Timeless Valentine’s Day Trimmings

Yo Yo GarlandValentine’s Day is less than 10 days away – have you planned any DIY projects or started decorating? If you are planning on DIY this year, we have some simple and inexpensive suggestions for creating lovely Valentine’s Day accents; and if you’re looking to refresh that mantel or shelf display, we have you covered on that front as well. While you may only want to display these accents around Valentine’s Day, they can also be3-D Heart Accents incorporated into year-round decor, offering timeless designs that are charming and vibrant.

Making a 3-D Heart AccentThe first quick project (if it can even fall under the category of “project”), requires only colored paper, glue, scissors, and a pen or pencil. Simply draw two hearts on the paper, making one slightly larger than the other, cut them out and set them aside. Cut out an approximately 2″ x 0.75″ sized paper rectangle and make little folds so it turns into an accordion-like strip of paper. Glue each end to either heart (make sure the smaller heart is in front), and you have a 3-D heart ornament. Attach to a homemade Valentine’s Day card for a unique touch, place on a message board for your family to see in the kitchen, place magnets on the back for decorative refrigerator pieces, or come up with your own use for them.

Heart OrnamentGlass VaseThe next project is great for creating ornaments to hang from your windows, to use in a decorative wreath, or for designing your own small Valentine’s Day or heart-themed garland. Trace and cut out different sized hearts (you can use paper, but cardstock offers more durability), and use a one-hole punch to put a hole at the point where the two sides come together at the top of the heart. Pick out some decorative, sparkly, or fancy ribbon and string through the hole, tying at the top to hang. Or, if you have buttons or other embellishments around the house (or want to pick some up from the home goods store), you can string the ribbon through those for an added decorative touch.

For more general decorations that can be used year round or apart from heart-shaped decor, dig out some plain, wooden clothespins and either use markers or paint to decorate them, or invest in some decorative tape to adorn them in sparkles, your favorite colors, or unique designs. These can be used to hang ornaments on wreaths, trees, or on glass vases – which are also great versatile decorative accents. Adorn with neutral ribbon or paint (or both!) and then change out seasonal baubles for a fresh look throughout the year.

Clothespin AccentsEverlasting Drip Pillar CandlesWe are also happy to offer decorative accents that don’t require much work, if any, at all. Our Yo-Yo Garland gives you a rustic Valentine’s Day adornment, but can also work in country-styled living rooms year round, or for decorating in the fall. Our Wire Scroll Vase features a romantic design and is perfect for holding those roses or other flowers you receive, and can be used as a table centerpiece or on a small hallway stand. Are we missing anything? Of course, candles! Candles are one of the most simple objects to decorate with, and while scented flame candles may be your preference, our Red Flameless Candles and Everlasting Drip Pillar Candles provide a safer, and longer lasting alternative not only for Valentine’s Day displays, but for accenting mantels or tables in rooms that see a lot of traffic.

So whether you indulge in your creative side or invest in more permanent home accents, we can help you find what you need for this Valentine’s Day and throughout the year. And stay tuned within the next week, as we will be giving more recipe and decor ideas for treating your loved ones and your home this Valentine’s Day.

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