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Made in the USA Summer Sale

Monday, May 19th, 2014
Looking for the very best in summer’s newest items, all made in America? Look no further than the 2014 Summer Catalog Sale going on now here at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. The best part about this particular annual event: if it is made in the USA, it is on sale! From indoor/outdoor decor to home accents, wall art and more, you can find it all in our summer sale.
Regency Upholstered Loveseat Apple Basket Print
Three Cheers for the Red, White & Blue

Celebrate all things patriotic with the Sturbridge Yankee Workshop 2014 Summer Catalog Sale. Whether you are looking for durable, and stylish, seating options like Regency Upholstered Loveseat, or colorful wall-scaping options such as Helen Rundell’s vivid Apple Basket Print, there is something for every room in your home. Accent your chairs, too, with customer-favorite braided rugs from our exclusive Old Orchard Braided Rugs collection. Be sure to take a look at our wide selection of pillows, too, for they are offered at special pricing especially for you this season. With Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, it is easy to create the room of your dreams, and one you will love to live in.

Old Orchard Braided Chair Pad

Stars and Stripes Clock Americana, All Year Long

We have a deep appreciation for all things Americana. Whether it is a matter of featuring red, white and blue colors in every room, adding patriotic accents to a table or decorating with historical prints in a home office, Americana is easy to do. Even if you want to keep patriotic pride on show just for special holidays, we make it easy to select your favorite accents for Fourth of July or Memorial Day. Uncle Sam Gourd Candy Dish is just right for display of your favorite treats. Stars and Stripes Clock will show the time, and lots of spirit, too. Keep it simple with 50 Star Flag, easy to see from afar.

Uncle Sam Gourd Candy Dish 50 Star Flag

Downton Abbey™ Fans Rejoice

Are you a fan of Downton Abbey™? Sturbridge Yankee Workshop is! We make it easy to bring special accents into your home inspired by this ever-popular television show. Take a look at Downton Abbey™ Postcard Pillow. With warm colors inspired by the Victorian age, this pillow will work well with a romantic room rich with feminine inspired accents or in a guest bedroom where a welcoming atmosphere is desired. We also feature a stately shower curtain and matching valance, in addition to themed pillows like this one.

Downton Abbey Postcard Pillow

Heritage Braided Rug Collection Long Standing Customer Favorites

There is no doubt about it: customers of Sturbridge Yankee Workshop are dedicated to home decorating, and they are dedicated to shopping right here with us. Whether you are shopping here for the first time or looking to add additional Sturbridge Yankee Workshop accents to your home, you are bound to find something to suit your needs. Take note of long-time customer favorites featured in the pages of our catalog and on our website, all made in America. Choose from stylish Ladderback Chairs and Stools, durable Sturbridge exclusive Heritage Braided Rugs or Sturbridge exclusive Lisa Iron Bed.

Ladderback Seating Lisa Iron Bed

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Made in the USA – Shaker Boxes and Tote

Monday, August 5th, 2013

In the true Shaker tradition, craftsman Keith Griffith has designed and created these beautiful pieces to join the Sturbridge Yankee Workshop collection of Shaker items.  Continue reading below for more reasons why these items are such unique treasures.

Works of Art Meets Elegance and Function

Using the same construction the Shakers did in the 1700s, wood worker Keith Griffith takes pride in creating these unique pieces of art.

The wood is cut into thin bands which are then drilled and hand carved to tapered swallowtail joints.  The swallowtail joint, as seen to the left around the band of our Made in the USA Cherry Shaker Tote, is crafted to expand in heat and contract in cold.

In the Shaker tradition, the swallowtail joint ensures that the wood does not split during temperature changes while maintaining the overall simplicity and elegance of the piece.

Traditional Craftsmanship

After finely sanding, each piece of wood is soaked in boiling water.  Now more pliable, the bands are bent to shape and fastened with copper tacks.  The bottom is then attached with wood pegs.

The wood is sanded again then painted in a deep country red and rubbed to let the beauty of the cherry wood show through.  If you look closely, you can see the gorgeous detail in the wood grain of our Shaker Banded Box.

Finely Crafted From Start to Finish

To create a beautiful and durable finish, layers of seal coat, urethane oil and paste wax are applied to the wood.  Extra time is spent on the finishing process to ensure that these works of art look great and last a long time.

In the picture to the left, you can easily see the finished product of this fine craftsmanship in our Shaker Banded Box collection.

Simplicity and Elegance in Every Room

Wherever you choose to display our Shaker Tote and Banded Boxes, we can assure you that they will enhance your country, primitive, or Shaker inspired decor.

Interested in more Shaker information? Read more about the history of SYW’s Shaker furniture by clicking here, or the history of Shaker craftsmanship by clicking this link here.

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Traditional Braided Area Rugs

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Calico Braided RugThe craft and origin of braided rugs has been the subject of some debate over the years. Some say braided rugs have roots in the Native American culture. Others contend that the braided rug came to the New World with early European settlers, originally as rag rugs. Most agree the appearance of braided rugs in the US can be traced to the early 1700’s in New England. Regardless of the how the braided rug arrived in North America, the popularity of these rugs has not diminished over the years.

Rug making has long been considered a folk art that is still widely practiced. Like many other types of weaving, rug making was a home-based craft, borne out of necessity.

Similar to quilting, the practice of utilizing available materials meant that color schemes and patterns were a secondary consideration. In essence, form followed function. One of the more unique and beautiful characteristics of braided rugs is color. Makers of early braided rugs might have used whatever fabric or yarn was at hand. The result was a blend or variegation of many colors, often resulting in random patterns. The variegation in color made every rug unique much like patchwork quilts. Variegated rug patterns are perennial favorites among those folks who prefer a traditional look.

The practice of dyeing fabrics and yarns allowed weavers to create patterns of more uniform color. The choice of styles and patterns available today is quite diverse with some rugs following thematic patterns.

Traditional braided rugs can be found in a wide variety of weaving styles and construction. Regardless of the fabric, weave or construction, properly made braided rugs share one common feature. Simply put, a proper rug must lay flat on the floor. Flat braids are sometimes referred to as tape braids. Weaving around at least two parallel center cords makes flat braids. Many round braids are made by weaving around a single, round center cord. The practice of round braiding is a technique that can be found in more modern rug construction.

Braided rugs can be made from almost any material. Today’s country rugs are mostly wool, cotton or nylon. Among the most popular shape is the round area rug. There is a richness that is associated with these country rugs that makes them exceptionally appealing.

Quality braided rugs are easy to care for. Remember that these rugs have been around since before the introduction of such modern conveniences as the vacuum cleaner. Tightly sewn and woven braided rugs could be swept clean with stiff broom. Braided rugs are reversible and regularly turning the rug over greatly extends the life of the rug.

Braided rugs are very adaptable in their ability to add a sense of beauty and warmth to your home. These rugs have been around for generations and have carved their own place in modern home furnishings. What began as an American pastime and necessity, braided rugs have withstood several centuries. Though the creation process has changed to some degree, they are likely to continue their popularity for many years to come.

Jute Braided RugFloral Wool Hook and Braided Rug

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