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Meet Our Family – Tommy K.

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Let’s Meet Tom, or Tommy as most of us at Sturbridge call him. He recently completed 30 years of employment, wow!

Could you explain your role at SYW? I am a receiver, which means I am in charge of receiving product as it comes into our warehouse.

What are you doing on a daily basis at Sturbridge? Receiving is a big part of what we do at Sturbridge. When the first shipment arrives in the morning, I open the boxes and check items for accurateness; if it is the right color, size etc. Next, each item has an item number, specific information about where it is located and the date it was received. It is my job to place a label on the product so that both us at Sturbridge and the customer can clearly see what it is. After the labeling is finished, I help to stock primary items. Primary means that it is most likely being shipped out either that day or the next. The “bulk” or extra product, will be organized in our warehouse under a secondary location. Then after receiving an order form, I assist my co-workers in preparing the orders for shipment. This involves a lot of attention to detail. As the day goes on, more shipments arrive and we continue to receive, check and store.

How is the work dynamic in the warehouse? It’s a team. The people I work with are all friends and it makes it an enjoyable work environment.

What is the most important factor when preparing a product to ship to a customer? That it’s correct! It is extremely important to double and triple check  the size, color and that the exact amount of items are going into the right box.

Do you have Sturbridge Yankee Workshop items in your home? Of course I have collected many over the years, mostly the different cabinets. Probably the one I like best in my home is the Mission Media Storage Cabinet for my DVD’s.

After working here for 30 years, what is it that motivates you? That’s simple. The people! I truly enjoy coming into work, not only because I enjoy what I do, but everyone here is a real team player and fun to work with. In addition to that, I love living in Maine. I have lived here my entire life and in regards to the change of seasons, like they say “if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute!”

What did you do before your time with SYW? I worked in the grocery store business for about 13 years and I also was an Industrial Arts Teacher at both Sanford and Gorham High School.

Oh interesting! So you must have some other skills up your sleeve? Yes, for a long time I did a lot of woodworking; constructing various things.  I even built my own garage about 20 years back!

So when your not here at work, what are you doing in your spare time? I used to spend much of my time fishing, but these days it’s mostly gardening and doing things around the house. In the garden this year, I had some great grapes; red and green seedless! My 7 year old German Shepherd, Abby, keeps me pretty busy too. Oh, and I also am a member of Knights of Columbus. I do a lot of volunteer work with them.

What type of volunteering do you do?  Sometimes it’s collecting items for the soup kitchen or other times we are raising money for various charities or the church itself. Last year, when many people in Maine were having a difficult time with the increase in oil prices, I was able to help raise money for a donation to that cause too.

You must have seen some changes over the years here in the company? Oh of course, there have been many. Most significantly though is probably the size. Before there were no walls separating different areas of the building and it was a bit more compact. The computer no question, has also been a huge help. When I started we didn’t have them obviously and had to do everything by hand! It has made working in the warehouse more efficient and more organized. It makes my job easier and allows customers to get their orders quicker.

One word to describe how you feel when you think of Sturbridge? Glad :)

We couldn’t do it with out you Tommy, thanks for the interview!

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Meet our Family- Andrea

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Meet Andrea, our Art Director here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop! Andrea recently completed 20 years of employment, thank you Andrea for all your hard work!

When did you start?
August 1991

What are you doing on a daily basis at Sturbridge? I work on the design and production of the catalog. It starts with creating preliminary draft pages in Adobe InDesign and then preparing for the photo shoots. My goal is to make sure the products we sell will look beautiful, be true to our brand and are shown clearly to our customers. It’s a lot of back and forth between other employees (buyers, managers, customer service reps, photographer, copywriter etc.) before sending the completed catalog off to press. I also am involved with creating print advertisements, some clearance flyers, the SYW Christmas card and other smaller design projects.

What do you most enjoy about working at SYW? The different aspects of the job. When I’m not in my office working on the catalog, some days I’m in the photography studio or on location. Other days I might work with Linda, our Catalog Buyer, and brainstorm the best ways to present our products in the catalog.

Do you have Sturbridge Yankee Workshop items in your home?
Yes, a few. But my favorite is probably the Apothecary Quilt in white!

What do you like about living here in Maine?
The change of the seasons, I love when there’s snow on the ground.

In your opinion, what makes a home a ‘home’ ? I live in an old house built in 1883, that always has things to work on. I love working on the house and enjoy living with the end result. Also my 11 year old daughter and pets keep me busy: Sally, my dog (who actually can be seen above on our Family Rug!) and a cat named Freddy.

We couldn’t do it with out you Andrea, thanks for the interview!

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