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DIY Flower Arrangements – Part II

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

This week, we’re taking a closer look at some of the flower arrangements found inside of our Spring 2017 catalog.

Follow Silas down the page to learn a little bit more about the components of the arrangements, and learn some behind-the-scenes tips for when you create a floral look using blooms from our collection or those from a spring garden.

And if you missed Part I last week, you can find it here.

^ When putting our Calla Lily Stems (shown in the three available colors) into a vase, keep the raffia tied around the stems for a bunched look, or untie them and let the blooms expand.

> The same goes for our Tulip Faux Floral Bunches (shown in both available colors), which also come tied with raffia. The color variations of each bloom offer your arrangement even more color. You could also use ribbon or even scrap lace for enhanced decorative appeal.

< Longer stems need a little more support than most vases can provide. When this is the case, foam, sand, rocks and even marbles can be placed in the vase to keep it from tipping over as well as securing stems in place. Moss or faux grass can then be layered on top to cover the material inside – as seen in this arrangement of ten pink and red Parrot Tulip Stems.

^ Our Wire Scroll & Glass Vase is a customer favorite, and while it’s a beautiful vase for flowers on its own, we recommend varying its look by filling the glass vase with decorative items: a Cabbage Leaf Mat, decorative grass, sea glass, rocks, leaves and other nature-inspired items.

Wire Scroll & Glass Vase filled with Decorative Grass

No Filler

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DIY Flower Arrangements – Part I

Friday, February 17th, 2017

This spring on the blog, we are featuring the flower arrangements you see in our catalog, as well as some you can’t find in our catalog. Featuring favorite faux flowers and new web exclusive blooms in complementary vases, these floral displays can be quickly put together to provide a stylish look in your home for seasons to come. Read on for tips, including how to use other accents in your flower arrangements, and stay tuned all spring long for more ideas and techniques. You can also visit our website for some general tips using any flowers in home decorating. Happy spring!

Peony BouquetsTulips

Calla Lilies and Cabbage

Deciding which flowers to use depends on what type of look you are going for. Shown above are two Peony Bouquets and our Tulip Floral Bunches. Using flowers like peonies create a look of formal elegance because they are tightly bunched, and the pale pink is a nice complement to the natural green leaves. Placing them in a Ribbed Metal Garden Pot relieves them from looking too stuffy, while still making a beautiful arrangement for a centerpiece or table in an entryway.

Also in a Metal Garden Pot, the Tulip Stems have a more wildflower look than the peonies because they are single stems. They naturally drape over the container, making them seem larger and more expansive than they actually are. For this arrangement, we used two sets (they come as a set of 9); one pink and one red. Using sand or a foam pot insert allows you to control how they stand up in the vase or container.

Parrot Tulips and Grass

Another way to keep your bouquets in order is by using a decorative mat or wrap inside the vase, especially one that is glass or opaque. The Cabbage Leaf Mat is a great example of this technique, shown in our Wire Scroll & Glass Vase with purple Calla Lily Stems. The Mat is an exceptional green complement that allows the flowers and elegant scrolls of the vase to take all of our attention.

Tall grass can make a beautiful impression when creating a full arrangement; the natural greenery will complement just about any flower variety. Here we’ve added them to our Metal Garden Pot, filled with five pink and five red Parrot Tulip Stems. The length of these stems are perfect for accenting the tall grass, providing a heightened look anywhere in your home. This natural, yet refined arrangement, is supported by bubble wrap around the base of the stems. Just another way to keep your bouquet in control.

Interested in more ideas for arranging your Sturbridge Yankee Workshop flowers and vases? Follow our blog and check out our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages for updates all spring long (you can also find the curtain featured in these photos here).

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Monday Must-Haves: Spring Sale and Free Shipping on Curtains

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Spring has arrived at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, which means everything is on sale and you get free shipping on all of our curtains. For this week’s must-have list, we are featuring five of our new favorites that you won’t want to go without; and don’t forget, you can always view our most current catalog here.
Happy shopping!

Mansfield Garden Lace Curtain Collection

For Your Windows

Freshen up your windows for spring with our classic Mansfield Garden Lace Curtains. You can see the beautifully romantic details in the Valance above, and this entire collection is available in white and ecru to better suit your decorating needs. The scalloped edge creates a bold accent to the light and airy window dressings, which are proudly made in the USA. Take a look at the rest of this collection – including a tier, panel and swag – here.

Casco Bay Wool Braided Rug Collection

Spring Leaf Lighted TreesFor Your Floors (and chairs and stairs)

We are excited to tell you about our newest rug collection, although each piece and every color really says it all. Named after our beautiful region of Maine, the soft Casco Bay Wool Braided Rug Collection includes area rugs, stair treads and chair pads that will brighten up your home and offer charming Maine comfort this spring and throughout the year.

Coral Calla Lily Stems

Tulip Garden PrintFor the Rest of Your Home

Spring is all about refreshing, revitalizing and, most of the time, redecorating to ring in warmer weather and the fresh season after our winter hibernation. Create a lush, miniature forest in an entryway or living room with our Spring Leaf Lighted Trees. We love how authentic they look and will complement flowers, wreaths and colorful prints all spring and all year long. Speaking of which, Thelma Winter’s Tulip Garden Print offers a beautiful amount of color and nature for any wall of your home, as well as inspiration for creating your own garden(s) this spring. Did we mention it’s made in the USA? And we can’t forget our newest addition to our selection of Calla Lily Stems. This bold coral color mixes perfectly with pinks and burgundy reds in a spring vase and within your cheerful bouquets.

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