Classic Front Porch Idea Board

Although this post is titled “Classic Front Porch Idea Board,” the versatility of the following items make them perfect for whatever space is available in the front of your home.

If you have a small set of steps, you could put the Welcome Mat just inside the door, place the Cascading Plant Stand to the side of the steps, and use a tall garden stake to hang the Wind Chime. If your porch is a sweeping wrap-around, use multiple Wall Lanterns to illuminate all the space, and hang the Wind Chime from a hook in the ceiling. Additionally, whether your home is more rustic, modern, a hundred-year-old farmhouse or a new-build, these are some of the most complementary home accents, so you can be sure they will fit the style of your house.

Classic Front Porch Idea Board

1. Seeded Glass Wall Lantern in Black | 2. Ceramic Personalized Plaque with Birds in Black |
Scripted Welcome Coir Doormat | 4. Wrought Iron Cascading Plant Stand |
Ornamental Birds Wind Chime

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