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See What’s New from Artist Billy Jacobs

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Today’s blog post features an artist profile on another customer favorite folk artist, Billy Jacobs. At Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we are happy to have such an assortment of framed art from this artist. Recently added to the collection this winter season, is our The Mouser Print; pictured here to the left. Billy is a highly established artist of the modern era, now living in Navarre, Ohio with his wife and daughter. Billy was born in Detroit, however he spent most of his life growing up in Ohio with his four older sisters and one younger brother. Creative from the very beginning, he is a self-taught artist who has many artistic ventures to keep him busy.

A Man of Many Talents

After working for over 20 years in the craft and gift industry, he began to learn a thing or two about the nature of the folk art style. Billy uses a variety of paint mediums currently and even has worked with digital forums. In addition to being a great artist, he also enjoys creating imaginative fonts, songwriting, and even has spent time as an amateur puppeteer.

The Mouser Print shares a moment near a large red barn where a sly cat carefully awaits his next meal. At the bottom edge of the barn we spot the opening; large enough only for a mouse.¬†Artist Billy Jacobs doesn’t disappoint with his usual attention to detail and appreciation for a farmstead landscape. It appears to be a cold winter’s day, yet no snow has fallen. We are able to assume the barn’s old age, due to its weathered barn board and distressed presence. In the distance there is another white farm house, but nobody appears to be home. Its textured finish gives it the look of a real oil painting. Set in a black, wood-look frame, this print is made here in the USA.

The Road Home

Taking a perhaps more serious note than The Mouser, is¬†The Road Home Print, shown here to the right. Leading our eyes up a rural path back “home,” this painting was also the inspiration and cover for Billy’s 2010 publication of The Road Home; a collection of over 100, full color photos of his amazing art work. Interestingly, the authors of the book were his daughter Sarah, and niece Rachel, who help to explain how Billy Jacob’s art became what is is today.

~ Browse more artwork from Billy Jacobs at SYW today.

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Artist Profile: Ed Wargo

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Within the pages of the new fall 2012 catalog at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, there are many new items to make note of. In regards to new wall art and framed prints, we have a few new selections that we’ll feature throughout the coming months here in our blog. Today, we present an artist profile on New Jersey artist: Ed Wargo.

Edward John Wargo is a new artist for Sturbridge and we’re pleased to share his artwork with you this fall. Growing up, Edward was influenced by his uncle Edmond and his father, Edward, who were both highly talented artists themselves. The home in which he grew up in was old and filled with numerous antiques, memorabilia, vintage advertising and timeworn magazines. These items provided an interesting backdrop to Ed’s environment that would continue to inspire him throughout life and his art.

Going on to pursue a career in commercial art, Ed completed a commercial art program at a local college. Life-long resident of Edison, New Jersey, he continues to support his community today, working at that very same college as a teaching assistant. Currently, Mr. Wargo works as a freelance artist for various organizations, creating advertising tools and logos; this is of course in addition to his personal painting that he does each day. Winning many awards over the years for achievements both artistically and scholastically, he attributes his success to a “whatever it takes” attitude. He is willing to integrate any art medium that will help him accomplish his “vision;” markers, computers, pencils and pastels, just to name a few.

Edward enjoys the hustle and bustle of Edison, but for the most part has a relatively simple and quiet lifestyle. In his paintings, you can really see the care and respect he has for life and the beauty of nature he witnesses in everyday life. Pictured above is our new Shiloh Creek Farm Print. The sheep casually graze on a quiet day down at the Shiloh Creek Farm, which hosts a large red barn house with notable barn star. The leaves in the trees are just beginning to turn, but the sheep carry on as usual this early fall. Seen here to the left is another new print by this artist, our Windy Ridge Farm Print. A horse enjoys a brisk gallop around the farmstead, while the crisp fall air surrounds the stone farm house. If you look closely, you can see a kitty near the large tree in the foreground, carefully watching the Windy Ridge Farm perimeter. Perhaps the owner has left in a hurry, as we note tire marks from the dirt driveway leading into the road and an open mailbox; Ed Wargo makes sure no detail goes unnoticed.

Both new framed prints are proudly made here in the USA, and are set under glass to protect the finish of the print. Be sure to click on the links and pictures shown above, in order to get a close-up look at all of the beautiful aspects within each piece of art, originally painted by the brilliant artist, Edward Wargo.

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