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Wednesday Spotlight: Apple Decor

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015

Red Apple MasterWe’ve been featuring apples in our recipes this month, which has inspired us to Spotlight five of our favorite apple themed items from our web and online catalogs. From décor to foods, you can satisfy all of your apple needs with Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, and incorporate a little autumn charm in your home throughout the year.

The first essential apple item is our Apple Master – an apple corer and peeler extraordinaire! This handy kitchen tool makes preparing apples much easier and simpler so you can make your pies, squares, muffins and other goodies more quickly and in a more organized fashion. The red color makes a decorative statement in any kitchen, especially during peak apple season.Country Recipe Box

Dutch Apple Preserves

What will you do with all of those peeled apples? Browse through your recipes neatly stored in the Country Recipe Box and start baking! Featuring an appealing apple pie and country checks, this charming box keeps your favorite recipes in one place and gives your kitchen counters a cozy touch, especially when placed next to cook books and classic cooking accessories.

If you want to keep those apple treats at home but are looking for a similar gift for a family member or friend, we recommend our Dutch Apple Preserves. Made in New England with natural fruit and juices, these preserves are sure to please anyone with their subtle cinnamon flavor and refreshing apple base.

Hot Apple Pie Jar CandleAutumn Round Jute RugTo keep your home smelling warm and like apples after your pies and baked goods have cooled, keep our Hot Apple Pie Jar Candle in any room for wafting scents of crisp apples, vanilla and cinnamon throughout the season. The candle’s burnt orange color also lends a complementary look to autumn décor and centerpieces for a festive look in your home.

For added color in any room, our Autumn Round Jute Rug takes the simple charm of apples and adds to it festive burgundy, brown, orange and yellow tones, as well as unsuspecting teals that give this rug an added decorative punch. The apple wreath features not just this red fruit but pears, leaves, pine cones and berries that will give any room the fall flair it needs.

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Wednesday Spotlight: Vinyl Floorcloths

Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

As we [somewhat reluctantly] make the transition from summer to fall and then on to winter, we’re thinking about spooky décor for Halloween; warm, comforting colors for autumn; and snowmen, Santa and glittery accents for the snowy end of the year.  We’re also thinking about keeping your home stylish and neat for the arrival of guests and any parties you may be planning. One part of your home you may not be thinking too much about is your floors, and that is where our Vinyl Floorcloths come in.

These are some of the most durable, slip resistant and easy to clean floor coverings available, making them perfect for a kitchen, bathroom or other room in your home with hardwood or tiled floors. Don’t get caught up on “vinyl” – the flexibility and durability truly make these floorcloths worth covering your floors. The vintage designs are inspired by the look of linoleum that perhaps your grandparents or parents had in their homes. The distressed appearance gives any room a lived-in, country feel while complementing a variety of décor and other designs.

Offered in a variety of styles and colors, you’re sure to find a vintage vinyl floorcloth that enhances the fun atmosphere of your home during a party or family gathering while protecting your floors underneath from all of that foot traffic. Check out the following five designs, and check out more in our online catalog.

Vinyl Floorcloths

Designs shown here from left to right, top to bottom:
Floral Hexagon in TealFolk ArtPrimitive Clover in BlackSphere and DiamondFrench Gothic in Yellow

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Thursday’s Theme: Happy Fall

Thursday, September 24th, 2015

Fall 2015Happy autumn! We are excited for it to be here, because this is the season that seems to draw the most creativity and color when it comes to décor. Versatile fall decorations are key, because many autumn themes pertain to the outdoors and multiple holidays. Vegetables, leaves, country accents and inviting scents are just a few wonderful things to incorporate into your home this fall.

Front Porch

Your front porch, front steps or quaint patio space are excellent canvases for decorating during any season, but especially for fall. With the holidays near, chances are you will be celebrating with family, friends and frequent guests, so an inviting and warmly decorated entry is an excellent way to make them feel welcome.

During the fall season, Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations can be incorporated and switched out – another reason autumn decorating is so wonderful – to match your personal preferences and home’s exterior. The example to the right (Traditional Spaces) portrays this extremely well. The pumpkins, wreaths and garland are all fall staples; they will complement the season right up to its end. The crows, cobwebs and spooky candle lanterns are a little more specific to an elegant Halloween look, and can be traded out for turkey and pilgrim-inspired accents as well as more pumpkins and gourds when Thanksgiving closes in.

Black Hat Society Sign Blocks

Throughout Your Home

Subtlety is usually the best policy when decorating for a particular season or holiday, especially if your design preferences and stylistic decor in each room are specific to certain color palettes or themes. Designate a few smaller spaces in your home as areas where you can be seasonally creative, like a mantel, a hallway table or reading nook. Use smaller accents to portray holiday spirit, and seasonally colored garlands or decor to dress up existing decor or the designated space. This will support your desire for creating a lush, welcoming seasonal display while maintaining your love for the way your home is already decorated.

Large Autumn Berry Candle RingOwlet Gourd

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