment of holiday products. Today, we offer a few items with a nod to yesteryear. Take a step back in time and remember Christmases as a child, appreciate when the holiday season was less stressful, and recall what this special time of year is really all about. Decorating with a bit of retro theme is easy to do with Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

To begin, pictured here to the left is our Holiday Visit Print by Vermont artist Fred Swan. For the fan of Fred Swan, this one is a holiday classic. It’s Christmas Eve circa 1955 and all is aglow in preparation for the big day soon to come. Fred beautifully captures this winter’s night in amazing color, as falling snow blankets the homestead and the family’s yellow lab waits to come inside. One glance at this piece of holiday artwork and it’s like you’re looking at an old family photograph. Smoke billows from the chimney as tonight’s dinner is prepared, and we can see the Christmas tree through the front picture window. A red pick-up truck has been parked in the driveway, and due to its noticeable make and model, it further implies the time period. Our Holiday Visit Print is a giclee print, double matted and set in a black wood-look frame, under glass for just $119.95 with FREE SHIPPING.

Next up is a customer favorite from last season, our unique TV Music Box. Shown here to the left, we find a magical scene inside the glass of the television screen. It’s a fun way to feel like a kid again, reminiscing when TVs looked like this and not a digital flat screen. The snow covered village is complete with ice skaters, carolers, houses with glowing light, and even a revolving train. The dial switch on the base controls the power, light, and volume. Enjoy listening to well known instrumental versions of eight Christmas carols. The faux wood, paneled TV box is adorned with replica buttons and the words “Merry Christmas.”

Be sure to click on the actual product page to receive a close-up look at the miniature land inside. Here, you will also find a demonstration video of the TV Music Box to witness all the action and sound. Available now for $99.95 with FREE SHIPPING, this nostalgic holiday decorative makes a thoughtful gift idea as well.

~ Browse more Christmas Decor & Gift Ideas with Free Shipping at SYW today.

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Welcome October with Vermont Artist Fred Swan

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Well it’s October, and it sure looks like it here in Maine. The fall foliage is nearing its peak, with rich vibrant colors spreading across the trees. The nights have turned much cooler, only to return to a warm sunny day. Early morning and evening skies serve as beautiful backdrops to the change in seasons; there really is no better place to be in autumn, than in New England.

Artist Fred Swan captures all the essence of the harvest season as described above, with fine attention to detail in our October Light Framed Print. Pictured here to the left, October Light shares a still moment on a farmstead just before dusk. Hues of pink and purple contrast with the orange and red leaves, and freshly mowed green grass. A large tree casts a shadow in the foreground, framing the image. Fred Swan’s ability to create paintings with both accurate color and the realism of a photograph, are talents we have come to appreciate from the Vermont artist. This framed print is double matted in a brown, wood-look frame, and is set under glass. Proudly made here in the USA, October Light is on sale now for $20 off during our Harvest Sale going on now.

Customers will love how a piece of wall art like this can become the focal point of any wall, in any room of the home. Perfect to display throughout the entire season, we suggest this print for a gift idea as well. Perhaps you know a Fred Swan collector? Or maybe your friend or family member has an interest in American made artwork? The gift of a Fred Swan print from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop is one to be treasured for years to come.

~Browse more prints from this artist HERE.

About the Artist

Working exclusively in acrylic paints, Fred Swan’s meticulous attention to detail is supported by a very patient hand. Some of his original paintings can take an average of 500 hours to produce. The length of time to create these works of art forces him to consistently limit the number made of each publication; this is to ensure he has time to work on new paintings. Mr. Swan exposes rural country life so well because he truly has a passion for it.

The Vermont artist has been featured in a variety of publications, such as Yankee Magazine and Vermont Life Magazine. Fred Swan has become known as an accomplished landscape artist and an artist who has as many say, an “immediately recognizable style.” He draws inspiration from the rustic beauty that surrounds him on a daily basis. Currently, his work is displayed in numerous private and corporate collections, like Johnson and Johnson, the estate of Malcolm Forbes and the Vermont Council of the Arts. Many of his paintings have also been adapted for calendars and jig-saw puzzles.

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