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Monday Must-Haves: Prepared for Winter

Monday, January 18th, 2016

Snowy Barn DoormatWe hope you’re enjoying our winter catalog, even if you are not enjoying winter, and are finding just what you need to add more beauty to your home. This week, our five must-haves are items you may not know you need until you need them; we’re here to help you prepare!

Our Snowy Barn Doormat is designed by Billy Jacobs, in the style of his New Fallen Snow image. Depending on the wear of your current doormat, or your need for one at the backdoor or maybe even in the garage, this will make a beautiful statement as a replacement or as an addition to your outdoor winter decor. Of course, it will also keep mud, rain and snow from being tracked throughout your home, while keeping a front porch or back patio seasonally decorated.

Eating Like A Pig SculptureWe know collectible-enthusiasts are always looking for ways to add to collections and perhaps use a new item as inspiration to reorganize treasured sculptures. Our new Eating Like a Pig Sculpture is a charming addition to a bookshelf, end table or mantel that boasts cheerful colors and sunny characters crafted by the Williraye Studio™. Display it as a reminder of gardening and greenery throughout the winter, or save as a gift for a loved one on a special occasion.

Blacksmith Candle Snuffer

We are lovers of flameless candles, but we also know that sometimes nothing beats a warm, flickering scented candle on a cozy winter’s night or during a quiet, snowy morning. When you are ready to put it out, however, do it in a way that will preserve the wick of the candle, and therefore the life of the candle. Our hand-forged iron Blacksmith Candle Snuffer will safely extinguish any candle and present itself decoratively as your candle burns. The turned stem is long enough to keep your hand safe, and its textured exterior gives off an antiqued look for added charm on a mantel in a family room or shelf in your kitchen.

Lavender Hand BalmAnother item great to keep on hand in the kitchen, a bathroom or on your bedside table is made for your hands: all-natural Lavender Hand Balm. It’s not a secret that during winter our skin can get dry and need extra moisturizing power, and this hand balm is exactly what you need. Allow the hand mixed lavender and soothing essential oils to be absorbed by your skin, and enjoy the soft scent and smoothness that is brought to your hands. Keep it all to yourself or give as a gift to a friend or loved one this winter or throughout the year.

Cheshire Braided Rugs

Our final must-have for winter is our Cheshire Braided Rug Collection. We love this collection for winter because of its softness, which is unlike any other non-wool braided rug. In addition to how these rugs feel under your feet, the rich colors provide a neutral and traditional look for any room, and the durable fibers can be kept indoors or moved to an outdoor space. Add a little extra warmth to your favorite living rooms inside your home, or create a cozy feeling in an enclosed porch to admire the wintry world outside.

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Wednesday Spotlight: Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Friends & Neighbors ClockWhether you’re a shopper who waits until the week before Christmas to start your shopping, or have found you missed someone on your list, we have a variety of last-minute gift ideas for you. For this week’s spotlight, we are featuring five of our favorites (some web exclusive) to provide you with a solution to your shopping woes, or at least some inspiration for finding that perfect present.

Coffee & Friends Sign

For a decor-enthused friend, adding to their collection of charming accents is an ongoing event – what makes it better is receiving tasteful items as gifts that add a personal yet complementary touch to their already beautifully decorated home. Our Coffee & Friends Sign is perfect for the kitchen or a sitting room, and provides a welcoming feeling for any guest. The Friends & Neighbors Wall Clock may not seem like a typical gift, but that’s what makes it ideal! The beautiful birds and antiqued details will be admired and well received as a gift and staple home accent.

Cardinal Ceramic Bird PlanterBlacksmith Candle SnufferTo continue the bird theme, one of our favorite items is the Cardinal Ceramic Bird Planter. The height is perfect for long stemmed plants and flowers, and makes a great gift for someone who likes to keep indoor plants around all year; especially seasonal selections. This simple yet decorative accent will surely bring a smile to the face
of a friend or loved one this Christmas season, and for
seasons to come.

Castile Hand Soap Holiday Blend FragranceWe end our gift idea spotlight with more simple gifts, and ones that are less specific. The handcrafted Blacksmith Candle Snuffer is a great example of an item someone may not particularly buy for themselves, but desire all the same. Its decorative aesthetic makes it worthwhile to keep on display as well. Finally, the Castile Hand Soap with a holiday blended fragrance (created by soothing, seasonal oils) would be great for a stocking stuffer or as an addition to unique bath and body products that you may very well want to covet yourself. And remember, even if you don’t have anyone to give these gifts to, it’s always a good idea to keep extras around for a spontaneous Secret Santa, Yankee Swap or to give as a gift to someone who has “everything.”

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