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~ Artist Profile: Bonnie Fisher

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Over the last year at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop, we have been adding to our collection of framed prints with the help of artist Bonnie Fisher. With two more recent additions from her, for the summer 2012 catalog, we felt now was the perfect opportunity to learn a little bit more about this talented folk artist. Let’s take a look.

Pictured here to the left is our Bennington Flag Barn Print. The detail and ‘ode to summertime living is beautifully captured in this American made print by artist Bonnie Fisher. Showcase your patriotic spirit on a living room or bedroom wall, with this unique, yet subtly familiar, country farmstead.  An old ‘76 American flag with a colonial inspired arch star pattern, still hangs proudly on the old barn with muted red roof. This giclee, texture finished print is ideal for summertime wall decor, though is perfect to hang anytime of year.

As with most of Bonnie Fisher’s framed prints at SYW, the print is framed in a distinctive, three-dimensional, black wooden “floater” frame. The floater frames offer a chance for the collector of Bonnie Fisher, to display the prints in a pairing, or larger grouping on their wall. Also new for summer, is our Mail Pouch Barn Print; which is presented in a complimenting, vertical design. Both of these additions to the Bonnie Fisher collection, are now on sale for $79.95 during our made in the USA promotion.

About the Artist

Bonnie Fisher always had a passion for art, painting and in particular, the use of watercolor. “Watercolor has been my favorite medium since high school, when I used to drive out to farms and paint in the car on weekends,” she recalls. She studied at Moore College of Art in Pennsylvania and graduated with a major in in Illustration with a minor in Fine Art. After completing her B.F.A., she would go on to work as a freelance illustrator and watercolor artist for over 25 years.

Her work can me found in a number of art galleries and has been featured in several art shows around the country. Bonnie’s rural country paintings have been adapted to other mediums such as calendars, books and greeting cards. Other hobbies include bird watching, gardening and caring for her many pets. Bonnie enjoys working from home where her workspace provides both creativity and inspiration. “I try to express my appreciation for God’s creations and love for the world in my work,” Bonnie says about her love for the surrounding environment. Bonnie’s artwork is highly recognizable in the folk art and Americana art community. She appreciates the stillness of farm life and captures the beauty of such places throughout all seasons. The above print is entitled, Old Willow Print and depicts an early spring day of cows grazing in front of a large, weeping Willow Tree. This framed print is on sale now for $69.95 during our made in the USA sale, all this summer at SYW.

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~ Artist Bonnie White & Giclée Prints at SYW

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Summer is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate than with fireworks on your walls? As we’ll see below, celebrating these next few months is easy to do with SYW decor. We’ll meet artist Bonnie White and also learn about the many giclée prints, like the one seen below that we offer at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop.

New for summer 2012 is our beautiful Big Bang Print, pictured here to the left. There’s nothing that says 4th of July better than a sky filled with fireworks. With the help of Uncle Sam’s Firework Company, the town’s people are ready to celebrate our nation’s independence with high spirits and flags in hand.

You will see elaborate patriotic decorations at the busy Ye Olde Glory Inn and horse drawn carriages, which all adds to the hustle and bustle of the evening. Be sure to click on either the link or picture itself to check out the breathtaking details with our new zoom feature. Let’s meet this print’s talented artist, Bonnie White.

About the Artist:

Bonnie painted as a child but it wasn’t until after her youngest son entered kindergarten that she picked up a paint brush again. She grew up on her family’s horse farm in Canaan, NY and assisted with the farm until she had a family of her own. She began to explore craft shows and folk art galleries, realizing she very much enjoyed this particular artform. Inspired by her childhood upbringing and interest in historic homes, the ideas of what to paint were endless. Bonnie developed a style of using vivid colors to create her famous village scenes. This style is one that her fans have grown to love and one that we all look forward to seeing what she will come up with next. Over the years she has received many artistic honors, including recognition in Early American Life’s directory of traditional crafts for the holidays, for the past 5 years; being featured as a traditional artisan in America.

About Giclée Prints:

By definition, the noun giclée is a French word meaning a spurt or spray of liquid. In the world of mass produced art, this technique allows for artists to create fairly accurate reproductions of their work without having to paint the entire production demand themselves. A giclée print is produced through a technology discovered in the later half of the 20th century. A print making technique that first takes a high resolution digital scan. Next, amazingly accurate, high quality inks are used to apply the image to canvas or photo based paper. Specially made inkjet printers are used. An additional advantage to artists and companies who use this format, is that they can generate prints in virtually any size and in any format. So while the framed print above and other beautiful prints here at SYW are not the true original painting, they are a close second; matching the artist’s color choices and utmost attention to detail. You may be surprised to learn that many museums and art galleries feature the very same giclée printing in the artwork they display, as a means for protecting the originals.

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A Summer’s Evening by the Pond, with Artist Fred Swan

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

We all dream of a summer’s night spent gazing at the stars without a care in the world, other than enjoying time with friends and family. Perhaps a bonfire toasting marshmallows, fishing by the pond or long hikes in the woods. Maybe you remember evenings like this as a child, vacationing with family or a weekend getaway with a loved one. Or maybe you’re planning for such lakeside or beach escape travels this coming season. However you appreciate this moment of summer bliss, you will be delighted to see how beautifully artist Fred Swan captures this moment in time in our new Summer Gold Print, seen here to the left.

You can almost hear the crickets beginning to chirp as the sun sets in the distance and the stars come out this summer night. Artist Fred Swan shows us a charming, pond side stone farmhouse. Beautiful reflections are seen in the water, where two yellow labs appear to be having a conversation. All is aglow inside as its occupants get ready for a peaceful night of star gazing in their yellow Adirondack chairs. Reconnect with nature and feel as though you’re actually at your very own pond side retreat. Summer Gold is a giclee print with a texturized finish. Set in a distressed wood look frame and ready for a wall in your home today. In part of Sturbridge Yankee Workshop’s current Summer Sale, this framed print is now available for $10 off the original retail price, as it is proudly made right here in the USA. (Be sure to click the link to this painting and get a closer look at the breathtaking details, with our new zoom feature).

About the Artist: Working exclusively in acrylic paints, Fred Swan’s meticulous attention to detail is supported by a very patient hand. Some of his original paintings can take an average of 500 hours to produce. The length of time to create these works of art forces him to consistently limit the number made of each publication; this is to ensure he has time to work on new paintings. Mr. Swan exposes rural country life so well because he truly has a passion for it.

The Vermont artist has been featured in a variety of publications, such as Yankee Magazine and Vermont Life Magazine. Fred Swan has become known as an accomplished landscape artist and an artist who has as many say, an “immediately recognizable style.” He draws inspiration from the rustic beauty that surrounds him on a daily basis. Currently, his work is displayed in numerous private and corporate collections, like Johnson and Johnson, the estate of Malcolm Forbes and the Vermont Council of the Arts. Many of his paintings have been adapted for calendars and jig-saw puzzles.

~Thank you Fred, for sharing your talents with Sturbridge Yankee Workshop!

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