Wednesday Spotlight: Sunflowers

You Are My Sunshine DoormatIf there is one flower that expresses summer more than any other it is the sunflower. Preferring long, hot summers and to grow up and towards the sun, these yellow beauties are easy to grow and can even be a source of food. We love having sunflowers in the garden, but you can also incorporate them into your home décor, whether you choose to plant them or decorate your home in sunflower designs – which is what we’ll focus on in this week’s Spotlight.

Apart from putting them in the ground to grow, adding sunflowers to the outside of your home can make your whole house seem sunnier and more cheerful. Our You Are My Sunshine Sunflower Doormat contributes to this, creating the perfect welcome and preventing most of the dirt on shoes from entering your home. The blue and pale yellow check border adds a nice accent to the bold sunflower and the “You are my SUNshine” text, and will help it stand out against your porch.

Triple Sunflower Wreath

Our Triple Sunflower Wreath will also breath fresh, cheery air into the life of your home. Although we recommend using it indoors only, you can place it in a window or in a front entryway so it will add to a warm welcome for your guests. The colors in this wreath are also complementary for seasons outside of summer – so enjoy this wreath and its sunflowers year round.

Sunflower Cafe Print

Sunflower Night Light

Moving to your kitchen or breakfast nook, our Sunflower Café Print can help inspire a relaxed, country, and sunny look all year long. The yellow and green colors look great with many design styles, and the wood adds a charming and rustic look to any wall and room. This accent would also look great among other flower décor – creating a beautiful garden-inspired look.

One of our favorite new items is a cute bathroom accent that can easily dress up your shower curtain and your bathroom. Our Sunflower Shower Curtain Hooks easily glide your shower curtain open and closed, and they feature five dainty sunflowers in a woven basket – perfect for a floral inspired or country bathroom. We even offer complementing accessories if you want full sunflower-power.

Finally we had to Spotlight an item that shines brightly in a couple of ways: our Sunflower Night Light. During the daytime, this sunflower acts as a cute accent in any room – its yellow petals and brown center will draw the eye every time. At night, the light illuminates the petals very well, giving off just the right amount of light and creating an equally as beautiful eye-grabbing piece of décor.

Sunflower Shower Curtain Hooks

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