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Make a Budget New Year Party Something Special

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

Glass PillarsWhen times are tough, we need our friends around us, but entertaining is expensive even if you’re hosting a pot-luck event. New Year parties can be especially difficult to budget because the host is usually responsible for the champagne for the toast. This year, make your friends feel special by serving mimosas.

Called a Buck’s fizz outside the United States, mimosa is usually served at brunch or weddings, but it can also make a New Year party feel a little more elegant while cutting alcohol costs.

Traditional Mimosa
1 part chilled champagne or sparkling wine
1 part chilled orange juice

Serve on a punch bowl with thinly sliced oranges floating on top.

Fruity Variation
1 part chilled champagne or sparkling wine
1 part chilled orange juice
1/4 part grenadine

Serve garnished with fresh raspberries.

You may be wondering what sort of champagne to use with this. It depends a lot on taste, but we at Sturbridge have found that a sweet sparkling wine often goes better with the fruit juices. Try a Spumanti (Asti and Ballatore both offer good ones) instead of champagne. We always receive compliments on how good a Spumanti tastes whenever we serve it all on its own.

For a non-alcoholic version, use a sparkling water instead.

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