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New Dog Artwork by Artist Linda Daniels

Monday, May 6th, 2013

National Pet Week

May 5th through the 11th celebrates National Pet Week in the US. Aimed at promoting the positive relationship between humans and animals, advocating for responsible pet ownership and bringing awareness to the field of veterinary medicine. Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we recognize the bond you have with your cats, dogs and other animals, and are proud to offer a variety of home decor that helps you express your love for them in your home.

Relaxing in Dad’s Chair

In particular, the wall art at Sturbridge presents a nice opportunity to showcase your favorite pet for all to see, in any room of the home. A new example is our SYW Website Exclusive framed print, titled Dad’s Chair. Pictured here to the left is a laminate finished print by artist Linda Daniels; more on this artist below. A golden retriever relaxes in what is designated as “dad’s chair,” after a long day outside. Dad is out of the house now, but this loyal companion waits in his favorite spot for his return. The realism of the subject matter, is something all dog owners can relate to. Rich color is given to the fluffy pet, and crisp clean lines are achieved on the plaid fleece blanket and rusty red boots shown in the image. Set in a distressed, light walnut frame, the piece is made in the USA. This beautiful framed print would make an ideal gift for any dog loving home.

About the Artist: Linda Daniels

Linda Daniels is one of many self taught artists these days, who has been inspired by art from an early age. After leaving a career in advertising over 20 years ago, she began on a new adventure in northeastern Oklahoma that would change her life forever. Living with her husband, three dogs and two cats in a small rustic cabin, her appreciation for the natural world grew. Linda had long been intrigued by the lives and personalities of animals, and being exposed to nature and the outdoors furthered her understandings of wildlife.

Experimenting with a variety of art mediums over the years, including pastels and watercolors, Linda eventually found her comfort with oils. She has gained international acceptance for her work, been invited to numerous wildlife shows, and has even painted for the National Humane Society’s annual Christmas card the last two years.

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New Pet Themed Home Decor from SYW

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop we love our family pets just as much as you do, and we know how important they are towards making a home truly feel like “home.” Your dogs and cats might even play an intricate role in how you decorate various living spaces as well. So here are just some of our ideas for how to use pet themed items in a functional manner, that will also enhance your home decor. Today’s focus, none other than man’s best friend: Dogs.

Wipe Your Paws

Pictured here to the left is our new for winter, Wipe Your Paws Wall Shelf. Handcrafted of solid knotty pine, this wall shelf is a Sturbridge Yankee Workshop exclusive design. The shelf doubles as a rack with its three square head, rustic iron nails. Ideal for hanging leashes, keys, scarves, and more in the entryway, its pet themed nature is actually suitable for either cat or dog owning families. The words “Wipe Your Paws,” and tiny paw prints are painted in white on a black base. Rubbed edges add to its handmade appeal. You might also consider hanging the shelf in a garage or hallway, where extra storage space is always needed. Customers should expect natural variation in the wood grain and finish due to its handmade nature, which is proudly constructed here in the USA.

Dogs in All Shapes & Sizes

Highlighting the family dog within your home decor can be done so in a variety of ways here at Sturbridge. We have everything from the wall shelf shown above, to pillows, wall decor, and such decoratives as our new Metal Dog Sculpture shown here to the right. Home accents, especially in our dog category, offer a unique appeal to many different home decor styles. For example, this dog sculpture is hand chiseled and shaped from recycled steel drums; appealing to both the Eco-minded and artistically inclined households.

Distressed to resemble an antique decorative, the finish and detail will vary on the piece, due to its handcrafted nature. Display in the mudroom to have him greet your guests as they walk through the door, or decorate a mantle shelf and admire the dog as a piece of sculptural art. And we cant forget about our large selection of dog wall decor, as mentioned above. Our new Sunshine on a Cloudy Day Sign, shown below is a good place to start. Hang this made in the USA, white pine wall sign on any blank wall to let your dog know (and everyone else), how appreciated they are in the home.

~Browse more Pet Accessories at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop today.

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Show Off Your Pet Appreciation with Artist John Golden

Monday, March 19th, 2012

With this coming Friday marking National Puppy Day, we thought it might be fun to feature a line of our dog prints which will surely show off your dog’s true colors. These vibrant, abstract-like paintings by artist John Golden offer portraits of individual dogs, representing their specific dog breed very well. If you or someone you know recently brought a dog home, any of our prints pictured below would make a great gift. Or, perhaps you already have a loving family dog, in which case show your pet how much you appreciate him or her by displaying one of our Eco-friendly dog prints on a wall at your home.

Pictured here to the left is our Boxer Print. Displaying a very distinguished animal showing off his radiant colors and distinctive jaw bone. Boxers are known for their faithfulness and obedience towards their owners, yet are also extremely playful with trusted companions. The boxer’s coat contrast nicely with the bright blue background. As with all of John Golden’s prints at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, the name of the particular dog breed is written abstractly above the dog’s head.

At an early age, the artist John Golden began to express himself through art and was destined for a life full of artistic ventures that would cover a variety of mediums. At age 11 he amazingly produced work in linoleum block prints; which is a print making technique using a “carved” sheet of linoleum and then pressed on paper to create a mirror image of the cut out design. At age 14 he produced a series of ink and pen renderings of North Carolina lighthouses. Growing up in North Carolina, he was surrounded by beautiful landscapes, churches and other buildings that inspired him. Throughout high school he continued to develop his own artistic taste and talent.

John attended Appalachian State University and earned a degree in digital art; he did however take many courses in photography and gained an appreciation and passion for that as well. The years after college were filled with an experimentation of painting and illustration; working day and night at various design jobs. Later, his work came to encompass projects for the Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and the Animal Planet, just to name a few. During this time, along with other past experiences, he gained a skill set that included animation and motion design.

Seen here to the left is another fabulous dog print by the artist, our Dalmatian Print. Featuring a happy spotted puppy who also contrasts nicely with his bright red background. The print delightfully depicts this wonderful breed known as much by their elegance, as well as their endurance. All of John Golden’s dog prints at Sturbridge have an almost abstract appearance and display floating dog bones within the background. All are also exquisitely laminated and framed in a beautiful espresso box frame, made of 98% recycled materials in Vermont; making these framed prints an Eco-friendly choice. We are proud that these prints are produced by artisans, right here in the USA.

In 1999 John formed John W. Golden Desin, a multi-media design company with a concentration on design work and illustration for print, broadcast and web fields. In 2007 though, he began to focus solely on creating and selling his original art. Today his work covers a variety of themes, with a large portion of that work showcasing his breathtaking photography skills. Genres include: historic, rivers & coasts, nature, still life, urban and many more. His digital art includes unique themes such as: robots, rockets & space and gorgeous landscapes. To see more by this artist, browse our entire Framed Pet Prints category today.

~Thanks John Golden, all of us at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop wish you the best in your future artistic endeavors.

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