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What to Give Any Mom on Mother’s Day

Monday, May 5th, 2014
Mother’s Day 2014 is less than a week away, falling on Sunday, May 11 this year. Any mom in your life deserves the very best, more than once a year. Show a certain mom your appreciation for all that they do with a special gift chosen just for them from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, organized here by common categories for your convenience.
Bees Nested Measuring Cups The Baking Mom

Do you know a mother who loves to spend time in the kitchen whipping up new creations to share with friends and family? Make her life easier with handy kitchen tools, a new pot organizer for a busy kitchen or delicious gourmet goodies made with love, all found in Sturbridge Yankee Workshop’s Country Kitchen category.

Red Pinwheel Pillow The Outdoors Mom

Warm sunshine does wonders for the soul. Give a special gift for an outdoors mom in your life from the Outdoor Decor category at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. Everything from appealing door mats for wiping muddy feet after a long day spent in the garden to weathervanes and thermometers for true enjoyment of each moment outside on a porch or deck.

Higgeldy Piggeldy Gardening Sculpture The Gardening Mom

Gardening mothers know exactly what it takes to  make their gardens grow beautiful as can be. Planters, herb markers, garden stakes and more can all be found in Sturbridge Yankee Workshop’s category dedicated to Garden Accents.

Floating Saint Bernards Print The Artwork Loving Mom

Surprise any mom with new artwork from her favorite artist to decorate any blank space. Prints from cherished artists such as Tim Campbell, Billy Jacobs and Bonnie Mohr can all be found in the Sturbridge Yankee Workshop Prints & Wall Art category.

Wrental Birdhouse

The Birdwatching Mom

Sturbridge Yankee Workshop’s For the Birds category showcases just a few of the items that make birdwatching more enjoyable for fans of feathered folk. From birdhouses to hanging birdseed holders and displays, you are sure to find something just right for mom.

Wicked Witch Sculpture The Collectibles Mom

Know of a mom who loves to collect figures and sculptures from her favorite American artists? Find the latest pieces from Lori Mitchell, Williraye Studios™, Bethany Lowe and more inside the Collectibles category at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

Wag Walk Leash Holder The Pet Loving Mom

Does your mom love dogs? Cats? Rabbits or gerbils? In the For Your Pet category at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, you can browse through dog pets, organic catnip for kitties young and old or feeding area mats to create a unique space for mom’s favorite furry friends.

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Baking Mixes Make Special Events Easier, and Great Gifts, Too

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013
With the holidays just around the corner, there will likely be lots of baking and scrumptious aromas in your kitchen of fresh baked goodies, straight out of the oven. Make baking this season easier with any of Sturbridge Yankee Workshop’s gourmet baking mixes. Save time and better enjoy the company of your friends, family and guests, with a helping hand from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. Or, if you prefer to bake from scratch (good for you by the way!), consider our delicious cookie, bread and muffin mixes below for the perfect hostess or housewarming gift.
Dining Setting at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop

Chocolate Moose Cookie Mix New England Cookie Mixes

Proudly made here in New England, our cookie mixes are a true delight. For those who love chocolate, these cookie mixes are simply a must have for any home. For a real chocolate explosion, try the Chocolate Moose Cookie Mix. A chocolate cookie loaded with chocolate chips; a cross between a brownie and a cookie! Chocolate Crinkle Cookie Mix features a chocolate cookie dusted with powdered sugar, just like grandma used to make. Another option is the ever classic Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Mix, with raisins, oats and spices, too! Made of all natural ingredients filling a 15oz bag; making on average two dozen 1″ cookies.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookie Mix Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Mix

Delectable Dessert Breads

For a mid-afternoon snack or a yummy after dinner treat, served with ice cream and caramel sauce, Caramel Apple Bread Mix combines rustic apples and buttery caramel. Blueberry Tangerine Bread,  boasting organic ingredients, no trans fat or preservatives, is a great mix for those adhering to a stricter diet.

And if you have a real sweet tooth, you will surely love our Cinnamon Chip Monkey Bread. Monkey Bread is a classic, round pull-apart bread that is a great accompaniment to any party. A burst of cinnamon flavor is highlighted by the delectable icing to drizzle over the bread. For a special occasion like a birthday or Christening celebration, try our Lemon Dessert Bread, made with crystallized lemon peel, it is a lemon lover’s dream.

Cinnamon Chip Monkey Bread
Caramel Apple Bread Lemon Dessert Bread

Raspberry White Chocolate Scone Mix Freshly Baked Breakfast

Start your morning off right with Raspberry White Chocolate Scones, the perfect accent to an impromptu tea party. These scones would be even better when served with any of Gourmet Jams & Jellies.

When it comes to breakfast options, you can’t have a muffin with out making it a Blueberry Muffin; at least in Maine anyway! Our classic Blueberry Muffin Mix contains light and fluffy batter mix and a can of Wild Maine Blueberries, packed in light syrup with no preservatives. Just mix, bake, and enjoy! You may just fancy yourself a trip to the local blueberry fields to gather more wild blueberries for muffin making.

Fig and Pear Jam Blueberry Muffin Mix

For more food themed gift ideas or if you’re searching for the new favorite treat to make at the next gathering, browse all of our gourmet food items available today.

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Holiday Gift Ideas Under $25

Friday, November 29th, 2013

Here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we are proud to share with you some great gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season. This collection of features products that are all priced $25 and under. Whether you’re looking for the perfect hostess gift or a small addition to an existing gift, you’ve come to the right place. From handcrafted ornaments to made in Maine gift ideas, we’re sure you can find something for that special someone, at just the right price. Happy holidays from everyone at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop!

Sitting Bunny Ornament A Distinctive Holiday Gift

It could be said that an ornament collection is not quite ever complete. Each year, add a new ornament to a friend’s collection with any one of these unique options. For a festive touch on a gift package, simply fasten the ornament to the gift with ribbon or thread. An added accent goes a long way when giving gifts; little touches make the whole exchange much more heartfelt. Sitting Bunny Ornament will add sparkle to any tree, and Felt Star Ornament adds a handmade appeal. Maine moose features lights wrapped in his antlers for a truly magical touch to any holiday decorating.

Felt Star Ornament Maine Wool Moose Ornament With Lights

A Gift from Maine

Ah, Maine. The sound of the ocean and the wind whispering through the pine trees. The smells of the sea salt air and the sweet hint of balsam fir in the forest. There are so many things that we cherish about our great state of Maine, and we love to share these things with all of you. Give a gift inspired by this great state with an Embroidered Balsam Pillow or an Embroidered Balsam Tree Ornament made right here in Maine; both are filled with fresh Maine balsam fir needles. This adorable terracotta owl will hold balsam essential oil, made right in Maine. Artist Harry Smith, from Maine, designed the tree ornament and the terracotta owl.

Embroidered Balsam Pillow Sachet
Embroidered Balsam Tree Ornament Terracotta Owl Diffuser

Peppermint Salt and Pepper Shakers For the Cook and Entertainer

Ring out the bells for Christmas, and grab the entertaining supplies, too! Every budding chef, and trained veterans, too, will appreciate a thoughtful gift made just for them and their kitchen. Festive accents like the Peppermint Salt and Pepper Shakers will make adding spice so much more fun during the holiday season. Whimsical Days of Christmas Flour Sack Towels feature fun interpretations of the classic holiday song with cheerful imagery for each themed line. Everyone needs a glass cutting board for their cheese plate – glass stays cooler than wood, and the bits of cheese are easy to clean off!

Whimsical Days of Christmas Flour Sack Towel Winter Friends Glass Cutting Board

For the Kids

Make the holiday season magical with items that are sure to please every kid on your list. Gifts such as the Felted Flower Kit or the Felted Purse and Hat Kit will grab a child’s attention for hours and provide them with an engaging hobby that they can develop for years to come. Santa’s Key makes the arrival of the jolly old man himself magical for every home, especially those without a fireplace for Santa to slide down. Give the key with the instructions to a curious child, and then bake some cookies for the big man to enjoy on Christmas Eve.

Santa's Key
Felted Flower Kit Felted Purse and Hat Kit

Gifts for Friends

Close friends and family members deserve something special each holiday season. A perfect gift does not need to cost much, as is seen here with this selection of items. Grab the gift that will be both functional and decorative, all year long. With a Wine and Friends sack, bring a bottle of wine to the hostess’ party and leave the reusable sack for future usage. A whole range of soup bowls are available including the Comfort and Cheer option featured below. Start a new tradition with a friend by giving a puzzle piece wall plaque that can be adjusted and modified from year to year to accommodate new pieces.

Wine and Friends Bottle Sack
Comfort and Cheer Soup Bowl Family Rules Puzzle Piece Wall Art

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