Thursday’s Theme: The Reading Nook

We’re still picking away at our summer reading list, and to get a little more focused and comfortable while reading, this week’s theme is reading nook décor. You don’t necessarily need a bare corner or space in your home to designate as a reading nook; a comfortable chair and end table can do wonders in any bedroom or family room if you’re already tight on space but still want that relaxing mini-escape. Here are our essentials:

  • A comfortable and stylish chair. Comfort should be the primary focus in a reading nook; you are there to relax with a good book after all. Choose an upholstered chair with a bold print or vivid color to amp up the style and really make the space your own. Accent it with a quirky pillow and drape a throw over the back of the chair (or ottoman if space and budget allow); these will increase the cozy factor and make this a coveted area of your home.
  • A quality table lamp. Although accent lamps can add style, you’re going to be reading here so choose one that leans more towards a functional design. This means an adjustable lamp – either one with a stem that adjusts up and down, an adjustable shade, an extendable arm, or all three!
  • An end table. You’re going to want to put that table lamp on a table after all, and an end table that features some kind of storage, like a magazine rack or extra shelf will keep your favorite books organized and looking like part of the décor until you pick up where you left off.

What would your reading nook have to incorporate for you to get the best out of the space? Start with the above essentials, then share with us how you completed the look in your home!

Reading Nook

Shown here: Paisley Chair & Ottoman, Latham Metal Magazine Table, Swing Arm Table Lamp, Blueberry Candle Ring, Everlasting Drip Pillar Candle, Flowers and Beautiful Ride Vintage Dictionary Page Prints, Country Pig Canvas Pillow

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