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Weekly Spotlight: Shop Our Summer Cover (2)

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

We can’t believe it, but we are already halfway through summer here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, although there are plenty of warm, sunny days ahead of us. Today we are spotlighting five home accents on our current front cover, all of which you can get for less than $60.

Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Summer 2017 CatalogDotted Sheer Curtains

This curtain collection has a timeless charm that you can see in almost every one of our catalogs. Its simple sheer design complements any room, while the Swiss pin-dot pattern creates an air of unique elegance. Available in Tiers, Panels and a Valance.

Potted Geraniums Pillow

An Americana design by artist Susan Winget decorates this accent pillow, great for the gardener or for decorating in patriotic style. Soft polyester fabric allows for easy-care and comfort on a chair, sofa, bed or bench.

Iron Birdbath

Welcome birds to your garden or a large potted plant in the yard with this beautiful bird bath. Crafted from cast iron, this outdoor home accent will withstand the elements and add a decorative touch to your exterior spaces.

Welcome to the Porch Doormat
& Rubber Mat Tray

These last two home furnishings are ideal for the porch or a covered deck. Our Welcome to the Porch Doormat adds depth and rich color to your front stoop, as well as farmhouse style and function.

The Rubber Mat Tray underneath preserves the doormat’s shape and prolongs its life, and features a scrolled border to enhance the decorative appeal of whatever doormat you choose to display. Did we mention that both this Doormat and the Tray are made in the USA?

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Decorating With Yellow

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014
We love the versatility and cheerful qualities of the color yellow. You can use it in combination with wood furnishings to bring rustic, whimsical charm or with muted tones for a beach inspired feel.
Forsythia Wreath Sunflower Night Light
Sunflower Hooked Chair Pad Bright and Cheerful

Bright, bold yellow accents can make any room feel happier and, therefore, it will make you feel happy as soon as you enter the space. Sunflowers are classic options for adding a splash of sunshine to your current style as they range from rustic goldenrod to bright golden yellow in color. Sunflower Hooked Chair Pad offers a bright option for accenting any chair. Pear Felted Wool Birdhouse and Ceramic Birdbath Bowl will add a vibrant accent to your yard or porch area.

Pear Felted Wool Birdhouse Ceramic Birdbath Bowl

Muted Tones for Rustic Charm

Goldenrod and mustard are two colors you are bound to find here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. On everything from furniture to curtain collections, muted yellow hues bring rustic sensations welcome in any country home. Happy Place Block is a quick and easy way to bring happiness to any wall. Calico Crow Textiles Collection coordinates an entire room in simple, easygoing primitive style. It is easy to see how Jelly Hutch Cabinet Set, in rich mustard finish, brings rural rustic charm to a dining room or kitchen.

Calico Crow Textiles Collection
Jelly Hutch Cabinet Set Mustard Happy Place Block Sign

Forsythia Lights Brighten Up

Just like the big round ball of light in our blue sky, you can easily add bright light to any room to evoke pleasant sensations. Forsythia Lights instantly enhance a pot, planter or large vase for mood lighting and a spring sensation all year long. Pair with dark wood furniture for a rich feel or with lighter pine furnishings for a relaxed space. Butterfly Night Light adds a sweet touch to a kid’s bedroom or dim hallway. Star Light Bulb offers a look at how we perceive glowing masses in our night sky to appear, perfect for accenting your favorite lamp.

Butterfly Night Light Star Light Bulb

Tips for Using Yellow

  • Combine lemon yellow with other bright colors like red, blue or green
  • Soft, understated yellow works well with soft cream
  • Rustic mustard and rich gold pair with wooden furnishings
  • Goldenrod brings simple, primitive charms
  • White, soft yellow and soft lavender create whimsical spaces
  • Muted tones of gray work wonderfully with yellow
  • Yellow can be a cool or warm color, depending on the amount of other hues it contains
  • Purple and yellow are complementary colors on the color wheel, offering contrast
Lemon Loaf Jar Candle
Berry & Blossom Wreath Star Berry Vine Wallpaper

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