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The Real Simple Way to Dye Easter Eggs

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

Dyeing Easter eggs is a great activity for adults and kids alike. Have an Easter egg dyeing party beforehand and incorporate the eggs into your spring decor, or offer it as an activity during Easter weekend as your family and friends gather around.

Easter Egg Race SculptureThere are a variety of Easter egg dye kits available, as well as fun food coloring options, but you can also use natural ingredients to make your own dyes. We like Real Simple’s ingredient list and related video, which offers instructions for making a handful of fun colors to decorate your eggs with.

For blue, you guessed it, blueberries come into play. Turmeric makes yellow, and a paprika mixture gives eggs an orange hue. Raspberries are perfect for pink, and coffee grounds can give a white egg a traditional brown exterior. Find the complete ingredient lists HERE, and let us know if you try any of them out this year!

Real Simple All Natural Easter Egg Dye

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Must-Have Rabbits and Bunnies

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

Brown Bunny DoorstopWhite Rabbit Wonderland CollectibleSpring is the perfect time for decorating with rabbit and bunny home accents, so we are celebrating with five of our newest rabbit and bunny spring decor here on the blog.
Take a look below.

First up is a charming addition to our selection of Lori Mitchell collectibles. This White Rabbit may look a little familiar; he is inspired by the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. Display among other literary treasures or complete the whimsical look with Alice herself this spring and throughout the year.

We are also introducing a new design by artist Leslie Anderson. Her made in the USA Cat and Kitten Doorstops are so cute and functional, she’s added a Brown Bunny to the collection.

Vintage Rabbit Metal Wall Art

Standing Brown Bunny Sculpture

Rabbit Riding Snail Sculpture

Another made in the USA spring rabbit is one that will hang on a wall among rustic wall art or above an entryway table. Crafted from metal with a textured, rusty finish, this vintage inspired rabbit makes a great addition to your spring decor and also makes a charming statement all year long.

The last, but certainly not least, two rabbit home accents are also perfect for Easter decorating. The rabbit atop a charming snail is dressed in pastels; a tailcoat and bow tie offer an additional fun and somewhat formal look.

Our Standing Brown Bunny Sculpture is not as colorful, but will make a regal statement in a centerpiece or on a shelf, or even in your country kitchen where it could hold herbs and small plants in the basket planter.

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No Frills Flower Arrangements

Thursday, March 10th, 2016


It’s true – spring hasn’t officially started. But if you’re like us, you’re definitely thinking about it (perhaps even all year long). Although flowers are some of the simplest decorating tools available to us – regardless of how exorbitantly you arrange them –  no matter what time of year it is, there are few pleasure in life like a fresh bouquet of blooming flowers to get our minds off the colder days and looking ahead to warmer ones.



Smaller arrangements of flowers can be used around the house to make your Easter bouquets or centerpieces really blossom among your decor, and to keep your home looking fresh while you hurry to start and complete your spring cleaning. Here are some of our favorite no frills flower arrangements that take no time and little space.

  • A colorful or ornate vase can make three simple, fresh-picked flowers an arrangement to admire.
  • Sometimes you just need to throw a few different flowers together, complementing them with a little greenery, to enrich any room with the youthful wildflower look.
  • Lining up three to five glass vases and filling them with similar or the same flowers adds a sense of formality while still emitting a cheerfully casual look in a kitchen, family room or dining room.
  • A shabby chic room will more than likely have plenty of ornamentation; throw heavy or full blossoms in one of those antiqued vases and voila!
  • Take the arrangements outside on a patio or to a table in the garden by placing them in a tin or brightly colored watering can. Your outdoor furniture needs ornamentation too; and what’s a better outdoor vase than a watering can?


Share your shabby chic, antique, colorful, monotone, ornate, whimsical, formal, and every other type of flower arrangement with us, and let us know if you prefer simple arrangements or over-the-top bouquets!

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