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Made in the USA Summer Sale

Monday, May 19th, 2014
Looking for the very best in summer’s newest items, all made in America? Look no further than the 2014 Summer Catalog Sale going on now here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. The best part about this particular annual event: if it is made in the USA, it is on sale! From indoor/outdoor decor to home accents, wall art and more, you can find it all in our summer sale.
Regency Upholstered Loveseat Apple Basket Print
Three Cheers for the Red, White & Blue

Celebrate all things patriotic with the Sturbridge Yankee Workshop 2014 Summer Catalog Sale. Whether you are looking for durable, and stylish, seating options like Regency Upholstered Loveseat, or colorful wall-scaping options such as Helen Rundell’s vivid Apple Basket Print, there is something for every room in your home. Accent your chairs, too, with customer-favorite braided rugs from our exclusive Old Orchard Braided Rugs collection. Be sure to take a look at our wide selection of pillows, too, for they are offered at special pricing especially for you this season. With Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, it is easy to create the room of your dreams, and one you will love to live in.

Old Orchard Braided Chair Pad

Stars and Stripes Clock Americana, All Year Long

We have a deep appreciation for all things Americana. Whether it is a matter of featuring red, white and blue colors in every room, adding patriotic accents to a table or decorating with historical prints in a home office, Americana is easy to do. Even if you want to keep patriotic pride on show just for special holidays, we make it easy to select your favorite accents for Fourth of July or Memorial Day. Uncle Sam Gourd Candy Dish is just right for display of your favorite treats. Stars and Stripes Clock will show the time, and lots of spirit, too. Keep it simple with 50 Star Flag, easy to see from afar.

Uncle Sam Gourd Candy Dish 50 Star Flag

Downton Abbey™ Fans Rejoice

Are you a fan of Downton Abbey™? Sturbridge Yankee Workshop is! We make it easy to bring special accents into your home inspired by this ever-popular television show. Take a look at Downton Abbey™ Postcard Pillow. With warm colors inspired by the Victorian age, this pillow will work well with a romantic room rich with feminine inspired accents or in a guest bedroom where a welcoming atmosphere is desired. We also feature a stately shower curtain and matching valance, in addition to themed pillows like this one.

Downton Abbey Postcard Pillow

Heritage Braided Rug Collection Long Standing Customer Favorites

There is no doubt about it: customers of Sturbridge Yankee Workshop are dedicated to home decorating, and they are dedicated to shopping right here with us. Whether you are shopping here for the first time or looking to add additional Sturbridge Yankee Workshop accents to your home, you are bound to find something to suit your needs. Take note of long-time customer favorites featured in the pages of our catalog and on our website, all made in America. Choose from stylish Ladderback Chairs and Stools, durable Sturbridge exclusive Heritage Braided Rugs or Sturbridge exclusive Lisa Iron Bed.

Ladderback Seating Lisa Iron Bed

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Keystone – Creating New Heirlooms

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Between the whirling buzzes, pounding, and just general noise there is something special happening in a small town in Pennsylvania. The magic happens seemingly in the middle of nowhere PA on a small piece of land surrounded by farm land and old forests there lays a nondescript building where the sawdust and hammers fly. Inside the building there are journeyman and long linage carpenters building what they know best – beautiful handmade furniture. This collective of craftsmen is known as Keystone.

At first look, the innocuous building folds into the landscape through the squiggled roads and rolling landscape that is Pennsylvania, but hidden inside is it’s secret – the furniture. These are not just any pieces of furniture, but the work of artisans in their field. Each individual piece of their furniture is made by the hands of artisans, your Lancaster Storage Bench is made by experienced, knowledgeable carpenters. Care and consideration is taken with each item. From the cutting of the fine quality wood to the stain, there are the attentive eyes of Keystone workers building your perfect piece.  When you buy a piece of Keystone furniture it is receiving the very best attention. In the Apothecary Stand, they focus on making the piece perfect: the ‘just right’ color in stain and slightly warn edges are sanded making the piece perfect in any home. The little things they do create a better longer lasting piece of furniture that will be in your family for time to come. The furniture they create isn’t just glued together; the wood is formed, cut, and picked for its durability, the stain is applied and selected for the beauty and treatment of the wood, the furniture is cut and fastened together with knowledge that it will exist as a part of your home for years.

All of these things and the fact that their creations are astonishingly exquisite are why we are a proud retailer of Keystone.


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A word on Shaker furniture

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Shaker Ladderback ChairsThe United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing (aka Shakers), was a religious sect founded by Jane and James Wardley. They came to America from Manchester, England in 1774 and settled along the Hudson River on New York. Shakers made furniture for their own use, as well as for sale to the general public. Today, it is considered the only true American furniture style.

Shaker furniture is widely admired for its simplicity, innovative joinery, quality, and practicality. Many examples of Shaker furniture survive and are preserved today, including such popular forms as Shaker tables, chairs, rocking chairs (made in several sizes), and cabinets. Collections of Shaker furniture are maintained by many art and historical museums in the United States and England, as well as in numerous private collections. The underlying principles of Shaker design have given inspiration to some of the finest designers of modern furniture. With an emphasis on straight lines and symmetry, Shaker furniture is as contemporary in the modern world as it was two hundred years ago.

Shaker Peg ShelfThe furniture of the Shakers of old was designed to match their lifestyle. They valued functionality, durability, and purity. Original Shakers’ designs reflected their beliefs that good craftsmanship was an act of prayer and that form should follow function. Each item was fashioned solely to serve its intended use and was devoid of decoration. Shaker pieces are known for their simple elegance and solid construction that emphasize the natural beauty of custom made real wood furniture. Shaker furniture of today is made from the same traditional woods that the craftsmen of old used – Maple and Cherry – and the same glorious colors those woods provide are a mark of quality shaker furniture. The simplicity of the furniture is the key, with tables featuring few adornments, chairs made in a practical but stylish manner, and tables built simply and beautifully to last.

Shaker furniture’s hallmark clean lines and lack of adornments give it a simple aesthetic quality. Although the handcrafted furniture is now less common, and indeed with only four remaining Shakers, certainly dying out, it is a style that is very much in demand for its minimalism and simple quality.

Like the Shaker way of life, Shaker furniture history has been shaped by hard work and dedication. Additionally, it is heralded as design significantly ahead of its time. As far as Shaker original furniture goes, you aren’t likely to come across any unless you visit a museum, but furniture which takes inspiration from Shaker furniture history is founded on the same principles of design, and can allow an affordable alternative for modern design. Shaker furniture has a long and detailed history, and it is sure to live in on the memories of those who appreciate their furniture as essentially a work of art.

Shaker Wall ShelvesShaker Storage bench

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