Thursday’s Theme: An Organized Closet

Boston Common Braided Utility Basket in BlueOur closets are easy to neglect, as compared to other rooms and spaces within our homes. However, an organized closet can sometimes make our lives feel a little more organized, regardless of the paper-strewn desk in the office, shoes and toys scattered about, and the kitchen counter that always seems to be cluttered with something. We’ve picked out some simple, favorite, and beneficial organizational strategies and tools for making, and hopefully keeping, your closet spaces neat and organized to help combat the chaotic events of your life.

  • Empty your closet to make organizing easierThe best way to keep a closet organized: have a place for everything, and always put clothes, shoes, jackets, etc. in their respective spaces. If you’ve been a little lax with this, that’s okay. Take this time to figure out how you want to arrange your belongings, whether you want to get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in months or years, and donate them or decide you can store those winter jackets in the attic until snow falls again. The closet won’t feel so overwhelming, and you’ll be surprised at how much time you save by not having to dig through piles or chaotic racks of belongings.
  • Hook Iron Coat RackWe hope that you have at least one shelf in your closet, and if you don’t, now is the time to incorporate one into your space. Shelves are perfect for storing items you may not use every day, but still need to easily access them when the time comes. Go further than just setting random items on the shelf (or shelves) – use stylish storage bins, colorful boxes or woven baskets to both organize your belongings and add a little flair to that hidden space.Soft hangers are stylish and soft on your clothes
  • For hanging clothes, opt for cloth or soft hangers as opposed to plastic or metal. They may be a little more pricey, but are softer on your clothes and don’t add a bump to the sleeves of short and long sleeved shirts and blouses. They also add a touch of style to an otherwise bland space.
  • Finally, this one is for those of you who are a little more tech savvy, and, those who may have a bit more time to keep track of the clothes inside your closet. That’s right, there’s an app for that! Programs like Stylebook™, My Dressing and Stylicious are available on your mobile devices, and after you take pictures of and record everything that is in your closet, you can piece together outfits, create favorite collections, share pieces on social media, and even plan what you’re going to wear for the week.

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