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Home Accents to Prepare for Summer

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Shake out stored away linens, wash your curtains and dust the surfaces of your home; summer is coming! We are a day away from summer here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, and as we transition into this new season we have some tips for keeping your decor fresh before completely launching into primarily patriotic decorating (if you don’t already fill your house with Americana home accents).

Plants Throughout the Home

Everlasting Drip Pillar Candles

Rearrange Plants and Flowers

Simply moving around your potted plants and fresh or faux flower arrangements can breathe new life into a room. Throughout your home, display plants at different heights and positions (on the floor, just off the floor, in the center of a table, behind and on top of furniture) to add depth and eye-catching detail to furniture and the rest of your home accents. You don’t have to make any new purchases or make any choices between which decor to keep; the ideal redecorating situation!


Start looking for new or favorite summer scents, and start switching out the burning candles in your home. Colorful waxes, varying sizes and decorative accessories make for a lovely presentation in any room, and are subtle enough for the in-between seasons. Of course, if you opt for flameless candles, these can be rearranged along with your plants, and adorned in string lights, decorative garlands and mini wreaths, and other small home accents.

Photo collage

Katie Rosenfeld Interiors

Change up the Walls

Gallery walls are perfect for adding style to a blank wall or hallway, and if you don’t already have one, try it out! If you are a gallery wall connoisseur, switch out the image inside the frames for a seasonal update or a new look. This will do wonders for the design of any room and your home before and throughout the summer.

Try Something New

In between seasons, especially spring and summer, is a great time for trying out that eccentric lamp you’ve been eyeing or diving in and displaying an out-of-your-comfort-zone printed pillow on the sofa. Mix up colors, textures and patterns for a couple of weeks and you’ll either A. realize you’ve been needing it your whole life! or B. discover that you really don’t like polka dots (and these “don’t like” decor pieces can be given to a friend who does admire them or donated).

What do you do to freshen up your decor and home before breaking out specific seasonal items? Share your tips in the comments below and look for information on our 2016 Summer catalog this weekend!

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No Frills Flower Arrangements

Thursday, March 10th, 2016


It’s true – spring hasn’t officially started. But if you’re like us, you’re definitely thinking about it (perhaps even all year long). Although flowers are some of the simplest decorating tools available to us – regardless of how exorbitantly you arrange them –  no matter what time of year it is, there are few pleasure in life like a fresh bouquet of blooming flowers to get our minds off the colder days and looking ahead to warmer ones.



Smaller arrangements of flowers can be used around the house to make your Easter bouquets or centerpieces really blossom among your decor, and to keep your home looking fresh while you hurry to start and complete your spring cleaning. Here are some of our favorite no frills flower arrangements that take no time and little space.

  • A colorful or ornate vase can make three simple, fresh-picked flowers an arrangement to admire.
  • Sometimes you just need to throw a few different flowers together, complementing them with a little greenery, to enrich any room with the youthful wildflower look.
  • Lining up three to five glass vases and filling them with similar or the same flowers adds a sense of formality while still emitting a cheerfully casual look in a kitchen, family room or dining room.
  • A shabby chic room will more than likely have plenty of ornamentation; throw heavy or full blossoms in one of those antiqued vases and voila!
  • Take the arrangements outside on a patio or to a table in the garden by placing them in a tin or brightly colored watering can. Your outdoor furniture needs ornamentation too; and what’s a better outdoor vase than a watering can?


Share your shabby chic, antique, colorful, monotone, ornate, whimsical, formal, and every other type of flower arrangement with us, and let us know if you prefer simple arrangements or over-the-top bouquets!

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Valentine Worthy Decor

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Valentine's Day DecorWhile Valentine’s Day doesn’t involve a season-long decorative period, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, that doesn’t mean you should forego decorating or display clashing accents using the excuse of “it’s just for one day.” If you already have a timeless, chic look in the rooms of your home, it will not be hard to pull off a Valentine’s Day look that perfectly complements your favorite furniture and decor. Here are some of our favorite ways to decorate for this lovely holiday.

Especially for a short-lived celebration, one area of your home can be utilized as a sort of shrine to whatever holiday is coming up. Using an end table, an entryway table or other small table space as a surface on which to display seasonal collectibles is the perfect way to show your spirit. Coordinate a wall accent and floor runner, large vase or decorative basket to add a little more color for Valentine’s Day; and who knows, you may like the look so much you’ll want to keep those items displayed all year long!

Flowers may be one of the first things that pop into your head when you’re thinking about decorating for this beloved day, behind hearts of course! Choose flowers in hues of pink, red and white to coordinate with other decor and create a loving, blooming look throughout your home. Mix and match flower species and use elegantly designed vases to create that traditional loving feeling.

Berry Hydrangea Wreath

What’s next?
Wreaths of course!
We love already made varieties, with lush greenery accented by red, pink and white faux blooms, for doors, mantels and other bare wall space in any room.
Add decorative ribbon or more of your own flowers to make any wreath more personal and beautiful for Valentine’s Day. DIY wreaths are always envious, so if you go that route keep in mind that using simple, natural looking materials can take a wreath from looking like an amateur art project to a delightfully successful do-it-yourself that you can ideally use year after year. DIY heart wreaths also make great gifts, especially for Valentine’s Day.

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