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Old World Lighting For Your Modern Home

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014
Old world lighting options, especially those evoking a Colonial or early Americana feel, are quite popular these days. Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we have many lighting options from small accents to large fixtures just right for your country home. Take a look at what we have gathered together today.
Antique Appeal

Enhance the mood of any room with an old world inspired lighting option that will work well with your style. Start small with a functional accent such as Coach Lantern, modeled after historic pieces from days gone by. With a top that swings open, this lantern will light your way and provide a conversation starter. Clock Lamp feels rather rustic while offering modern appeal with a clock inset in the lamp column. Scrolling features accent a wooden base on the Bookend Lamp, perfect for dual purpose lighting in any room, especially a home office or home library.

Coach Lantern
Bookend Lamp Clock Lamp

Bronze Wall Sconce Colonial Inspiration

Add a touch of Colonial charm to your home with a lighting fixture that exudes plenty of early American charm. Inspired by candle-lit entryways of the past, Bronze Wall Sconce features the words, live, laugh, love embossed around the perimeter of the wall sconce plaque holding a realistic candle with life-like drips. Enhance a dim hallway or illuminate your kitchen island area with an Edison era Ceiling Pendant or Wall Sconce (which can be used in two ways). Crafted with a bronzed finish and rubbed edges with hints of bright bronze. Use with an early American light bulb to enhance the effect.

Edison Ceiling Pendant Edison Wall Sconce

Sturbridge Classics, Updated

Many customers adore our classic Colonial inspired lantern lamps, and now they have been recreated to offer a more accurate replication of our original designs. Featuring an all metal base, and the newest color added to the collection, rustic gold. Rustic country colors offer antique appeal as the hinged door offers a touch of old world charm to these mood enhancing heirloom pieces. Use just one or start a collection and create a new look in your living room or bedroom.

Sturbridge Lantern Lamps Bronze
Sturbridge Lantern Lamps Brass Sturbridge Lantern Lamps

Long Nostalgic Bulb, 60W
Light the Way With Filament Bulbs

Just right for display with your vintage inspired lamps and lanterns, an early American Edison era light bulb will finish the look. Crafted to replicate historical early light bulb designs, complete with blown glass, these bulbs showcase the glow of the encased filaments as they offer warm mood lighting and an amber hue when lit. Available as shown in Long 60W, Standard 40W and 60W, and a Candelabra Bulb, 25W. These bulbs may look old fashioned, but they are just as convenient and long lasting as modern options.

Standard Nostalgic Bulb Candelabra Bulb, 25W

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Decorate with a Primitive Style – New Home Accents from SYW

Monday, January 14th, 2013

The Primitive decorating style is one that reminds us of the quiet, uncomplicated, simple living of yesteryear. Modeled after late 18th century and early 19th century early America, there are many unique traits to this theme that you can use in your home today. Decorating with Primitive Decor has never been easier than with Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

Primitive Home Accents

One of the most distinctive features of Primitive Decor is seen in the furniture used. Early American colonists would make sure that their furniture not only took up space, but that it had a functional purpose as well. Characteristics of Primitive style furniture include: distressing techniques within the paint application, rubbed or “worn” edges, exposed metal hardware, and fine attention to craftsmanship.

While we have a lot of primitive style furniture here at Sturbridge, often it’s the little things that really add a feeling of “home-spun” and “homemade” to your decor. Home decor with these attributes will lend very well to the primitive decorating theme. For example, new for winter, our Folk Art Display Balls are great accents to use in any room of the home. Crafted of paper mache, each ball has its own folk art motif. Available as a set of three large balls or four smaller balls, they are distinctively designed with the look of hand painting, in a muted color palette; also very typical of primitive decor. A distressed and crackled-like appearance, adds to their aged appeal.

Domestically Primitive

The quilting revolution gained hold on the American public after sewing machines were mass produced throughout the 1840’s and 50’s. The machine allowed fabric patterns to be created at a much faster pace, allowing those who quilted to show off their true talent.

Quilted textiles such as the tabletop accents found in our new Calico Patchwork Collection, work nicely with the primitive style because they resemble handmade patchwork. Shown here to the left is the Calico Patchwork Table Runner. Bordered with a variety of checks, stripes, a calico print, and other petite floral fabrics, all are displayed in a pleasing arrangement of black and beige. The table runner’s center showcases three beige sections of two black stars, and a black crow. The image of a black crow has long been a notable symbol of primitive decor as well. For more on Decorating with Crows at Sturbridge, click Here.

Update a casual dining area with this runner, or you might consider using it to dress up your mantle space. A Calico Patchwork Table Mat and Calico Patchwork Chair Pad are also available. Choose one or all of the ideas mentioned here, to highlight the warmth and nostalgia that decorating with early American inspired pieces will surely bring to any living space in your home.

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