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Lighting Your Home With Pendants

Thursday, July 14th, 2016
New Sea Captain

Pendant Lighting Over a Bar

Pendant lighting is sleek, timeless and adds a whole new look to a room. From glass to metal, simple to ornate, you can find the right pendant for your home. Today, we’re offering our suggestions and ideas for incorporating this lighting option into the rooms of your home – share yours with us!

Eureka Street House

Above the Dining Room Table

Especially effective in a room with many windows (some pendants offer low lighting that is enhanced by natural light pouring in), placing this ceiling fixture above your dining room table not only adds extra light but simple style to your lavish centerpieces, table settings and company. A single pendant works well in a formal dining room as well as a casual dining room, making the rest of the space easy to style.

In the Kitchen

Pendant lights in the kitchen are quite popular; skip the dome light and focus your lighting over a bar, an island or the counters. This will add to the style of your kitchen while offering enough light to cook meals or gather with friends under. Use a single fixture or multiple and explore different materials, shapes and textures as well as colors.

Carson Poetzl, Inc.

Open Floor Plan

An increasingly popular way to design homes, pendant lighting can be ideal for creating cohesion in an open floor plan. Use clear glass shades on each pendant, or choose and stick with a color scheme (muted blue, cream, black) for adequate lighting that doesn’t clash or take away from your home furnishings, decoratives and the openness of the space.

In the Bathroom

Yes, trade in wall sconces, track lighting and vanity bulbs for a pendant or two! While all three can be decorative and serve you effectively, pendants are unexpected in the bathroom and can create that “wow” factor you are looking for. Suspend on either side of the mirror or in the center of the room for softly pleasant lighting. We do recommend also using an overhead light, especially in a windowless or small-windowed bathroom (you’ll need a little extra light for doing your makeup and hair).

TributaryIn Your Bedroom, Too

Suspended over bedside tables or an accent table, pendant lighting heightens the romantic look of your bedroom with soft light and major decorative appeal. Put them on a dimmer or use them as reading lights before you fall asleep, and create the illusion that your ceilings are taller than they are.


How have you decorated with pendant lights? You can find our selection of pendants and ceiling fixtures here, and be sure to share your favorites!

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2014 Annual Fall Lighting Sale

Friday, July 18th, 2014
With the start of the annual fall catalog comes the start of the Annual Lighting Sale here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. We have gathered some of our timeless favorites plus new additions that you are sure to love. Click on any of the images below to learn more.
Timeless Classics

Illuminate every corner of your home with simple styling and classic designs. Lamp collections offer an easy way to brighten an entire room without compromising on style. When you have a floor lamp that coordinates with a table lamp, you can easily use them both in a living room or den. Coordinating lamps such as our exclusive Sturbridge Lantern Lamps feature an all-metal design and rustic colors that all look great together. Candlestick and Swing Arm Lamp collections offer easy ways to add levels of lighting to a living room or home office.

Swing Arm Lamp Collection
Candlestick Lamp Collection Sturbridge Lantern Lamps

Electric Colonial Candlestick Trio Display Old World Becomes New

Modern homes rely on electricity to power lighting and appliances but that does not mean that your lighting needs to look modern. Inspire old world charm with themed lighting, often reproductions of historical designs and shapes used centuries ago. Electric Colonial Candlestick Trio Display features realistic drips running down the sides of three candles with flameless bulbs included. Petite Four Arm Colonial Chandelier looks especially nice with nostalgic bulbs that offer a warm glow. Funnel Candlestick Accent Lamp fits right in with your favorite leather bound books.

Petite Colonial Four Arm Chandelier Funnel Candlestick Accent Lamp

Reproductions Are All the Rage

Reproduction Library Accent Lamp is just that, a reproduction of an English brass desk lamp. Tucked under the metal shade is a realistic candle sleeve for adding your favorite nostalgic bulb. Fitting option for a reading nook, on a mantel or on your oak desk in the office. Use in combination with framed historical documents and antique books for a charming display. You could also showcase two lamps on either side of a bed on your petite nightstands for warm mood lighting for nighttime reading.

Reproduction Library Accent Lamp

Black Fort Hill Pendant New Industrial Chic

They say that style is cyclical and we agree. We especially like when a certain style is easy to use with modern or traditional home decor, like the charming yet rugged appearance of industrial lighting. Just imagine how any of these ceiling fixtures would look in your home, equally suited to modern stainless steel kitchens or lodge cabins in the backcountry. Fort Hill Pendant offers smooth, clean lines, Floral Petal Cage Ceiling Pendant is distressed for vintage appeal and Fluted Metal Pendant Light looks just like something you would have seen in an industrial factory. Hang in a hallway, kitchen island or dining room table.

Floral Petal Cage Ceiling Pendant Fluted Metal Pendant Light

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