Thursday’s Theme: Kitchen Decor

CC Image Courtesy of Chalon Handmade on FlickrSo you’ve made it through a renovation or have spring cleaned almost your entire house. What’s left? Your kitchen. For many, this is a gathering place and most obviously a place to make delicious meals. For others, the kitchen may not be used quite as often, but still needs to look its best. In order to achieve this, we have put together some accessory suggestions – both functional and decorative – for you to add to your kitchen decor.

StorageStar Mug Rack
Probably on the top of your kitchen needs list, storage can come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. You don’t need a large kitchen to have enough storage space; you just need to understand how to use the space you have (and even if you do have a large kitchen, sometimes it still doesn’t feel like you have enough storage anyway). So look to your walls and counter tops: store your pots and pans on a hanging rack rather than in a cupboard. Hang and display some of your favorite mugs on a mug rack, which will in turn give you a little more cupboard space. Use a personalized cookie jar, or one that matches your personality or kitchen design, and this will cut back on your use of plastic containers which, let’s be honest, you hate digging through to find a matching dish and cover anyway.

Personalized Cookie JarAnother way to maximize storage is to go through your things and get rid of utensils, dishes, or other kitchenware that you really don’t use, and either donating them or storing them in your garage for when your child or grandchild moves into his or her first apartment.

Glass Rooster Canisters

Vases and glass dishes not only look great with almost anything inside, they are also very functional! Use decorative glass canisters to store oatmeal, cereal, or other foods that can be easily scooped out. Take this as an opportunity to get acquainted with glass jars – like classic Mason jarsin your decorating, and to find ways to incorporate them into your personal storage and meal times. And, for a little more style, think about updating smaller items in your kitchen, like salt and pepper shakers or a utensil holder, to better fit your kitchen’s design in a simple way (goodbye, plastic salt and pepper shakers!)

And for one of our favorite decor categories: functional accessories! If you already use glassware to store your sugar, flour, and other items, think about creatively labeling those containers. You can create your own design, or find printable decals like these ones on The Painted Hive. You won’t have to look twice at the container to decipher its contents, and you’ll be bringing a little more style to your pantry.

Recipe Book Tablet HolderFor cooking, you have probably already picked out your favorite bakeware and appliances, but to help you during the cooking or baking process, we recommend using something that will hold your recipe in place and in view. Whether you choose to use something simple like a decorated clothespin to keep your page in a cookbook, or would rather stand up a tablet holder to read your recipe digitally, a recipe holder is definitely a good investment.Bird Mugs

Finally, have a little fun with your cups, plates, or utensils. Purchase some decorative mugs and display them on a mug rack, or in that space between the top of your cabinets and the ceiling. Keep a decorative bowl on your kitchen island to draw attention, and to keep fruit inside. Or, play around with specialty eating utensils, whether you display them on a counter or arrange them in a drawer. You’ll add instant style, and you’ll always have extra mugs, dishes, and utensils to use if necessary.

How have you decorated, your kitchen? Did you find our tips helpful? Let us know, and share other tips you’ve found helpful; we would love to hear from you!

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