Wednesday Spotlight: New Year, New Kitchen Tools

So maybe that doesn’t have a perfect ring to it, but nonetheless, we are excited to spotlight five of our newest kitchen and cooking tools this week. And no, you’re not seeing them in the pages of your catalog – all five of these tools are web exclusive!

Classic Butter Churner

Ceramic Measuring Spoons SetCeramic Measuring Cups Set

Measuring Cups and Spoons

Measuring accurately with the right tools ensures success in the kitchen, and our new ceramic measuring cups and spoons are perfect for the job. Included are standard measurements used in everyday recipes and those special dishes, as well as a handle and lipped rim on the cups for easily pouring liquids, and a key chain for the spoons to keep them all in one place. The durable ceramic will keep these tools in your kitchen year after year, and make a great gift for new or seasoned chefs.

Making it Easier

Classic Flour ShakerWe’re all about efficient cooking tools and going the extra mile to make each cooking or baking experience a positive one. A butter churner may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but this classic churner is petite enough to sit on your counter while spacious enough to make deliciously creamy butter. Forego store-bought, and make your own butter at the twist of a handle.

Metal Recipe Card HolderFlour can make your other ingredients a little temperamental, but using the right tool for even distribution is the key to non-stick surfaces or a necessary light coating of the powder. Our Ceramic Flour Shaker is a charming option for decorative country appeal combined with this very function; keep flour at the ready and easy to distribute by using this beautiful shaker.

Finally, you can never go wrong with a recipe holder. This made in the USA holder offers one of a kind antiqued appeal, and features a scrawling “recipe” cutout. Its magnetic nature will pair well with your favorite decorative magnets to keep your recipe in view and upright during the entire cooking process.

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