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Decorating with: Blooms in Every Room

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014
Decorate every corner of your home with vibrant flowers that will stay in bloom all year long. Permanent forever flower arrangements and displays are a wonderful option for adding natural beauty to spaces without the need for watering. We have gathered a favorite florals available now at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.
Lavender Garland
Powerful Purple

Purple, lavender, lilac and violet. Purple is a wonderful color option for girl’s bedrooms, living rooms or bathrooms. It combines the stability of blue with the energy of red for a wise, dignified room. Purple is also commonly used to signify ambition and creativity, offering a magical look to a child’s bedroom. When combined with soft shades, purple can be soothing while offering a serious atmosphere when used with dark tones. Clean and fresh, purple flowers bring all of these sensations into your house. Lavender Wreath and Lavender Garland each feature a wide range of appealing purple hues ready for display, offering stunning visuals in any season.

Lavender Wreath

White Hydrangea Wreath Sweet Pink

Pink is a softer, lighter color option when looking for a feminine touch in a bedroom or family room. Full of versatile possibilities depending on which hue you choose, pink can vary from soft rose to rich salmon and bright magenta. Those seeking romantic atmosphere should stick with softer tones while anyone looking for a splash of fun in their room can reach towards brighter pinks to enhance the playful mood. White Hydrangea, Petunia Hydrangea and Pink Hydrangea Wreaths all offer varying shades of pink hues to suit your taste.

Petunia Hydrangea Wreath Pink Hydrangea Wreath

Bold & Bright Red

It is well-known that the color red is as powerful as they come. Offering romance, warmth and rich tones for decorating country homes, this color is one that is versatile in the world of flower displays and wreaths. Choose burgundy and rust reds for rich tonal quality, and brighter colors from red berries or apples for a splash of vibrancy. Red and green are complementary colors and truly shine together on Berry Hydrangea Wreath and Pine & Berries Mini Wreath. Merlot Willow Wreath shows sophistication on a wall. If red seems too rich for your tastes, try using softer variations toned down with cream and off-white furnishings.

Berry Hydrangea Wreath
Pine & Berries Mini Wreath Merlot Willow Wreath

Potted Cherry Blossom Display Clean & Crisp White

Cleanse a room’s palette with refreshing white flowers, perfect for adding to any decorating style. Pair with softer shades for a calming retreat in your bedroom or bathroom. Offer stark contrast when using white flowers in a powerfully colored room, such as a den with rich, dark drapes or wood paneling. White flowers can also signify the first buds of spring – making these displays versatile enough for year round use or for saving for special seasons. Cherry Blossom Potted Display sits pretty on a shelf or table, while White Floral Dogwood Bunch or Baby’s Breath Floral Bunch will accent any vase or urn.

White Dogwood Floral Bunch Baby's Breath Floral Bunch

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Artist Profile: Aja Trier & Stories From A Field

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

Stories of Wildflowers

Today we introduce to you a new artist for Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, Aja Trier. Recently added to our web only assortment (meaning you won’t find within the pages of our catalog), are two stretched canvas style prints by this emerging young artist. Pictured here to the left is our Stories From A Field Act 61 print. “Stories from a Field, Act 61,” is part of a series by Aja Trier, dedicated to bright floral and sometimes extremely close up, outdoor flower art. While we can’t speculate as to why these daisies and wild flowers are represented as ‘Act 61,’ we can note the amazing field of flowers that does seem waiting to share a story with the viewer.

Arranged among tall green grasses, the bright red, orange, yellow, pink and purple flowers contrast with gorgeous shades of green. While simplistic in nature at first glance, the experienced eye will note the level of detail achieved. The other stretched canvas print available, is another print within Aja’s Trier’s Stories Form A Field series.

Stories of Tulips

The Stories From A Field Act 22 shown here to the left, is another amazing piece of flower art for your walls. Here the ’story’ shared is that of the amazing world of red tulips. Stretching out above the shades of green grass, the bright red tulips contrast with the teal toned sky. Either of these three dimensional prints will add museum quality good looks to a blank wall space in your home. They are also proudly made here in the USA.

About the Artist

Aja Trier was exposed to the world of art at a very young age. Her mother was actually a toll painter, and young Aja would “paint” on wood scraps left over from various wood projects. Gaining momentum with her love for painting as she neared the end of high school, she went on to attend Montserrat College of Art in Massachusetts; on scholarship no less. Upon graduation Aja began her own business named Sagittarius Gallery. Today her work has been shown in various art galleries around the United States, and has even been featured in a successful web zine, titled Pedestal Magazine. Aja’s love for thick oil paint and working with a palette knife is very apparent in these two prints showcased here, as it allows her to identify with and draw influence from, such Abstract Expressionists as Mark Rothko and Willem de Kooning.

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