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Monday Must-Haves: New Summer Web Exclusives

Monday, June 25th, 2018

Solar Garden Sparkle Cones Set | Sturbridge Yankee WorkshopAll five of these must-have web exclusives are new to our selection of outdoor decor, and they are perfect for summertime (find more new home accents in our catalog and on our website).


This set of solar garden lights includes six colors and crackled glass that charms and decorates throughout the day and night. Perfect for staking in your garden, around a patio or inside large planters. Since they are powered by the sun, there’s no need for running wires across your lawn or replacing batteries.

Wrought Iron Curved Tree Bench | Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

Sailboat Sundial Birdbath | Sturbridge Yankee Workshop


This wrought iron bench gives any outdoor space an elegant look, and you can choose between a bench with a back or one without to best fit your style.

Summer Waves Garden Trellis and Extension | Sturbridge Yankee Workshop


We have recently introduced a few sundials into our web exclusive assortment. This particular sundial offers coastal charm and doubles as a bird bath (get the pedestal).


Incorporate this garden trellis into your outdoor living spaces this summer and watch your favorite flowers or vegetables (as well as the decorative factor of your backyard) climb.

Iron Cricket Boot Jack | Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

Functional Novelty

While this iron beetle is quite decorative, it functions as a boot jack so you can easily remove rubber boots or your gardening shoes before stepping into the house.

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Choosing the Right Bench for Your Home

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Benches can serve many functions in your home, and are charming furniture pieces no matter what your style calls for. But where should you start? Below we highlight some of the great features a bench can offer, including the aesthetic appeal.

Elegance Upholstered BenchCountry Shaker Storage Benchsturbridge Yankee workshop

Cubby Storage Bench

Seating or Storage?

This is the first step you should take in deciding what kind of bench to select for your home: will it be primarily used for seating or for storage? If you choose seating, the most practical type of bench is one with padding, ideally an upholstered bench or even a hooked wool bench. This will add elegance to a room, and a padded bench brings its own style to a space depending on the fabric and shape of the seat.

Choosing storage, on the other hand, indicates that comfort isn’t as big of a factor in the use of your bench. Rustic wood benches with lift tops are perfect for function, as their simple and durable design will last season after season and year after year in your home. A lift top also hides away your stored items, so an entryway or mudroom can look instantly tidy. These benches are perfect for sitting down to tie shoes, displaying your favorite pillows and home accents, and they will fit in almost any space.

Windsor BenchCubby Benches are the best of both worlds. A bench pad can be added to the top for extra seating, while the cubbies below can store shoes, linens, and can even hold baskets or boxes for enhanced organization.

Back or no back?

The timeless Windsor Bench is famously known for its high-spoked back and Colonial charm, as well as its ability to offer comfort and style in almost any home. Turned legs and sloping arms enhance the traditional appeal of this bench, as the back enhances its relaxation appeal. If you are looking for a bench with a back that will be used in a family room or common living room as primary seating, look to the Windsor first.

For similar charm with a simple flat-top, choose a bench with detailed legs and a seat that differs in material or construction than the rest of the piece. A woven or seagrass seat adds a beachy or casual vibe to any space, while a leather seat offers a classic look against beautifully finished wood or metal – and both are comfortable for a seating option in a bedroom or den.

Cape Cod BenchSize and Color

Finally, the size and color should be considered in one of two ways: are you redesigning a room starting from scratch? OR are you adding a bench to an already styled room? For the latter, you will need to be a little more particular in choosing the finish, fabric, pattern and size since the design of the room is already established.

A smaller bench is a better choice in a room with a lot of furniture; a larger bench may be needed to fill some space in an entryway with tiled floors or decorative wallpaper. Sometimes neutral is the best option, but you can also choose a color from your curtains, a rug or the
walls for a complementing bench.Claire Vintage Upholstered Bench in Purple Flora

If you are redesigning a room, well, the possibilities are endless! You may find inspiration in a floral fabric on an upholstered bench, or find a rustic wood bench charming enough to style the rest of the room in primitive decor. Refer back to our first and second considerations above, and work the room around your new piece of furniture.

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Primitive Pine

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015
Primitive Entryway Chair

Primitive Entryway Chair (in Red)

At the beginning of the month we talked a little bit about choosing the right seating for your taste and home decor. To dive into more specific seating, today we are spotlighting a few of our beloved benches, all from the Rustic Country Collection. Benches are a great way to fill up hallway space or empty corners of a room, especially since you can use them to display photographs, pillows, plants, and much more. Plus, they work well for sitting down in entryways or mudrooms while you take off or put on your shoes.

All of our benches in the Rustic Country Collection are handcrafted in the United States using traditional woodworking methods and wood sourced from Sustainable Forestry Initiative mills. Each bench features a distressed finish, so each piece looks unique while complementing any home decor. The eight available colors also give you the opportunity to coordinate with other furniture pieces, or mix and match with the other furniture in this collection. You are sure to find a bench you will love, so take a look below (and did we mention they are all on sale?!).

Knotty Pine Shelf Bench

Knotty Pine Shelf Bench (in Black)

Primitive Entryway Chair
This chair-styled bench is perfect for filling smaller areas or corners of your home. The high back and low seat mimic colonial furniture, so this chair is sure to fit into your primitive themed home; whether you want to use it as a chair or for displaying seasonal ornaments.
Color Suggestions: Try our Primitive Entryway Chair in mustard to add a pop of color to any room. This chair is small enough that the mustard color will not overwhelm onlookers, yet it is noticeable enough for the color to be admired.

Knotty Pine Shelf Bench
This bench has an unfinished and rustic appearance, which is great for creating a traditional-modern look in any room of your home. Shoes, slippers, and even books can be stored on the bottom shelf, beneath the seating surface which can double as a display surface for small figurines or pillows.
Color Suggestion: The classic black looks great on this classic bench, and completes the traditional-contemporary feel of the pine.

Knotty Pine Bench

Knotty Pine Bench (in Sage)

Knotty Pine Bench
Our Knotty Pine Bench is a perfect addition to any cottage decor or for completing your traditional-modern look. This simple bench has a unique fold-over top, and has an excellent amount of space for seating in a mudroom or near an entryway closet.
Color Suggestion: Sage looks great on this bench – the simplistic style is nicely dressed up with a classic, country color like this and easily complements any home decor.

Farmhouse Pine Bench

Farmhouse Pine Bench (in Black)

Farmhouse Pine Bench
Our Farmhouse Pine Bench comes from Wisconsin, and perfectly exemplifies functional, farmhouse-style furniture that is beautiful in any home. Use in a hallway to display photographs and books; in an entryway for sitting down and removing shoes; or use in a pantry for storing dog treats or jars. The backing offers added security to whatever you decide to put on the shelves – ensuring that those items don’t fall if pushed too far backwards.

Boot & Storage Bench

Boot & Storage Bench (in Red)

Color Suggestion: Try this bench in cream to make the distressed finish stand out, and to really complete that traditional farmhouse look.

Boot & Storage Bench
A larger version of our Primitive Entryway Chair, our Boot & Storage Bench features a lid that lifts up to expose a storage compartment perfect for keeping hats, mittens, or small blankets out of sight but within easy reach. There is even enough room to use this bench for displaying pillows or figurines while still offering enough room for you to sit down and take off your shoes.
Color Suggestions: Red is one of the most versatile design colors, so choosing it for the boot and storage bench will give you maximum design opportunities in your kitchen, bedroom, hallway, or any other room in your home.

What other furniture pieces do you like decorating with? Let us know! And tell us if there is a product you are interested in seeing on next week’s Wednesday Spotlight.

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