Thursday’s Theme: Cold Weather Calls For Warm Decor

Traditional Bedroom

The winter is all about warmth, or at least trying to maintain warmth through snowstorms, short days and dropping temperatures. Although there are many enjoyable activities that take place outside during the winter, especially in our home state of Maine, much of the time we wish we could be home snuggled up under a blanket, surrounded by decor that keeps us warm, physically and soulfully. This type of decor is exactly what we’re thinking about today, as the sunlight deceives us into thinking it’s warmer outside than it actually is. We’ve selected the above image as a great example of how to use decor in your bedroom as well as throughout your home to keep warm and comfortable during the coldest of days.

Note the sunny orange and the complementary browns in the furniture and the rug. A soft orange like that on the wall makes a room brighter, but also lends to a warmer look than a neon or brighter orange would. Neutrals are great for creating a warm look, and these decor pieces – the patterned upholstery, the bed frame and wooden tables – are perfect examples of this. Subtle notes of green can be found with the lamps and even the bedspread, adding a little more color but sticking with a natural hue.

Speaking of lamps and lighting, this room uses a few strategies. The table lamps are perfect for creating a warm ambiance that is soothing and perfect for reading a good book; the recessed lighting and the hidden ceiling fan increase brightness on a stormy day and can highlight your favorite parts of a room – how cozy! Recessed lighting works very well in a kitchen or over a hallway table to accentuate living spaces in a warm, glowing, attention-giving light.

Using a wooden bed frame and wooden tables caters to our traditional country taste, which is ideal for creating a warm, homey feel in any room. Using more sleek furniture pieces as opposed to clunky expands the room, while the particular detailing – turned bed posts, carved legs on tables, and unique hardware – dresses up the look. 

Last but certainly not least, the finishing touches of a room are just as important as the staple furniture and lighting. We love how well the print over the bed complements that orange wall; the sunset adds to the cozy, cuddled up feeling that has already been established. This works well in a family room and above mantels – use fiery hues in a print or wall hanging to emanate the look of a well stocked fire even if there isn’t one in the hearth. Photographs of family and friends always make a space more comfortable, and if you really want to be reminded of warmer days display pictures taken in the summer or in the sun. We also strongly suggest flameless candles or your favorite scented varieties; fill your home with nostalgic or soothing scents while you relax under a blanket or in front of that warm fire.

How do you stay warm with decor during cold winter months? Share your displays and rooms with us as well as any tips you may have!

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