Thursday’s Theme: Fall Colors

Fall Color Block* * *
Yellow: Golden yellows work best for fall; think warm sunsets and the soft yellows of fallen leaves. Hold off on the sunnier, brighter yellows until summer, and don’t bring out the pastel yellow until spring.

* * *

Orange: There really isn’t a shade that won’t work for this time of year – bright, golden, deep, and rich orange hues are all seasonally beautiful!

* * *

Red: Deep reds or red-orange tones will best complement golden yellows and orange; imagine fallen maple leaves with their dark, almost true burgundy shades.

* * *

Green Color BlockGreen: Natural green hues are perfect for fall. Since many trees hang on to their green leaves longer than others, and other varieties of plants maintain their green colors, you want to complement them the best you can for a realistic look. Again, pastel greens should be saved for spring and lighter, brighter shades for summer.

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