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Thursday’s Theme: Home Command Centers

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

So you’ve designed your entryway and settled down in your reading nook – what else is there to organize? With the end of summer comes the beginning of school for many families, and organization is one of the keys to starting and maintaining a successful (and less stressful) school year. Home Command Centers are a big trend right now, and whether you have a large wall or minimal space, you too can take command of after school activities, appointments, assignments and everything your busy life throws at you by designating a center for all the chaos to be managed. Here are some essentials, and some of our favorite Command Centers.

Transitional Kitchen by Saratoga Springs Interior Designers & Decorators Jenna Burger Design
Traditional Kitchen by Carlsbad Interior Designers & Decorators Hamilton-Gray Design, Inc.
  • Whether you choose to employ drawers, folders, file holders, shelves, baskets, or all of the above, have fun with labeling and sorting out exactly what you want to store in each. Make up a couple homework folders for the kids and put those in an easier-to-reach location than where you store bills and other mail, and incorporate a clock or candle holder to amp up the style of the space.
Traditional Kitchen by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Angela Todd Designs, Portland, OR
Traditional Kitchen
  • Location, location, location! Your Command Center should be a hub of activity in your home, so choose a space that is frequented by all family members. The kitchen is perhaps the best place, but a mudroom or entryway are also good locations. It could be as simple as a white board or black board, calendar and magnets on the side of the fridge, or you could take the doors off of that hallway closet you hardly use and create an inset Command Center that is easily accessible and out of the way.

Traditional Home Office by Richmond Media & Bloggers Bright Bold and Beautiful
  • The Command Center can also serve as a small office space if you don’t already have one in your home. This can be an excuse to buy that antique table you’ve been eyeing or that chair that complements your home decor perfectly. Keep the space clear for a laptop or to do work on, or incorporate more organizational accents and tools so you and your family can have orderly and stress-free days.

As always, we love hearing your feedback. Will you try a Command Center this year? Show us how you stay organized, and share your tips on the tools you use to keep your home orderly (if only for a short amount of time).

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Stafford Chair & Best Furniture – Your Next Favorite Chair

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

Pieces of our furniture in the house evolve to become a part of the family; dad’s favorite chair, great-grandma’s lamp, parts of our rooms that create a home. This is where we think the Stafford Chair and Ottoman Set fit in. It is a grand and comfortable piece of furniture waiting to become part of your living space. This sturdily crafted chair is made right here in the USA at Best Home Furnishings.

Stafford Chair and Ottoman

There is just something about American made furniture. Between the knowledge that a craftsman – a neighbor – built it and that nearly all US made items are sturdier, well-built functions of our day-to-day life, it’s hard to ignore such fine pieces of furniture. The Stafford Chair just isn’t a chair, it’s a place to read, relax after a long day’s work, where the guest of honor sits when they come to visit, it is all of these things and more. If a part of your furnished life is getting this much attention it is necessary for it to be built from the best. There is a reason why Best Home Furnishings is named what it is. They use the best, starting with the frame of the chair they use durable hardwood with doweled corners that are blocked, glued, and screwed joints for an amazingly long lasting life. Cozy and resilient coil springs paired with their premium cushioning create a plush but firm resting spot and won’t wear fast like other furniture. The fabric is soft but is stitched heavy enough not to show wear, breakdown, or fade. The rich and full colors stay true; this level of detail mirrors the staining of the wooden legs. When picking up a Stafford Chair you are getting a piece of your life, thankfully Best Home Furnishings built it to do so.

Best Home Furnishings isn’t just committed to creating a quality product, but keeping things green. They have strong recycling and reuse policies that create the best for their products, the community, and the world at large. They use their scraps from fabric and cutting in pet bedding, the wood shavings are used in local agriculture, in addition to a far reaching and normal recycling regiment.

As you can see as we did, Best Home Furnishings create what we consider one of the best arm chairs and that is why we are happy to carry the Stafford Chair.

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Teak – A Wood Made For the Outdoors

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

In the damp soils of the deep hardwood forests of Indonesia, China, and Myanmar, tall rod-like trees peak their rounded leaves above the canopy; trunks look bundled together as if they are working together and seem bind themselves to reach the nutrient rich sunlight. These stalks of the forest are teak.

Teak is a hardwood like few others, with the silica it contains the wood can dull most sharp ends but luckily isn’t so dense as to make it impossible to work with. The greatest part about teak is it’s oils, they allow the furniture to be exposed to the elements with little to no help from staining or coats of varnish, it also makes the wood pest and termite resistant. It’s an amazingly hard and nature resistant wood – which makes it perfect for outdoor furniture.

We at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop know you don’t want to buy new patio furniture every single year. You want to buy good quality furniture and not have to worry about it getting worn or put new stain on every spring. That is why we’ve added a few fantastically made teak furniture pieces to our website. Don’t spend the first nice days of warm weather shellacking your patio furniture – recline back and enjoy the season with our Teak Steamer Chair. There comes a sheen, an almost gray color that comes over the teak when left untreated but doesn’t change it’s durability or strength. If you wish to keep the honey golden color of the wood a Teak Oil may be applied every 6-12 months and will eventually go to the silver gray if not repeatedly applied.

This teak isn’t pulled from the already squandered forests either but from sustainable plantations. It’s Grade A, so you can rock in peace in the Teak Double Rocking Chair knowing that it’s going to last. Speaking of lasting – this teak furniture is not only made with great hardwood, but is made with great care and craftsman ship. The joints are mortise and tenon creating strong bonds, so you’ll know you’ll have the furniture as long as you have a patio. And you can fill out your entire patio with our teak, from the 48″ Teak Dining Table and matching Teak Folding Chairs (set of 2) you can create an entire outdoor space that will last for many years to come. Have a smaller patio? We also carry a 36″ Square Teak Table. Place the 18″ Teak table next to your Teak Reclining Chair facing your favorite view and come back summer after summer in the same spot – this outdoor furniture will stay with you.

Never worry again about leaving your patio furniture out in the rain, teak has you covered and where else but Sturbridge Yankee Workshop will you find such exquisite furniture to match your style.

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